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A Few of Our Many Customer Feedbacks/Testimonials

  1. Hi Dillon, I received the dinner ring today. It is a great ring and very comfortable. I am quite happy with it!! Great. I will look forward to seeing the photos once the rings are completed. Thanks much. - Alex Carter - Colorado

  2. Got my ring today. LOVE IT. Thank you so much and tell Stanley thank you for making it. I will enjoy wearing. - Carla Saulsbery

  3. Hi Dillon, I have received the ring size 11.75 and she fits my middle finger perfectly. Great Work - Mathieu Bertrand - France

  4. Dillon, The XL Sugilite and gold earrings are a big hit. Cathy loves them. Thanks for all your help. - Doug Latta -Ohio

  5. The Sandstone textured silver ring has arrived, safe & sound. It looks good, and is about a perfect fit. Good work, sir. Been a pleasure, doin' business with you. I'm sure, I should buy from you again, in the future.......Take care of yourself, Andrew - Australia.

  6. Hi Dillon, The replacement inlay band ring has arrived safely. Mr Manygoats made this one extra special. It's slightly different than the original, and I love it. It's just awesome. I couldn't be happier. I'd like to thank Durango Silver for making the exchange process a pleasant experience. And thank Mr Manygoats for me for creating such a beautiful ring. - Matthew Arens - Florida

  7. Hi! I just wanted to tell you all how much I love my Candelaria Turquoise and lime green Turquoise pendant! It is gorgeous!.…stunning stones and design! And thank you for the wonderful customer service! I will definitely be purchasing from you again! - Jennifer Bivens - Tennessee

  8. Just received my Broken Arrow Turquoise pendent LOVE IT. The workman ship is fantastic. Am anxiously awaiting next pendent and ring I ordered this morning. - Linda Davis - Oregon

  9. I received my order today and I just wanted to let you know what a stunning piece it is! Beautiful stone and craftsmanship! It is a birthday gift for a friend who is an existing customer of yours and already thinks very highly of your quality company and product. He is going to LOVE IT in person!!! I will definitely be returning to your online store in the future to pick out something for myself! :-) Thank you again! Sincerely, - Katie Young - MI

  10. The silver ring is so unique - really stunning, and it's a perfect fit for me - thank you for the exceptional customer service, Dillon - Patricia D., Sacramento, CA

  11. Just wanted to let you know my beautiful silver bracelet with Bisbee turquoise stone arrived today. I am totally thrilled with it - its a stunning piece! Thank you for the quick delivery, I never expected to see it this soon. You all are a very organized group at Durango Silver! I only heard about Bisbee turquoise recently and it caught my attention because my husband's grand parents actually homesteaded in Bisbee and grandpa work at the Copper Queen mine. Their property is still in the family today. So I will be checking regularly to see what's new from Bisbee - keep me in mind! Thanks again, Linda Deitchman

  12. Dillon, Received the bracelet yesterday. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry and craftsmanship. Originally, the variscite (Utahlite) stone was more of a pale green to blue color. However, as a Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner, I cleansed, programed, and dedicated the bracelet. During the ceremony, I could sense energy moving from the stone and bracelet into my hand and vise-versa. The energies from you, the stone, the cuff, and myself mingled positively. Upon completion of the ceremony, it was very noticeable that the stone's color had turned a darker shade of green!! While wearing the bracelet, a noticeable warmth (energy) can be felt radiating from the stone. The bracelet is definitely a piece of beautiful craftsmanship. The stone is an energizing one which will be of valuable service in healing. The wait was well worth it. Many Thanks !!! - Joe - NY

  13. Dillon, the Gold and Blue Wind Turquoise ring arrived a little while ago. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks again. - Doug Latta

  14. Wow, blown away, this Mens High Grade Kingman Turquoise Ring is world class! Tell your family I'm a customer for life. God Bless! - Jacob Murphy - Louisiana

  15. Dillon, I received my bisbee turquoise men's cuff bracelet today...boy, that was quick! It looks great and fits well (your video really helped)... Thanks Again! I will enjoy it and pass it down to one of my sons someday! - Scott McPherson

  16. The Broken Arrow Necklace set was very well received, Ithought she was going to sleep in it. Apparently she had seen and admired it in your shop first. When you see the Native American Jewelry artist please thank them for me and tell them that they have a new fan in Tejas. - Micheal Aylott - Texas

  17. The two rings I received, designed by Dillon, have stunning silver settings - truly distinctive and beautiful. I think Dillon's contemporary designs really showcase these rare gemstones and keep the southwest spirit intact - outstanding artisan craftsmanship, and I'm so pleased with them. - Patricia Delabar - Sacremento, California

  18. Just wanted you to know that I received the ring and it fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier. The handmade Turquoise ring is outrageous! It exceeds all expectations. Thank you. - Richard Judd -Connecticut

