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Native American Facts and Native American Jewelry Information

Native American Facts and Native American Jewelry Information

Southwestern Native Americans & Their Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry and Monument Valley

In the beginning of the 20th century, the U.S. government put the American Indian issues behind them and believed that Native Americans would assimilate into mainstream society and disappear as unique peoples. However, many Native American Tribes have strong cultural ties and have developed into society in their own unique way. They have and continue revitalizing their tribal governments, focusing on education, creating modern economies, obtaining legal rights, and are reviving their cultural traditions. They are working deligently to combine aspects of their traditional cultures with contemporary life without sacrificing the core of their identity. The Native American Indian peoples are a wonderful part of the American society today and a large part of this country's heritage, nowhere can this be observed as well as in the Southwest.

Southwestern America has a long standing reputation for hosting a great number of artists, and especially outstanding jewelers. Some of the most adored jewelers of the Southwest are the Native American Indian Jewelers. Native American Indian Jewelry has been made since the early times of the Anasazi, Inca, Aztecs and Myans. Below are some links to help you better understand Native American Jewelry.

Southwest Native American Facts - Indian Jewelry

Native American Facts

Native American Facts - Tribe Specific

Native American Artists We Carry and their Hallmarks

More Extensive Native American Indian History, Facts, and Links

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