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Native American Artists Hallmarks

Native American Artists Hallmarks

Native American Artists Whose Jewelry We Carry:

You will find below a brief list of Native American Hallmarks and other Silver Jewelry Hallmarks. We have made this list of hallmarks to help you identify and learn about Silver Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry or Native American Jewelry artists. We may not have the Artist or Hallmark listed that is on your jewelry. If we do not, please consult the book: "Hallmarks of the Southwest" or's Native American Hallmarks page.

Anderson Cadman : Native American Hallmark: Cursive A. Cadman

Anderson was born in Twin Lakes, New Mexico USA.  Anderson was taught his silver smith skills by his stepson David Reeves.  He is Andy, Darrell and Donovan’s father and is stepfather to David, Gary and Sunshine Reeves. Anderson Cadman creates very high quality silver jewelry.

Albert Francisco : Native American Jewelry Hallmark : Curved Francisco with a capital A in the center

Albert Francisco is famous for his calibrations with anglo artist Steve Harper of Stoneweaver. Albert creates beautiful Inlay Turquoise Jewelry and other marvelous pieces of quality Turquoise jewelry, silver jewelry and 14k gold jewelry.

Albert Jake : Hallmark: A. Jake

Albert was born in 1959 in Zuni, New Mexico. He started his silver working career in 1987. Albert is a sand painter and also makes pottery. Albert Jake works with his brother, and they both work out of their fathers high tech silver shop creating wonderful pieces of quality Native American jewelry with famous silver jewelry hallmarks.

Alvin Fuson : Hallmark: Al Fuson Sterling or A Upside Down F connected together with Sterling and USA

Alton Bedonie : Native American Hallmark: AYB Sterling

Alton Bedonie is famous for his award winning Turquoise Jewelry . He is known for wonderful silver work as well as beautiful, top quality natural Turquoise such as his American Spiderweb Turquoise Jewelry.

Andy Cadman : Hallmark: Times New Roman A. Cadman

Andy was born 1966 in Gallup, New Mexico USA. He started working with silver in 1989 when he was 23 years old.  Andy is a half brother to the Reeves’ and they schooled him in silver working.

Anthony Bowman : Silver Jewelry Hallmark: ATB

Known for his classic American Indian Jewelry style. He is famous for his wonderful silver bracelets.

Archie Ganadonegro : Hallmark : Ganado

Archie was born in Alamo, New Mexico in 1954.  He started to wok with silver in 1984.  His wife  La Rose works with him on jewelry. Together they are a dynamic Native American Jewelry duo.

Barbie Monte : Hallmark: Cursive BARBIE Joll

Barbie was born in Socorro, New Mexico in 1970 and was raided in Alamo. Barbie started to make silver in 1992. Barbie’s mother Margie Monte and Barbie’s sisters taught her to silversmith.

Benjamin Piaso : Jewelry Hallmark: B

Benjamin was born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was taught by his father to silver smith in 1984.  He has won an award at the New Mexico State Fair.

Ben Yazzie : Silver Jewelry Hallmark: Ben Yazzie or B with a horizontal arrow

Ben Yazzie - Navajo Silversmith

Colorado native Ben Yazzie is a very famous Native American Jewelry artisan. Ben has been making wonderful American Handcrafted Silver Jewelry since the early 1970s. Ben Yazzie has made fine silver and Turquoise jewelry for many, many famous Country musicians such as Charlie Daniels, Dwight Yokham, the McEntire Sisters, Mark Wills and many more. Ben Yazzie and his beautiful wife work together making Turquoise and Silver jewelry. Ben Yazzie earns a living working as the cheif grounds keeper at his local high school in Colorado. Katie Yazzie his wife runs a Native American modeling agency that helps Native girls become professional models and helps them get jobs with Hollywood. The Yazzies are wonderful people and have a lot of great life experience. This shows through in their diverse abilities to make silver and Turquoise jewelry. Today Ben Yazzie's favorite thing to make are 3D Horny Toads.