  19. Dear Sir, I've got my goods. I've recommeded your shop to a lots of friends of mine, and I'll shop again in your shop. You truly have the best handmade Turquoise jewelry! In China, many people like blue gem from USA (American Turquoise), they are so beautiful and unbeatable. - Regards - Mr. Chu - Shanghai, China

  20. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my first order with your company. I was looking for earrings for a friend’s 50th (December) birthday and these earrings were perfect with the 5 layers to me representing each decade, and of course turquoise being her birthstone! They have arrived, are perfect, and beautifully done. I also love that the package states made in USA. Thanks so much for a wonderful gift. - Cheri Simon

  21. I just received my Inlay Sleeping Beauty Ring by Michelle Willie and wanted you to know I am completely satisfied. The ring is everything I had hoped for and Michelle is a wonderful artist. Thank you ever so much. - W.W. Rudolph - Illinois

  22. The Broken Arrow Earrings arrived today. I love them! They match my necklace and an Orville Tsinnie cuff I have. I am delighted. Thanks for offering these in place of the other pair. I appreciate too, that you gave them to me for the listed price of the first pair of earrings. These are perfect!! Thanks again, I look forward to shopping with you in the future! - Mary

  23. I got my ring today and I really like it. I wore it to work and it fit perfectly. It's so comfortable I forgot I had it on. Good Job ! I will be ordering more handmade silver jewelry from you again in the future. Thank You Very Much. - Mike Collins - Oklahoma

  24. Just wanted to tell you that the Turquoise Bracelet I bought from you this week arrived and is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I wore it for the first time today. It fits perfectly and I am really glad I selected it. I also want to tell you that it was a pleasure doing business with you.Best wishes to you and your family. - Steve Jenkins

  25. I received my Kingman Turquoise Victorian Dinner ring today, and I wanted to say THANK YOU!! It is more beautiful in person than in any picture. The detail in the sterling silver is perfect. It fits perfectly and sparkles! :) I really appreciate the time you took away from your day to speak with me over the phone and answer the million questions I had. You explained everything I needed to know about Turquoise and I feel very happy and confident with my purchase. Your quick shipping was an extra bonus. The excellent quality in workmanship in the ring is what sets it apart from others. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you for providing a top notch company with quality jewelry. - Shaelyn Trowell - Florida

  26. Hi all. Wow, I was pleasantly stunned when I received the absolutely beautiful ring today. Holy smokes! It looks gorgeous in person and the styling and fit is great. You guys are awesome. Every piece I've ordered has been a true, one-of-a-kind work of art. Thank you all for your fine quality jewelry and great service. I love Durango Silver Company! - Terrie G. - NY

  27. Wow just opened the package with the custome 14k gold and Bisbee Turquoise bracelet and ring, those are the most awesome pieces I have ever seen! The quality and design is flawless. Thank you again, so much, and Make it a Great day!!! - Christopher C. - Texas

  28. Recieved both Bisbee Turquoise Rings today. You guys never disappoint me with the quality of your craftmanship! Perfect wedding bands. I want to thank you for providing them so quickly. It will be like your at our wedding. I'm a customer for life, but I think you already know this. Thanks again - Tim - Michigan

  29. Hello! I just received the Water Web Kingman Turquoise Pendant.... What a fantastically beautiful, intriguing and charming piece of art! the Turquoise is mesmerizing and the craftsmanship is superb. Thank You! - Shirley - Colorado

  30. Hi Dillon, I received both of my beautiful Turquoise pendants late last week. I am especially thrilled with the bale that you made for me. It blends in so well with the design of the pendant. Thank you. - Pam Petrone

  31. I am so glad to find Durango Silver, and the all of the Hartman family who make stunning fine quality jewelry. Nattrika gets it right, packed nice, and in the mail so fast, I always feel like I'm getting a gift. You will hear from me again for sure. - Cathy Greeley - Pennsylvania

  32. Thank you so much! I really love my handcrafted silver jewelry from you all. I have so many more items that I want. Your company has a lifetime fan! Will stay in touch. God Bless! - Murphy Jacob - Louisiana

  33. I just got back from the Post Office. My 14k gold and Blue Gem Turquoise Ring is alread on my finger! It's beautiful, fits perfectly, and is very comfortable. I love it! Thank you so much. Nattarika did good. - Lin Flemming

  34. The Tortoise Brown Turquoise ring is wonderful, every thing about it compliments the next piece. Thank you very much. Hopefully I can show you it on the finger that now looks 100% better in person one day. - Bob

  35. Hello, just wanted to say thanks for my beautifully crafted Tibetan Turquoise Bead Necklace. I love the color and the attention to detail in the sizing of the beads. The clasp too is very lovely--all just as pictured. - Thank you! - Holly Nelson-Becker

  36. Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring Saturday morning. I am currently wearing my gemstone silver ring and I wanted to tell how much I absolutely adore it. Its truly one of a kind beautiful. Thank you for your hard work an I look forward to doing business with you again sometime in the very near future. - Heather Williams

