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Nevada Green Turquoise

Nevada Green Turquoise

Nevada Green Turquoise

Nevada Green Turquoise


Nevada is famous for its "Nevada Green Turquoise", many Turquoise deposits throughout Nevada produce spectacular shades of Green Turquoise from lime to a rich dark green. Some of the more famous mines are the Royston Turquoise MineBlue Gem Turquoise MineOrvil Jack Turquoise MineCarico Lake Turquoise Mine, Battle Mountain Turquoise Mine, Pilot Mountain Turquoise Mine, Fox Turquoise Mine, Damele Turquoise Mine and the Tortoise Turquoise Mine.

Nevada Green Turquoise Jewelry has been popular amoung Turquoise collectors for generations and today it has become scarce do to the slow down in Turquoise mining in Nevada. Government restrictions and cost of mining has caused this slowdown and due to this fact, Nevada Green Turquoise values are going through the roof.

Nevada produces Green Turquoiselime green Turquoise, Green Spiderweb Turquoise and many shades of Blue Turquoise. Fabulous deep blue Spiderweb Turquoise from the Lander Blue, Blue Wind Turquoise Mine and a few others is very rare and commands the highest values of Turquoise in the world.

Green Turquoise

Nevada produces the most beautiful Green Turquoise in the world. The bold and vivid green Turquoise that comes from this region is second to no other Turquoise on earth. From lime green, emerald greens to military greens, green Turquoise from Nevada is tops.

Lime Turquoise from Nevada Nevada Green Turquoise Orville Jack Nevada Green Turquoise

Above is three examples of Nevada Green Turquoise; on the left is a Carico Lake Turquoise Gemstone with spiderwebbed matrix, in the middle is a piece of Royston Turquoise from the Tonopah, Nevada area and to the right is a green Turquoise Ring with an Orvil Jack Turquoise Stone. All of these examples of Nevada Green Turquoise are high quality natural green Turquoise, qualities vary and values are also vary according to the particular quality and the mine the Turquoise came from.

Nevada Green Turquoise Jewelry

Green Turquoise Jewelry has grown more popular year by year. Today we sell as much green Turquoise jewelry as we do blue Turquoise jewelry.

Nevada Green Turquoise Ring Nevada Green Turquoise Pendant

Above are two examples of Nevada Green Turquoise Jewelry. The Turquoise Ring on the left has a deep green colored stone from the Pilot Mountain Turquoise Mine, dark green Turquoise with light brown matrix is found in the Tonopah, Nevada area. This a great example of the one of a kind green Turquoise rings that we produce at Durango Silver Company. The Nevada Green Turquoise Pendant on the right has a Broken Arrow Turquoise stone, it is Native American (Navajo) handcrafted and displays beautiful Nevada green tones of Turquoise. Both of these pieces are great examples of Nevada Green Turquoise Jewelry.

Lime Turquoise

Lime Turquoise Ring Lime Turquoise Bracelet

Lime Turquoise from Nevada is rare! Small deposits of Nevada Lime Turquoise come from the Damele, Carico Lake, Tonopah Blue Gem, Orville Jack and Tortoise Turquoise mines. Lime Green Spiderweb is more rare yet as about 2% of the Lime Turquoise that comes out of the ground has spiderwebbing. Both of the pieces of Lime Turquoise Jewelry above have spiderwebbed stones, this is rare and seldom found. These two pieces of Spiderweb Lime Turquoise Jewelry shown above were produced by Durango Silver Company. John and Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company have been miners and collectors of Lime Green Turquoise for many years and produce beautiful Lime Green Turquoise. The lime green Turquoise bracelet above features natural Orvil Jack Turquoise from Nevada. While the ring features a rare spider webbed lime green Turquoise cabochon from Tibet.

If you are a collector of Nevada Green Turquoise and/or Green Turquoise of any type, check out the Silver Jewelry we produce as we mine and have a lot of Nevada Green Turquoise as well as other types of Green Turquoise from other areas of the United States as well as around the world.

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