Bernard Peina : American Indian Hallmark: Bernard Peina Sterling USA

Cathy Webster : Hallmark: C.Webster Sterling USA or Cursive C. (looks kinda like a G) Webster with a feather under it.

Cecili Ashley : Native American Hallmark: CA

Charlie Willie : Hallmark: C

Willie is part of the Super Smiths Collaboration in Gallup, NM USA. Inlay Turquoise Jewelry artisan and silver jeweler.

Chris Tom : Hallmark: TF or T and Sterling

Darryl Becenti : Sterling Silver Jewelry Hallmark: D. with and Arrow on top

Darryl was born in 1957 in Gallup, New Mexico and was raised in Mexican Springs,  USA.  His brothers-in-law, David and Leroy Reeves in 1980, began to teach Darryl his silver working skills.  Darryl is also a pencil and ink artist and a sand painter. Darryl Becenti is a pretty prolific Native Indian Jewelry artisan.

Darrell Cadmen : Hallmark: D. Cadman / Ramshead

Darrell was born in 1969 in Gallup, New Mexico USA.  He started to do silver work in 1992.  He is Andy Cadmen’s brother and the Reeve’s half brother.

Donavon Cadmen : Hallmark: Cursive Donavon Cadmen

Donavon was born in 1968 in Gallup, New Mexico USA.  He began his silversmith career in 1991. He learned silver work by watching his brothers Andy, David, and Sunshine.

Delbert Gordon : Hallmark : D Gordon

Delbert was born in 1955 in Fort Defiance, Arizona and raised in Tohatchi, New Mexico USA. Delbert is a self taught silversmith and goldsmith. He has been a teacher for many other silversmiths, including his nephew Derrick Gordon.

Derrick Gordon : Hallmark: Derrick

Derrick was born in 1971 in Gallup, New Mexico USA. He was raised in Sanders, Arizona USA.  He was taught by his uncle Delbert T. Gordon to silversmith in 1990. Each year he improves on his stamp work and on making larger and larger pieces.

Derrick loves to create all kinds of modernized Navajo style silver jewelry. He never draws out his designs before hand, he works as the old masters did, as he goes and his heart leads him. He’ll dream up his design while looking at his stone, then begins creating. He loves high grade natural Turquoise, especially blue Turquoise. Today, he works with his handmade tools and stamps in intricate patterns and swirls which make his jewelry one-of-a-kind.

In addition to being a silversmith, Derrick is also a carpenter, a mechanic and a musician. He enjoys the outdoors with his family. He married his wife Ernestine in 1995. They have five children, three girls and two boys, Danielle, Chanelle, Adrienne, Derrick Jr. and Matthew. He is very insistent on teaching his Diné language to his children. He is also passing on his musical skills to his two boys. The family is central in his life.

Navajo Jewelry Artisan Derrick Gordon Sr.

Edison YazzieNative American Hallmark : Edison Yazzie

Edison Yazzie and Dillon Hartman

Edison Yazzie is known for his wonderful contemporary Inlay Jewelry. Edison has a real knack for color matching. Edison is also known for his difficult cuts, especially his reverse circular inlays. Edison loves to make inlaid jewelry with Turquoise and other earth tone gemstones. He is also known for is wonderful gemstone inlay pictorials in bracelets, inlay rings, pendants and buckles.

Edison Yazzie makes jewelry on his own as well as with the famous Super Smith group, Anasazi Traders, and a few other famous groups in Gallup, NM.

Erma Arviso : Hallmark: EA

Erma was born in 1960 in Canoncito, New Mexico USA. Erma’s mother, Jolene Shorty taughter her to silversmith in 1989.

Freddy Charley : Jewelry Hallmark: F. Charley

Freddy was born in 1962 in Shiprock, New Mexico USA. Fred started his silversmith career in 1987. He is mostly self taught as well as being taught by Randy Shorty. Fred also builds sterling silver Kachina dolls.