  37. Just wanted you to know I get lots of wonderful comments about the Turquoise and Sugilite pendant and earrings I purchased from you at the store back in December. - Karen McCalley -Texas

  38. Mr Hartman , I just received the 14k gold ring with Bisbee Turquoise I bought from Durango Silver Company which you created. This Bisbee Turquoise Ring is of the best quality and beautiful , you are truly a master of your craft. Just wanted to say thank you. - John R Dale - Dallas, Texas

  39. Hi Dillon, just receievd my Green Turquoise Ring today. You were right - you sent me a "killer ring". I couldn't be more pleased with it. Fits great and looks just right! Thank you again - Arhur - Massachusetts

  40. My Lapis and Sterling Silver Ring was just delivered. It is gorgeous … even more so than it was in the picture. The Lapis Lazuli gemstone is beautiful and the design and craftsmanship are to be envied. Thank You! - Pam F. List -Los Angeles, CA

  41. Wanted to thank you, and everyone at Durango Silver for the prompt service, high quality product , and great pricing! Couldn't be more satisfied .....Sincerely - Chad Burford

  42. I got the Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet at work today. The fit is nearly perfect and the stone is very nice. Thanks - Marvin Garriott - Georgia

  43. Received the silver cuff bracelet yesterday. It is everything I hoped for, and more. Great job, My Friend! Many Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all at Durango Silver! - Mike Schweitzer - Texas

  44. I got the Sterling Silver Ring!!!!!!! Thank you, it is beautiful. I'll be doing some shopping on your web site, I love your Turquoise Jewelry. - Deb Bergen

  45. Got the huge Sugilite pendant, it is amazing. You guys do incredible work. Great Silver and Gold Jewelry. It looked so good I had to give it to her early. She absolutely loves it! I will send a picture when I get a chance. Thanks for doing this for me, we are both extremely happy with it! - Jud Niederer - Idaho

  46. I wanted you to know that I received the package earlier this week and the pendant w/chain looks great. Thank you for your assistance. I would not be surprised if we made another purchase in the future as you have some outstanding pieces of fine fashion jewelry. Perhaps better yet, we’ll stop & visit the shop next time we are in the Durango area. - Micheal, Herron

  47. Dillon, I have received the Rhodocrosite earring studs and love them! They are very pretty and the stones match my ring nicely! They are larger than I thought they would be and that is great! Thank you! - Maggie - USA

  48. Dear Dillon! Yahoo, got it ! it is an exeptional ring and I am proud to own it. The price does not give it justice. Your Turquoise Jewelry is awesome! Thank the Master for me and tell John he is a gifted one. - Tatiana - Denmark

  49. Lovely Turquoise ring, so comfortable. Awesome stone. This is my husband's birthday gift, and I'm sure he'll love it. - Beverly Monroe - Cincinnati - OH

  50. Here it is Wednesday, and guess who has Crystal's beautiful silver pendant!!!!!!!!!! ME! Oh, I am so happy with the choice I made. I can hardly wait to wear it. Thank you, thank you! - Edda - Denmark

  51. Absolutely love the little Joe Eby moth silver pin! Thanks for such quick shipping, too! - Kathlene

  52. The silver band ring is absolutely beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Thanks so much for everything! Love your Silver Jewelry. - Andrea - MN

  53. The Carico Lake Turquoise Bracelet arrived on Monday. Fantastic!! Absolutely beautiful!! I am so pleased! It is a magnificent stone. - Karen King - Australia

  54. I have great news!!! The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise earrings has just arrived.To say they are great is nothing to say. Just marvellous!!! Turquoise Cabochons are perfect! My wife love it so much - it’s priceless :o) Thank you Dillon very much for such great peace of art!- Alexey - Belarius

  55. I received my River silver ring on Thursday, and I am DELIGHTED with it!! Thank you for the fast service, and for talking with me on the phone for awhile about sizing, etc. I will shop with you again soon! - Susan - Georgia

  56. Hey Dillon i finally got it :):) I am highly impressed by the quality !! Indeed it's way better then the pics. Thank you for this piece of art. We will surely stay in touch. Cheers !! Best and warm regards from Lebanon :) - NAIM - Lebanon

  57. Wow, was so surprised how quickly this order arrived! The women's Turquoise ring is absolutely beautiful and is now my new "everyday" ring, replacing one that's been worn everyday for about fifteen years-will take better care of this one! The ring is exquisite no matter which side is showing or which way it's put on......I enjoyed looking at all the pieces on your website gallery and plan to check it out more often .....Thank you for this well-crafted beautiful piece and the prompt service - Cathy Cliffe - Wisconsin

  58. My beautiful Blue Gem Turquoise cuff bracelet arrived today, and I'm delighted. It's such a gorgeous chunk of turquoise, and I love both the design and sizing. The Sugilite pendant I ordered recently is wonderful too. I'll enjoy both of these unique pieces for years to come.Thank you - Faye Youngren

