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Turquoise is one of the most fascinating gemstones on earth and it was also one of the very first gemstones found by mankind well before biblical time, over 7,500 years ago. Kings, Pharaohs and historic individuals worshiped Turquoise and unconditionally believed that this gemstone has spiritual and metaphysical powers to man. In more recent years the Native American Indians began worshiping Turquoise when the Anasazi Indians discovered it around 300 B.C. Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon became a major trade mecca for Turquoise to the historic Aztec civilization of Mexico around 1000 A.D. Turquoise has played a major historic roll in the history of North America and it is now an very important part of our American Heritage. Learn More About Turquoise History | Read about our current Turquoise Crisis.

American Turquoise in All Colors

Today, individuals wear Turquoise more then ever, in fact, Turquoise is one of the top ten gemstones sold worldwide. It is also a fact that between the demand for Turquoise and American mining restrictions, Turquoise is quickly becoming a rarity. There are only two Turquoise mines in the United State producing significant amounts of Turquoise, the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. China has been a major producer of Turquoise for the last 20 years but has now cut back mining due to government restrictions and depleted Turquoise deposits.

Broken Arrow Green Turquoise

Persian Turquoise Cabochons

Turquoise is an important gemstone in the United States as it is a historic American heritage. The Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States discovered Turquoise around 200 B.C., it has been a major part of their since. They have worshipped Turquoise and made an industry from this gemstone by creating many types of wearable arts with it in the form of Turquoise Beads, Turquoise Jewelry and many other handcrafted art forms. Turquoise has become a part of the American lifestyle, it is now worn by a large percentage of Americans and is collected by individuals worldwide.

Durango Silver Company has been leaders in the Turquoise field for decades. They began collecting, mining and cutting Turquoise in the 1970's and have played a prolific roll in maintaining the integrity and awareness of the importance of quality control of American Turquoise. Like many other gemstones, man has found ways to alter inferior materials to supply the great demand for this material. Enhancing Turquoise has become common practice worldwide which is fine for production type Jewelry, however, their are many individuals worldwide that seek Natural Turquoise for its spiritual and medicinal values as well as well as the beauty of the high quality Turquoise in it natural state.

Turquoise Information

American Turquoise

Pixie Lime Green Turquoise

Ancient Turquoise History - We have created a great informational page on Ancient Turquoise History, we invite you to view this page where you will find a lot of great information on ancient Turquoise.

American Turquoise - American Turquoise is considered the best Turquoise in the world by many Turquoise collectors. We invite you to view our presentation on American Turquoise where you will find a lot of great information and photos.

Turquoise Videos - For those of you who enjoy watching videos, we invite you to view our Turquoise Videos page where you will find several interesting Turquoise Videos.

American Turquoise Mines - This is a real good page as it has a lot of information as well as links to additional information on American Turquoise Mines. There are also links to the different Turquoise Mines by state with photos and good information.

Turquoise Treatments and Grades - This page has some good information on Quality Turquoise And Turquoise Grades, it is an important page if you are interested in real Turquoise, quality Turquoise and quality Turquoise Jewelry.

Quality Turquoise - After you read the Turquoise Treatment and Turquoise Grades page, you will appreciate the Quality Turquoise Presentation page that we have created for individuals who are interested in high quality Turquoise. High quality natural Turquoise is very hard to come by these days, so it is considered to be Rare Turquoise by most experts.

Fake and Cheap Turquoise - This is a presentation on Fake Turquoise, fake Turquoise is becoming more and more of a problem these days as the availability of authentic Real Turquoise is scarce. This page gives you some good information about and how to detect fake Turquoise.

Persian Turquoise Rough

Turquoise Spiritual Values -Turquoise has been worshipped for thousands of years by people all over the world. We have created several pages about the different aspects of Turquoise Healing, Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs and Turquoise Chakras. If you are interested in the spiritual values of Turquoise, these are good pages for you to view.

Turquoise Information

Learn more about Turquoise, Turquoise Jewelry and the artisans who craft works of art from the beautiful sky stone. There is a plethera Turquoise Information out there. Most information regarding this gemstone is passed around by word of mouth, so it is important to look through all kinds of media and information and fact check. We have done this for you. Take a look at out Turquoise Information page. You can find almost anything you have ever wanted to know on this page.

Click Here to visit the Turquoise Information page.

American Turquoise

Natural Carico Lake Turquoise

American Turquoise was originally found in North America by the Native American Indians in the Southwestern regions of what is now the United States. About 300 B.C., Turquoise was found by the Membres Indians at what is now the Kingman Turquoise Mine and in approximately the same time period the Chacoan Indians discovered Turquoise in New Mexico near Chaco Canyon and at the Cerrillos Mines near what is now Santa Fe.

Today, Turquoise has become a national treasure and is an American heritage as well. The Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States as well as many other contemporary artisans of the Southwest make Turquoise Jewelry for the American market place as well as many other regions of the world. American Turquoise is the Turquoise of choice by American Jewelers, however, there is Turquoise from China and Mexico on the market as well. We have a lot of additional information on Turquoise located on our Turquoise Info page, we invite you to check out this page that has many photos, a lot of information and links to important pages related to Turquoise.

Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon

Turquoise comes in many color's and shades of blue and green. In general, green Turquoise comes from Nevada and blue Turquoise comes from Arizona. We have made a good page that shows you the different shades of Turquoise by the different Turquoise Mines in America - please view our Turquoise Color Chart now. Also check out some of our other pages that will show you the different color, matrix and qualities of American Turquoise. We invite you to visit Spiderweb Turquoise, Gem Turquoise, Nevada Green Turquoise and Blue Gem Turquoise.

Another good page you may enjoy is Turquoise Symbolism - Turquoise Symbolism gives you a bunch of great information on the symbolisms of Turquoise.

This is an example of a piece of high quality blue Turquoise from the Bisbee Turquoise Mine which is located in southern Arizona. The Bisbee Mine produced Turquoise for the American market from about 1950 until 1978. Many believe Bisbee Turquoise was the finest quality Turquoise that ever came out of the ground in North America. Bisbee turquoise has now become rare and valuable. Check out the Bisbee Turquoise Website.

Also view our Bisbee Turquoise videos: Bisbee Turquoise Video | Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry Video

Morenci Turquoise Rough

This is some rough Turquoise from the Morenci Turquoise Mine. Turquoise was coming out of the Morenci Turquoise Mine from about 1960 - 1980. Morenci Turquoise has also become scarce and valuable.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

This is some rough material from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine is still in production and produces some of the most beautiful Turquoise on earth. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is collected and used in Turquoise Jewelry around the world due to its clear sky blue color. Check out our page on Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry

Nevada Green Turquoise
Blue to green Royston Turquoise rough


These are pieces of rough Turquoise from Nevada. These pieces came out of the Royston Turquoise Mine which is located near Tonopah, Nevada. The Royston Turquoise Mine has been producing some of the most beautiful Turquoise America has to offer for decades and now produces very little for the market. You can take a tour at the Royston Turquoise Mine and you can collect your own Royston Turquoise while taking the tour. Check out the Royston Turquoise Website and the Royston Turquoise Mine Tour page.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Turquoise and have gained some useful knowledge from it. We invite you to lear

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