Guy Hoskie : American Indian Hallmark: GH

Guy is 54 years old and lives in Arizona. He has two sons both serving in the Armed Forces. He learned to silver smith from his relatives, Sunshine Reeves and Andy Cadman. His stamp work is excellent, deep and very pleasing to the eye.

Gary Reeves : Native American Hallmark: GARY REEVES

Gary was born in 1962 in Gallup, New Mexico. He start to do Silver work in 1974. He is the brother of David Reeves and half brother to Sunshine Reeves. He shows at the Heard Museum and has won many awards.

Glendora Booqua : American Hallmark: RGB Sterling

Isabell Delgarito : Native American Indian Artist Hallmark: D and Full Name stamp

Isabell is a very nice lady from New Mexico, USA and is a pleasure to work with. Delgarito has some wonderful ideas and makes some very pretty pieces of beaded jewelry, and seems to really love making Turquoise bead necklaces.

James Lee : Hallmark: James Lee in Cursive and Sterling

John Charley : Artisan Hallmark: J. Charley Sterling USA

Julius Burbank : Hallmark: Cursive Julius Burbank or JB Sterling USA

Johnny Coonis : Artist Hallmark: Cutout of a Heavy Metal Electric Guitar

Kenneth Bitsie : American Indian Hallmark : Kenneth Bitsie or KB USA Sterling - This wonderful inlay jewelry and silver jewelry artist resides in Gallup, New Mexico USA. This Native American artist is sure to be a an American Jewelry classic.

Kelly R. Morgan : Jeweler's Hallmark : KMorgan.

Kelly R. Morgan and Dillon Hartman

Kelly Morgan is a sixth-generation Navajo silversmith and is the son of famed Navajo silversmith Harry Morgan. The family’s time honored customs have been passed down from generation to generation, building on the past while incorporating innovative custom design with each original piece.

You will enjoy the wonderful selection of fine silver and turquoise jewelry, each handmade with the sterling silver and quality natural stones; all are handmade in a classic style that is timeless and will always appreciate in value.

These lasting exquisite silver and turquoise works of beauty are cherished and even passed down to the next generation as an heirloom. Learn more about Kelly.

La Rose Ganadonegro : Hallmark : L. Ganado

La Rose was born in 1956 in Crown Point, New Mexico USA.  She started silver work in 1984. La Rose works along side her husband Archie.

Larry Chavez : Native American Hallmark: LMC

Leonard Fran : Hallmark: LF Sterling

Lucille Calladitto : American Indian Hallmark : L.C. and others

Lucy Calladitto was born in Smith Lake, New Mexico and lived there all of her life in and American Indian lifestyle. She started making her own silver jewelry in her teens after learning from her Native American mother before she passed. Lucy started doing silver work as a career in order to support her children.


Native American artist Lucille makes her living making silver ringssilver bracelets, silver pendants, silver earrings, men's rings and silver bolos, but her favorites pieces of American Indian jewelry to make are Turquoise rings and Turquoise pendants. She makes wonderful classic Navajo Jewelry style pieces.

Lucille Ramone : Hallmark : LR

Lucille Ramone is a Navajo Silversmith from Thorough, New Mexico who can make just about any type of classic Navajo Jewelry. Lucille frequently does bench work for a shop in Thorough, NM. She has been creating bead jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry for about 4 years now. She started out beading because nobody else in her family was making bead jewelry. Her work is very clean and very unique. She's got about 21 years as a silversmith. She started out by cutting out silver leaves and setting stones as a "slave to her sister."

Marie Tsosie : Hallmark : MTT Sterling USA

Marie makes wonderful, heavy, classic Navajo style American Indian Jewelry. She specializes in 925 silver jewelry featuring stamp work designs.