  59. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful both the bracelets look. They are stunners! Very unusual and exceptional looking. Thanks! - Mary Morel

  60. Hello, I just received an item I ordered from you (my 4th or 5th item over the past couple of years, I think), and as usual, it is gorgeous! (you guys always have the best stones!!). Again, thank you for providing the best quality American turquoise available anywhere! - Jeffrey Meyers - Arizona

  61. The White Buffalo ring arrived about 15 minutes ago and I am very pleased with it. Once again my thanks for a quality piece of jewellery and reliable customer service. I have no doubt that I shall be conducting business with you again in the future. - Tammy and Ian Ward - Australia

  62. I received the Bisbee bracelet and it is stunning. Would like to know if one cab be made in green turquoise? Again a stunning cuff ! - Frank L. Virginia

  63. Hi Dillon, my cuff just arrived and I love it. The fit is perfect. Best of all, my husband was able to give me exactly what I wanted for my birthday without lifting a finger.
    Thank you for your excellent service and beautiful jewelry.
    - Jerry & Pam Petrone

  64. I received my Silver bracelet today and I am absolutely delighted, its really beautiful more so than in the photo. - Zalian Whitmore

  65. I picked the earrings up at the post office on Friday evening...they are outstanding asusual. - Olene Moser

  66. I received the turquise ring and am very pleased with your choice. It was a pleasure dealing with you. - Donn Hansen

  67. The vintage Turquoise jewelry arrived this morning. The peices are superb. I will be back. - Ana - New Zealand

  68. Your website offers the most beautiful and unique jewelry I have ever seen. There are so many pieces that I would have like. - Estella P.

  69. My ring arrived yesterday, November 29th and may I say a hearty thank you to you for your craftsmanship, the ring is exactly as I wanted plus you did indeed get it done in a couple of weeks as you promised. No hold ups and delivered right to the door. - Ian Ward - Adelaide, Australia

  70. I received the silver ring and am very pleased with it. I will keep my eye on your website for future purchase of men's ring in size 9. Thank you. - Jerry Shores - Florida

  71. Just received the Fox Turquoise bracelet. All I can say is WOW!!! It is absolutely spectacular! - Pete P. Jr. - Louisiana

  72. Thank you. I am very happy with my Turquoise inlay Mens silver ring. You service was outstanding and speedy - Paul Landini - Michigan

  73. I just got the package for the 3 cabs; I love all 3 of them!!! The Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons are exquisite as usual. The tortoise one is very good and meaningful: perfect size, shape and color, and certainly resembles portions of the shell of a tortoise, and is a size my wife will like!! - Richard B.

  74. Hi there Nattarika and Dillon. Thank you very much for sending the Burmese Ruby and silver ring so promptly. This is a gorgeous piece by Crystal and I love it. Durango Silver Co. never disappoints! Your stuff is artsy and beautiful and well-worth the investment. Thanks again. - Terrie G. - Florida

  75. THANKS, It was a great selection you sent me. I like that you send different mines each time. this way I can learn a lot about the different mines and types of turquoise. - Micheal

  76. Gold and Carico Lake Lime Turquoise Ring received this morning. Dynamite ring! Please tell Dillon he done good. Cheers, - Richard D. - Washington D.C.

  77. Dear Mr. Hartman Thank you so much, for your kindness and personal attention towards us, It's a real pleasure to be Durango's Silver Company customers, Thanks. - Maricela - Mexico

  78. Received the bracelets today....we did good! Love them. Hope I don't becomea serial shopper! Thanks for your help. - Olene M. - Texas

  79. I received my Coral Thunderbird pin today in the mail. Thanks for the little piece of bird magic. Thanks also for your speedy shipping. Please thank John Hartman for me. I liked the shape of the piece immediately. The weight of the piece was impressive too. Nice solid piece. While I've never owned any red Coral before, this might change my mind. - Frank J

  80. The Turquoise arrived today, it surprised me as to how fast it made it here to Savannah. These are beautiful stones. I am Glad you labeled them for me.This is the first time I bought any Turquoise of any quantity and great quality. I have bought a few from our local flea market from jewelry and stone peddlers that come through here on occasion. I will but more from you. Thank you very much . - Mike Callahan - Georgia

  81. I want to tell you that I received my order. I am suprised how quickly i received it. Thank you very much. The womens Turquoise ring is beautifull and the earings are stunning. I am grateful to God to find your website because I don't really trust any other sellers. I know you have been in bussiness a long time and have a lot of experience. - Natalija Beric, New Zealand

  82. I received the Spiny Oyster Shell inlay earrings today. They are really beautiful. Thank You. - Marlene Russell

  83. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! The gorgeous turquoise pendant by Crystal is stunning. This is a beautiful piece, and I know I will enjoy wearing it often. Durango Silver Jewelry is awesome stuff and I always tell people about your works of art. Thank you again, and I look forward to my next piece, hmmmmm, what will it be... - Terrie G.

