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Turquoise Color Chart

Turquoise Color Chart

Turquoise Color Examples:

Here are a few examples of the different colors of Natural Turquoise:

Highgrade Bisbee Turquoise Color & Matrix Blue Gem Turquoise Color Example Carico Lake Lime Green Spiderweb Brown Spider Web Tortoise Turquose Dry Creek Red Spider Web Turquoise Deep Green Damale Example Forest Green Manassa Example Highgrade Morenci Blue Sample Mint Green and Black Spiderweb Tortoise Turquoise from Nevada Fox Aqua Blue Green from Nevada Yellow or Ivory Color Spiderweb Tortoise Sleeping Beauty Robin's Egg Blue Pilot Mountain Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise Yellow Damale Turquoise with Black Spider Web Number Eight Brown Spiderweb light blue Turquoise Mountain From Kingman Arizona Villa Grove Colorado Blue Blue Wind Black Spiderweb from Nevada Kingman Classic Look Lookout Mountain Water Web Blue Turquoise Green to Blue Fade Pilot Mountain Turquoise Royston Royal Blue Stormy Mountain Nevada Tibetan Blue Turquoise Ithaca Peak Pyrite in Blue

From top to bottom, left to right:

Classic Bisbee from Arizona,   Classic Nevada Blue Gem,    Carico Lake Lime Green,  Brown Tortoise Turquoise,    Super Highgrade Dry Creek,    Dark Green Damale,    Manassa Green from Colorado,    Morenci blue from Arizona,    Mint Green Tortoise From Nevada,    Fox Aqua Blue Green Turquoise,    Yellow Ivory Tortoise,    Classic Natural Sleeping Beauty "Robin's Egg Blue",    Pilot Mountain Boulder or Ribbon Turquoise,     Yellow Spiderweb Damale,    Typical Highgrade Number 8,    Turquoise Mountain Electric Blue with Golden Brown Web,    Villa Grove from Colorado,    Blue Wind Fine Black Spider Web,    Kingman Classic Blue,    Lookout Mountain Water Web with Black Spider Web,    Classic Pilot Mountain Blue to Green Fade,    Royston Highgrade Turquoise "Royal Blue",    Classic Stormy Mountain Turquoise,    Tibetan Spider Web Sky Blue,    Electric Blue Ithaca Peak Turquoise with Pyrite Matrix

Please remember, these are only a few colors, matrix patterns and qualities of Natural Turquoise. We cannot show all variations and qualities.


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