Pete Chee : Native American Hallmark : H)

Part of the Super Smiths Collaboration in Gallup, NM USA. Pete is a wonderful artisan who makes a living doing benchwork silver smithing and making inlay jewelry for Super Smiths.

Gene Natan : Hallmark: N

Gene is 58 years old.  He learned to be a Native American silversmith from his mom.  Gene is an Elk guide in Southern New Mexico and has four children.

Nila Johnson : Hallmark: NJ

Nila (pronounced neela) Johnson (formerly Nila Cook) is an experienced silversmith who specializes in old style cluster bracelets. She is known for the excellent quality of her work. She has three daughters, aged 8 to 20, and lives on the Navajo reservation. Her Navajo Silver Rings and Navajo Bracelets are very popular and famous.

Orville Tsinnie : Hallmark: Orville Tsinnie

Orville is a self-taught Navajo artist who has been active since 1970. Two of the most prominent characteristics of Orville's work are its heavy duty construction and simplistic design. Orville is a perfectionist, as was his father. You will not find any of Orville's handmade silver jewelry with split bezels or the like. Orville Tsinnie is also famous for his use of fine quality Real Turquoise in 14k gold bezels on Sterling Silver. Orville has won many awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Pearl Ukestine : Hallmark: Pc Sterling

Peterson Chee : Hallmark: OP Sterling

Peterson comes from a long line of outstanding American Indian jewelers. Chee makes classic Native American Indian Jewelry.

Phil Loretto : Hallmark: Loretto Sterling

Phil is famous for his modern Southwest Silver. Loretto is known for his wonderful silver bracelets inlaid with ultra high quality natural Turquoise from America, Tibet and Mongolia. Phil is a master of Modern American Indian Jewelry.

Randy Boyd : Hallmark: Sterling Randy Boyd with a spur around it and USA

Richard Begay : Hallmark : RB and Sterling

Richard Begay and John Hartman in Durango, Colorado Richard Begay is a seasoned Native American artist. Begay was born and raised in Navajoland, Arizona. Throughout his art classes in school, he always wanted to create the perfect shape.

Richard was immediately drawn to inlay jewelry. This style of American Indian Jewelry is what his most famous for. As he perfected his craft, Richard explored different techniques of inlaying always trying to find the perfect harmony of material and craft. Richard Begay also developed an eye for choosing the best stones for his inlay. Turquoise and coral are his favorite stones, but he does use many other gemstones. He has inlaid Opals, Sugilite, Lapis and other exotic stones into his award-winning pieces. Richard is actually featured in the Smithsonian Museum!

One of the best things about Richard is that he is very kind and very humble.

Rodney Coriz: Jeweler's Hallmark: Rodney Coriz a sun and a Copy Write Symbol

Rodney Coriz at Durango Silver Company

Rodney Coriz is featured in the book "Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry" and revered world wide. He is known for his outstanding inlay jewelry which is not common for the Santo Domingo tribe which is famous for their hand rolled Turquoise Beaded Jewelry. Rodney also makes his contemporary version of the classic Santo Domingo jewelry, he makes wonderful hand rolled bead necklaces and Turquoise bead necklaces. It is really neat how he can take an old style like the heishi bead necklace and make it look new and fresh. Coriz is definitely an artist to watch. Rodney Coriz rarely wholesales his jewelry. If you want to collect his jewelry it is most common to buy it directly from him at Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum show, or other Native American Jewelry shows.

Ruth Ann Begay : Hallmark: RB

Ruth Ann Begay was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Her family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico when she was young. She spent most of her life there and grew up speaking only Navajo. Her father brought the family to Albuquerque to get away from the traditions of the Reservation, but some tradions where hard to shake, such as the families affinity for Native Indian Jewelry.

She learned how to silver smith by watching her mother and her sister make handmade silver jewelry. Ruth began silver smithing professionally after high school and started with simple bezels, and soldering then moving on to decorative work such as leaves. Today her jewelry is very diverse and she mainly makes silver jewelry, but has also made beautiful Gold and Turquoise jewelry.