  84. There are no words to describe this womens Turquoise ring because it is unlike any piece of jewelry I have ever owned. Through the vast information provided on your Website I learned about the differences in the quality of turquoise available on the market today and just how difficult it is to find pieces made with natural untreated turquoise stones. As an uneducated consumer I invested in stabilized turquoise, which definitely has a place in the turquoise market, however I encourage any lover of turquoise who has not experienced the power and beauty of a true natural untreated turquoise stone to invest in a piece from Durango Silver Company, you will not be disappointed. When it comes to turquoise, Durango Silver Company knows nothing is more beautiful than a turquoise stone that is untreated by anything but nature and surrounded by unrivaled metal work. Thank you Durango Silver Company! - Heather

  85. Hey Dillon, we got the lime green turquoise bracelet and it is stunning. Couldn't be better. Can't wait to buy another gift for the woman from you. - Luke Carrier

  86. Both rings arrived today. That stone is magnificent! Thanks for fixing the silver band ring. The stones in all the jewelry I bought from you are gorgeous, as are the silver designs! And thank you for the Kingman Turquoise bead! Wonderful! - Judith B.

  87. Hi Dillon, received the mens Turquoise rings, fantastic, really like the colours, shape, size, workmanship just great. Thanks for making me feel a very happy man. Nice One. - Graham Pepper - UK

  88. I received my Sugilite bead necklace and it is so beautiful. I just love it! Such beautiful variations in the color of these gemstone beads. WOW! It is so beautiful! I am so happy to have found this on your site. - Gale Bryant

  89. I received my Turquoise bead necklace today. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you. - Kristi Hull

  90. Natarika, Just a quick note to say thank you and let you know that I recieved your extremely beautiful bead bracelete. I love it! I couldn't believe that it got here so fast. - Cathy Gerving

  91. Hello Nattarika: I wanted you to know that I received my Blue Gem Turquoise and heishi beaded necklace today, and it could not be more perfect. I am thrilled with it and your artistry. Thank you for your very nice note and that gorgeous necklace. These earrings are out of this world lovely too. Your store is my favorite place to shop! Regards to everyone! See you on Facebook! - Libby, Tennessee

  92. Hi Dillon, my daughter was totally pleased with the Blue Gem Turquoise ring. Thanks for your had work!! - Joanne Marsh - Canada

  93. I received my bracelet today and it is perfect. I love it. My UPS driver saw it and she may be giving you a call. Thanks again and have a great weekend. - Tina Prince

  94. I wanted to write and tell you how much I love the ring and earrings that just arrived. I am very impressed by the speed in which my order was processed and sent. The ring is absolutely stunning! The earrings look just right and hang very nicely. I also purchased a Turquoise Mountain Turquoise cabachon which is better than I expected for the price I paid. I collect vintage turquoise jewelry locally, when I can find it in the antique stores. I have checked your "vintage" section and found some really beautiful pieces but most are out of my price range. - Catherine Greely - Pennsylvania

  95. Dillon, I just got the ring. A great effort, one of your best with a geat stone. That is some seriously highgrade natural Tortoise Turquoise. I will be in touch for other men's rings. - Bernie N. - New Jersey

  96. I just opened your package...GREAT JOB on the ring! Oh, I will more than likely get you to make another piece of Silver Turquoise Jewelry around xmas, it will give me time to decide the stone! - David Cooper

  97. I 'm so happy, got my package this afternoon, just love the stone in the ring, and making it dark around the shadow box, really brings out the stone!!!! AND the earrings I haven't taken them off, like not wearing anything and beautiful color stone I am proud to wear your family's made jewelry. Thanks so much !!!! - Karen Richardson, TX

  98. Today I received the Rhodocrosite ring, which is so beautiful, I am so happy with it. Thank you for the quick turn around and boy, Nattarika did a great job packing! I couldn't wait to get it open and it took a while. A+ for her! Thank you very much for a gorgeous, quality, and outstanding handmade ring, which fits wonderfully, it was made for me. Thanks to Crystal! - Terrie

  99. Dillon, The Stenich Turquoise ring came today. I LOVE IT! It's far more then I ever imagined. The Light that comes out of that Stone is exquisite. Thank you so much. It is going to be one of my favorites from now on. So delicate, fits perfect. Just right.;o) You captured it for me the day you made it. Many, many thanks - Corey F.

  100. Dillon! This men's turquoise ring is insane, man. The color is beautiful, it’s like its luminous. The fit is perfect. It feels like it’s not there till you look down and see it glowing. I never want to take it off but I won’t be wearing it to work and I definitely won’t be wearing it in the ocean. The crème de la crème of turquoise rings, man! Very happy. - Dave Kemp - Australia

  101. I wanted to tell you that I received the rings in the mail today. They are gorgious, thank you so much. Gorgeous Turquoise. - Susan - Minnesota

  102. The Sterling Silver ring arrived and it is beautiful!!!!! We love it so much.- Karen Spalding - Georgia

  103. I received my Bisbee Boulder Turquoise ring: The size is perfect and I am totally pleased with it...I will wear it often and remember you each time I do. I also appreciate the details on who you bought the material from, and the fact that it was from Bob Matthew's collection makes it special as well. - Richard B.

