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Silver Rings

Silver Rings

Silver Rings

Silver Rings - Quality Turquoise Silver Rings

Durango Silver Company produces Silver Jewelry and Silver Rings are our specialty. We are located in Southwestern Colorado which is in the heart of the Southwest region on the United States, famous for Silver Jewelry and most importantly Silver Rings. We make our handmade Silver Rings with 925 Sterling Silver and each Ring is a one of a kind unique only to itself. The Southwest is known for a style of Silver Jewelry that is not generally made anywhere else in the world. Our company produces contemporary Silver Rings that have a Southwest accent and we believe our Silver Jewelry is quite different from the other Jewelry makers of the Southwest.

Turquoise Silver Rings

Another specialty of our company is Turquoise, we have collected and mined Turquoise for over 40 years. We own several Turquoise Mines in Nevada and have associated ourselves with many of the famous Turquoise Miners in the past. Dillon and John Hartman hand cut most all of the Turquoise and other gemstones used in our Silver Rings as well as the rest of our Silver Jewelry. Turquoise Jewelry is an American heritage and for those of you who appreciate Turquoise, you will find our quality Turquoise Silver Rings to be some of the finest Turquoise Rings coming out of the Southwest.

Silver Rings - Examples

Below are some examples of the Silver Rings that we produce and handle at Durango Silver Company. We make several types of Silver Rings, bench made, Lost Wax, Inlaid Gemstone Rings and many more. Mens Silver Rings are another specialty at Durango Silver Company, we make a lot of Mens Rings in 925 Sterling Silver and we make them with many types of authentic quality gemstones. We invite you to browse the Durango Silver Online Store to view our vast selection of rings.

Blue Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Ring Lost Wax Band Sillver Ring

Above are two examples of lost wax style Silver Rings. The Ring on the left was made by Crystal Hartman, Johns daughter, by starting with a blue Chalcedony gemstone and applying layer over layer of molten Jewelers wax to create vines of Silver rupturing the gemstone. This is a one of a kind Blue Chalcedony Silver Ring that will never be reproduced. To the right is another lost wax style Silver Band Ring made by Crystal Hartman.

Lost Wax Silver Jewelry and Silver Rings are unusual and unique, many people like to have Jewelry that is out of the ordinary and this style is often appreciated by this type of person. We have made lost wax Silver Rings for decades and we always have a good selection on hand.

Bisbee Turquoise Silver Rings Silver Ring with Royston Turquoise

The Turquoise Silver Ring on the left is a classic Southwestern Ring that we have produced for many years, people love this Ring, it is a heavy Silver Ring that is of a quality not seen by many Silver Jewelry produces since the cost of Sterling Silver has gone up. The Silver Turquoise Ring on the right is another classic Ring unique to Durango Silver Company. We use the highest grade Turquoise in our Rings and are well known for our standard of quality Silver Jewelry.

Royston Turquoise and Silver Ring Mens Silver Ring with Silver Ore

To the left is a Lost Wax style Turquoise Silver Ring made by Crystal Hartman, this Ring features a Royston Turquoise gemstone from Nevada set with vines of Silver engulfing the stone. To the right is a Mens Silver Ring made by John Hartman featuring a highgrade Silver Ore gemstone from Colorado. Both of these Silver Rings are unique and one of a kind, not to be reproduced!

Boulder Opal Silver Ring Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Silver Ring

To the left is a beautiful Ring made by Crystal Hartman in Sterling Silver. It features an exceptional boulder Opal gemstone from Australia set in a lost wax Silver design sure to be a treasure by its eventual owner. To the right is a classic bench made Silver Ring by John Hartman, this ring features a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gemstone that is most attractive. This Sleeping Beauty Silver Ring is a ring style Durango Silver Company is known for and usually has several in stock.

Sugilite in Sterling Silver by John Hartman Gemstone Silver Ring

To the left is a unique Sugilite Ring in Sterling Silver. It was handmade by John Hartman who is the founder of Durango Silver Company and has been a master silversmith for over 40 years. The ring on the right was also created by John in his victorian style which he is known for worldwide. Johns Victorian Silver Jewelry is very unique and not produces elsewhere to date. This ring features Tortoise Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sugilite and Spiny Oyster shell and was made in 925 Sterling Silver.

Tortoise Turquoise Inlaid Silver Ring handmade Silver Ring with Sugilite

To the left is a Silver Inlaid Ring made by Dillon Hartman, Johns son. Dillon designed this ring and then inlaid it with Tortoise Turquoise that he mined in his own Turquoise Mine located in Nevada. Dillon enjoys inlay work and makes many different styles of Silver Jewelry with inlaid gemstones. To the right is a classic Sugilite Ring made by John Hartman in an old Southwest style. John has been a Jewelry designer for over 40 years and has been a collector of antique Western Americana since he was a young boy. He went thought a period of his silversmithing when he produces a broad line of antique style Southwestern Jewelry.

We hope you have gained some useful knowledge from our Silver Rings educational presentation page. We invite you to learn more about Silver JewelryIndian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center which has many other informational pages that we have written on topics related to Southwestern Silver Jewelry. In addition, we would like to invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our members to Giveaway free Turquoise Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends and future winners in our giveaway by signing in below. We hope you have enjoyed this page on silver rings and think of Durango Silver Company when you are looking for Silver Jewelry.

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