Sheila Tso : Hallmark: STSO

Creator of fine southwestern plain silver jewelry and especially Native Bands.

Sheryl Martinez : Silver Jewelry Hallmarks: SM or S. Martinez

Sheryl creates wonderful Southwest Jewelry, some with American Turquoise and some without. Sheryl Martinez makes some wonderful Native American Silver Rings.

Sibert Nastascio : Hallmark: Sibert Nastascio or SN Sterling

Stanley Manygoats : Hallmark : scribed S. Manygoats

Stanley is one of the kindest individuals you will meet.  He is a family man and makes jewelry for the love of it, not really as a source of income. Stanley learned under the wings of Ray Tracy and then went on to work for Stoneweaver (Steve Harper) in Gallup, NM.  He now works on his own on a small scale while taking care of his young children.

Sunshine Reeves : Hallmark: SUNSHINE REEVES

Sunshine was born in 1964 in Gallup, New Mexico. Sunshine has been creating gorgeous Navajo Silver Jewelry since the 1980s. Sunshine was taught to work silver by his brothers Gary and David Reeves. Reeves is famous for his intricate and deep stamp work designs, especially his high quality Navajo Jewelry style rings and native bands. Sunshine has become famous winning many awards such ass, "Best in Show" at the Santa Fe Indian Market in 1997.

Terry Charlie : Hallmark: T Charlie

Terry was born in 1966 in Tuba City, Arizona USA.  Terry has been a silversmith since 1988.  Terry was taught by his grandfather Juan Platero from Canoncito, NM. Charlie's style is definitely old style American Indian Jewelry. Terry Charlie is best known for his classic Native American Turquoise Jewelry.

Tim Charlie : Native American Hallmark: C Part of the Super Smiths collaboration in Gallup, NM USA

Maker of wonderful Native Silver Jewelry with a modern flare.

Tommy Jackson : Hallmark: Jesus Fish with Tommy Jackson Inside of it.

Tommy Jackson is from Ganado, Arizona which is synonymous with fine Navajo Rugs and Native American Indian Jewelry. His parents, Martha and Gene, great silversmiths in their own right, taught and inspired their son in many directions. Tommy taught reading and writing in the Navajo language. He taught kindergarten through eighth grade for eight years. Navajo history, arts and crafts were also part of his teaching repertoire on the reservation in Wide Ruins, AZ. Of the multitudes of honors and recognition, Tommy's highest, in his view, was being chosen Navajo Tribal representative for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Jackson is known for his use of gem Turquoise including beautiful Nevada green Turquoise.

Robert Vandever : Hallmark: V. and Sterling

Another of our buddies that makes classical Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry.

Verdy Jake : Hallmark Verdy J. or V. Jake

Verdy Jake grew up in a family with thirteen children. Her oldest brother began silver work and then taught the rest of his siblings, including Verdy. She lives at Smith Lake on the Navajo reservation. She is in her thirties and has four children.

More Native American Jewelry Hallmarks

Thank you for taking a look at our Native American Hallmark page. We hope this brief list of Indian Jewelry Hallmarks has helped you learn a little bit more about Silver Jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry you own or would like to acquire. This is a very small list of Native American Hallmarks and Silver Jewelry Hallmarks. If you did not find the Hallmark or Artist you were looking for, please consult the book: "Hallmarks of the Southwest" or's Native American Hallmarks page. DO NOT CALL DURANGO SILVER COMPANY or EMAIL US for your own personal knowledge. We do offer appraisals for a FEE. We would love to help everyone, and that is why we have built such a large knowledge base on our site as well as our sister sites. We hope you will be able to learn a lot about your piece of Native American Silver Jewelry or Native American Turquoise Jewelry.

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We hope you enjoyed our collection of Native American hallmarks and maybe it will help you find the Native American Hallmark on your jewelry.

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