  104. Pendant received on Friday, 11 FEB 2011. It is up there with your usual great quality. Thanks for the fast service. - Bernie

  105. Thank you so very much for sending me the turquoise earrings! I am truly shocked to receive such a nice gift just for subscribing to the newsletter. As always, the earrings are beautiful just like the all the other pieces I've purchased in the past. The jewelry you produce are of great craftsmanship and are beautifully designed to work with many items in my wardrobe. I enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase easily from your website, and your item descriptions and photos accurately depict the pieces features. Thank you so much again for your generosity! - Katherine Ku

  106. To All at Durango Silver Co., Thank you, thank you so much! I was thrilled to win a lovely piece of Turquoise jewelry. I have ordered a number of rings and pendants of various kinds of turquoise from you, and have always been very pleased with my purchases. If money were no object I probably would have ordered even more. Thanks again. I will wear my new pendant with pleasure. - Sue

  107. Thanks for the reply Dillon, John was on site & was able to provide what I was expecting My Girl is very happy. We bought one of Crystal Hartman's lost wax rings. Great piece of jewlery - James Lancaster

  108. Thanks Dillon!!!!! You and your family are so neat, real people!!! Loved visiting with you!!! - Karen Richardson - Texas, USA

  109. My ring arrived last night and I wanted to let you know how much I like it. It is not only very good looking but it is very comfortable. Rest assured I will turn to you for future projects. Thank you very much for your fine workmanship and obvious attention to detail. - Richard R.

  110. The Bluewind Mens Turquoise ring is awesome, so much that my father wants to know if you can make the exact same ring out of his Sapphire cabochons. Great Stuff! - Geno B. - New York

  111. Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy my new Dry Creek Turquoise ring. It looks great and fits perfectly. Thanks again for your great service and I'll definitely drop by and see the rest of your stuff in Durango, Colorado. - Shawn A. - Colorado

  112. Dillon, I just spent a week in Hopi and Navajo lands near the canyons of Arizona and Utah. I saw lots of examples or Turquoise Jewelry and even some from Santo Domingo, NM. I just want to say that I am extremely happy with my purchases from you because very few artisans had the quality of stones or silver workmanship that you'all have. - Phil P. - Seattle, WA

  113. The #8 Turquoise bead necklace arrived today. I agree with you, it is a real beauty. Thanks for all your help. Regards - Kerry T. - Australia

  114. Hi Dillon, just to let you know I received your package yesterday. What can one say. . . . . words can't begin to describe how terrific they are. Dramatic. Exquisite. Exotic. Brilliant Colour!!!! They really are gorgeous! Found them to be surprisingly light weight and very, very comfortable. Really love your fine workmanship and creative design with the silver framing the stones and fine silver beads completing the lower edge of the dangle. The turquoise is just stunning. Know they will be the best piece in my collection!!! - Leslie Stead - Washington

  115. I received my beautiful ring on Mon. the 27th. What fast delivery! I love the Fox Turquoise ring. It is a unique and beautifully crafted sterling silver womens ring. - Shirley Bero - Denver, Colorado

  116. Came home from a trip out of town and my ring was here! It is lovely! Just perfect! Thank you so much for your hard work and creativity. - Jo Soos

  117. Kingman Turquoise nugget bead Necklace and Turquoise bead earrings came today. Thank you. They are great! Glad I bought them - Judith M.

  118. The Kingman Turquoise belt buckle just arrived and it's beautiful! Thank you very much. - Sherrie Vig - Arizona

  119. Dillon, I just wanted you to know, that I received the Tortoise Turquoise ring of yours that I purchased and I LOVE it! It fits great and is SO comfortable. This is the first time I got the chance to see yellow Turquoise and it's just stunning! I wanted to complement you on your craftsmanship and talent. I am 100% happy with this purchase! You're such a talent! - Keven Darroe

  120. My Bisbee ring arrived this morning and, it is simply marvelous. I love it. I am extremely satisfied. I admire your design of the ring, it is truly a masterful piece. I look forward to having many more. I also want to thank you for the letter of authenticity. It makes the ring become much more personal to me, I feel comfortable knowing the gemstone origin and it's artist. - Jovanie G.

  121. I received the bracelet this afternoon... I am very pleased with how it looks, it is beautiful! Thanks for your prompt reply to my inquiry. A wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours, you should be very proud of the business you've built. I will be ordering more items in the future. Thanks again! - Steve P.

  122. Thanks Dillon. Got the rings yesterday (Sat.) LOVE my new ring….fantastic job! I really appreciate it and will visit you next time I’m in the area! Happy Holidays! - Cindy - Ohio

  123. Love the Tortoise Turquoise necklace - Thank you so much lovely Hartmans - Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year - with love from your New Zealand fan - Mary

  124. Thanks so much for the beautiful bracelet ! It arrived perfectly wrapped. I am looking forward to your new pieces as mentioned on the website. In the meantime, there are several more I would love to have. I will be in touch. Thanks so much again ! I will wear this bracelet all the Christmas holidays. - Margaret M.

  125. Thanks Dillon. The womens Turquoise ring is beautiful! She loves it. You guys make real classy jewelry. - David

  126. Nattarika wraps a mean package! It was wrapped and taped quite well! Thought I'd never get to the treasure inside! Seriously though, the earrings are beautiful and I received them in two days via USPS Priority. Amazing how a package from Colorado can reach a little town in South Carolina so quickly. - Sue Y. - South Carolina

  127. I received the Turquoise and Carnelian bead necklace with matching bead earrings in the mail today. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! - Kathy Harbort

  128. I am very admiring and very fan of your jewellery in Turquoise (Turquoise Jewelry) especially those of Bisbee... Very warmly - Eve Dangeville - France

  129. Dillon! Everything arrived and is beautiful and fits nicely. I'm soooooo pleased. I will certainly consider Durango Silver again next time I need a treat! - Donna M.

  130. My pendant arrived today, and I'm in love:-) It looks even better than the picture. Thank you for such a nice quality piece, and for your excellent customer service. - Pamela Madden - California

  131. Hi from New Zealand - just to say the Turquoise earrings arrived and I love them! Thank you so much for all the little extra touches - I will definitely buy all my Native American jewelry from you and give your website to my husbandfor my Christmas presents!! Just brilliant - warmest greetings - Mary Farrell

  132. Darn good service. I ordered on Friday and got my jewelry today, Monday. Excellent workmanship and quality. I'm going to keep my look out for something I want with Bisbee, Now that I'm aware of Durango Silver! - Gary V.

  133. Dillon, I received the Orvil Jack Turquoise ring today. It is fantastic. you do good work. - Bernie, New Jersey

  134. Hello Dillon - the Turquoise bracelet arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with it. Thanks for your great service and thoughtful packaging. I have just started collecting a few pieces of turquoise / silver jewellery so look forward to buying from you again.. - Janette, Australia

  135. Everything arrived in good shape and so fast I was surprised. I opened the pin first, and he did not disappoint--I am really glad that I decided to get him, too. I was a little anxious about opening the women's Turquoise bracelet, as you know how expectations can exceed reality. Well, that certainly did not end up being the case. The moment I unwrapped it, I was enthralled--it is much more beautiful than the pictures showed. The stone is so interesting!!! The silver is stunning, and has much more heft than I would have expected. All in all, I could not be happier.

    I wore it this afternoon to an appointment with my acupuncturist, and I noticed right away that her eyes went right to my wrist when I sat down. I mentioned something about it later, and she told me that she had wanted to say something--I told her to go ahead and look at it. She took it over to the window to get a good look at it, and she said "oh, my God--this is so beautiful!" I suspect that I will keep getting the same reaction to it as I wear it.

    Dillon, thank you so much for taking all the time you did with me to help me to choose the bracelet. With all the turquoise out there, it is hard to know what is what, and particularly with Bisbee Turquoise. I am just thrilled to have this piece--it is just right for me all around. I will continue to recommend you to others! You are a first-rate business in a second-rate business world. You could train others in the art of developing customer service and satisfaction.
    - Paula Gills - Vermont

  136. I love my Tibetan women's Turquoise ring! Great Turquoise Jewelry. Thanks for the prompt delivery. - Donna Maffei - Blackwood, NJ

  137. Just a quickie note to say that I rec'd my beautiful bracelet yesterday (super quick), and that it is awesome. Yes, it is much prettier on my wrist than on your website.Thank you and I look forward to many compliments! - Sue Y.- California

  138. Thanks for creating such a beautiful ring! My husband ordered the stennich turquoise ring for my birthday on May 14th. Got here on the 17th. The only thing better than how fast it got here was how incredibly gorgeous the ring is! I will be recommending you to my friends for sure. thanks! - Kerrie M. - Washington

  139. WOW, WOW, WOW.....thank you so much for my beautiful ring, I thought it was stunning on your website when I first saw it but I wasn't prepared for just how stunning it is. I received it yesterday, 04/28/10 and this morning I have it on at work and I have already had 10 people telling me how gorgeous it is. The colour of the turquoise is really beautiful and the actual design is just right and compliments the stone. So congratulations on your workmanship, customer service and quality of your product. I will definitely be back to buy more of your beautiful jewellery. - Julie McDermott - Australia

  140. You have done a really nice Carico Lake Turquoise piece for me, and I so appreciated that you listened to me and were able to translate what I wanted into reality! Thanks so very much. I don't know what else to say to tell you have pleased I am with your creation. Just thanks again! -Shellee - Arizona

  141. I am very happy with my purchase, I ordered & promptly received an unique Bisbee Turquoise ring with superb silver workmanship. Great personalized service. Will definitely be ordering again. Do highly recommend to everyone. - Andrea - Alberta Canada

  142. WOW!!! This is truly a piece of work! I had no doubt it would be beautiful and it is really gorgeous in person. The stone is beautiful and the silver work is outstanding as well. I love the minty green color of this tortoise turquoise stone and all the silver scrolls and such.Thank you for this beautiful piece of jewelry, which I will wear carefully. This is such a nice bracelet on my wrist and it feels so comfortable.
    - Terrie G.

  143. I love my Tortoise Turquoise necklace and wear it everyday! - Meri Miyasaki

  144. Thanks. Chris is enjoying wearing the Natural Turquoise bead necklace! It is great. - Jim Starr- East Coast

  145. Hey Dillon just got the bracelet, what an awsome piece it is. I'll wear it proudly for a long time. can't wait to show it off. thanks again!
    - Dean

  146. I just received my vintage silver turquoise bracelet. I love it! Thanks! - Barbara - Saanichton, British Columbia

  147. I love it! the color is perfect. I have never own a piece of Nevada minded turquoise, even thought I'm from Nevada. This makes me very proud to wear it. - Sue W.

  148. Dillon, Hi, got the rings yesterday. We are very pleased with them. They are beautiful. Thank you very much for your extra care with our order. - Sue G.

  149. Yesterday my bracelet arrived and you were correct- this truly is an awesome bracelet. It sits nicely on my wrist like it was made for me and I can see people's eyes being drawn to it. A real credit to your father's workmanship. Tell John it's now being proudly worn here in Australia. any thanks for putting me onto this bracelet and together with your mens Turquoise ring they will give me many years of enjoyment and will be passed down through many generations - Dave Kemp - Australia

  150. I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Durango Silver Co. in the ordering of two pendants. I chose Durango Silver because extensive research showed them to be knowledgeable people about turquoise, its history, and the art of gold and silversmithing. I decided to order two Turquoise pendants formed with "classic" mine stones. There was slight glitch in the shipping of the order, all though it should be mentioned that the order was processed and shipped expeditiously. What separates a quality organization, like Durango Silver Co. from all the others is the way in which they handled the issue; for issues can arise with even the best of companies from time to time. I received speedy replies to all emails and the problem (an incorrectly typed shipping address on the package) was corrected very quickly, politely and, resent to the corrected address posthaste. The whole process was very professionally handled.

    Now to the pieces themselves: They were, simply stated, beautiful. The Turquoise cabochons were exactly as advertised (Durango Silver Co. is one of the few dealers that states, with each and every stone, exactly what you are getting [natural, stabilized, etc.].) and of top quality. The same could be said of the silver work in which each stone was set; beautifully crafted. In summary, I can honestly say that Durango Silver Co. is a top-notch outfit, one I would not hesitate to do business with again. It is a pleasure to deal with such knowledgeable and professional purveyors of rare stones.
    - Jeff Meyers - Arizona

  151. Wow! Love the earrings! And I can't believe you got them to me so fast... I have this feeling I'll be back. - Vicki Robertson - Colorado

  152. You have done a really great job again, and I so appreciated that you listened to me and were able to create exactly what I wanted. Thanks you so much, your reputation proceeds you once again. We love Colorado, and will surely come that way one day. I will be sure to come and find you to thank you personally when we get to town. - Jenny - Texas

  153. My ring arrived today and it's more beautiful in person than in the photos. I love it. - Mark U. - California

  154. I recently received two turquoise bracelets that I ordered from Durango Silver. I love them both! One bracelet is for myself, and the other is for my daughter’s 18th birthday next month. I think she will love it. - Rox’Anne Gray - Bowling Green, KY

  155. Hi, Happy New Year! I just got the ring today and the pictures don't even do this ring justice, it is magnificent! Thank you so much for doing the custom work. - Jodie D. Morgan

  156. I wanted to let you know that the Number Eight 3-stone Turquoise band ring arrived yesterday. It's FABULOUS...even more gorgeous "in person"...I absolutely LOVE it!!! The setting is wonderful and the stones amazing...I couldn't be more pleased...thank you SO MUCH!!! I'll be back to your online store in the future! - Cynthia Gaffney

  157. Hi dillon nice job on the mens Turquoise ring looks great.......................even the resizing. - Michael Freeman

  158. Thank you for such speedy service!!!!! Have a most excellent day and I'll be back to order more I'm sure... your service and quality Turquoise and Silver jewelery is the best for sure!!!!! - Devin Bowman - Wyoming

  159. Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the great Turquoise ring. It's exactly what I was after and it looks great. My wife and I are stoked! - Brad Melekian - California

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