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Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Learn About Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Blue Turquoise Jewelry has been the choice of the majority of people since man found Turquoise over 7,500 years ago. 
When Native Peoples discovered Turquoise from different regions throughout the world, records show they seeked the Blue Turquoise as they believed it was put on earth from the Great Ones above. Blue Turquoise Jewelry has been in highest demand from the public throughout the world for thousands of years.

Most of the Blue Turquoise Jewelry that is produced by Durango Silver Company is made with Turquoise from Arizona. We use Bisbee Blue TurquoiseBlue Gem Turquoise, Morenci Turquoise, Nevada Green TurquoiseKingman Turquoise, Tibetan Turquoise and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in our Jewelry. We also make Blue Turquoise Jewelry with Persian, Tibetan and Natural Chinese Turquoise. Blue Turquoise is found in Nevada as well as in Arizona but Green Turquoise is dominate in this region, we cut a lot of Turquoise and we actively seek Blue Turquoise from Nevada to make our Blue Turquoise Jewelry. Some of the Blue Turquoise that we use in our Jewelry comes from the Royston, Blue Gem, Pilot Mountain, Fox, Carico Lake, Godber, Lone Mountain, Blue Diamond, Orvil Jack, Tortoise and Lander Blue Turquoise Mines.

We are Turquoise connoisseurs at Durango Silver Company, we have mined and collected all types of Turquoise from the United States and around the globe. We always include what type of Turquoise is used in each piece of Blue Turquoise Jewelry that we produce. We often stamp the type of Turquoise in the Jewelry as well. If it is important to you that the type of Turquoise is stamped in your piece, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you, if possible.

Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Blue Turquoise Fashion Bead Necklace Blue Turquoise Beads

Beads are the latest craze in Blue Turquoise JewelryBlue Turquoise Beads are in fashion and often seen worn by celebrities, in the media and in everyday life. If you like fashion beads, Turquoise is a great choice as they go with about any type of dress attire and are striking in appearance. Nattarika makes fabulous Blue Turquoise Bead Necklaces in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and often makes Fashion Bead Necklace Sets which can include the Necklace, matching Turquoise Bead Earrings and even a Turquoise Bead Bracelet. Turquoise Bead Jewelry is a specialty at Durango Silver Company as we have been collecting Turquoise Beads for over forty years and absolutely love them! Today it is becoming very hard to find genuine blue Turquoise jewelry from beads or traditional blue Turquoise jewelry.

Blue Turquoise Fashion Necklace Blue Turquoise Jewelry Necklace

A Blue Turquoise Necklace is dear to a woman. Here are two Blue Turquoise Fashion Necklaces for a bit more dressed up look. The Necklace on the left has Blue Turquoise accented with Sugilite, Rhodocrosite, Ivory, Lapis and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones. The Blue Turquoise Necklace on the right has a beautiful Blue Turquoise Stone that is bezel set then strung on natural Turquoise beads by Nattarika. These pieces are great examples of modern blue Turquoise jewelry.

Blue Turquoise Earrings Blue Turquoise Jewelry - Fashion Turquoise Earrings

Blue Turquoise Earrings are favored by the majority of women. The Sky Blue Turquoise in Earrings is very attractive when worn. There are many styles of Turquoise Earrings from simple Blue Turquoise Post Earrings to fancy Fashion Earrings with multiple stones, silver dangles and more. Durango Silver Company offers a wide variety of Blue Turquoise Earrings - we invite you to visit our Earrings Category to take a look at our designs. We offer blue Turquoise earrings in all different designs, silver and gold post earrings, silver drop earrings, silver hoop earrings, inlay Turquoise Earrings and Turquoise beaded earrings.

Blue Turquoise Mens Ring Blue Turquoise Ring

There is nothing like a Blue Turquoise Ring! Durango Silver Company makes a lot of Turquoise Rings and a Blue Turquoise Ring has always been a best seller for our company. The Ring on the left is called a Saddle Ring as the band makes a complete circle and the bezel is fit to the band, this type of a ring is very comfortable to wear. The Blue Turquoise Ring on the right has a wonderful Blue Turquoise Gemstone with black clouds of matrix. These are standard Blue Turquoise Ring types that you will find at Durango Silver Company. These type of sterling silver rings are a staple of classic Blue Turquoise Jewelry.

Blue Turquoise Bracelet Blue Inlay Turquoise Bracelet

Here are two Turquoise Bracelets made with Blue Turquoise, actually, both of them are made with Blue Gem Turquoise from Nevada. This Turquoise Mine was from Battle Mountain Nevada and has been out of production since the mid 1960's. The Blue Turquoise Bracelet on the left is an Antique Turquoise Bracelet (Navajo Made) from the 40's. Antique Turquoise Bracelets with Blue Gem Turquoise are hard to find and very collectible. The Inlay Turquoise Bracelet on the right has old Blue Gem Turquoise as well, it was made in the 60's in 14kt Gold and is absolutely beautiful. Both of these old Blue Turquoise Bracelets were offered on the Durango Silver Company webstore, we this quality of both Antique as well as new Turquoise Bracelets regularly.

Blue Turquoise Pendant Fashion Beads

Above are two wonderful examples of Blue Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company. Both gemstone jewelry classics were made with top grade American Turquoise. To the right is a gorgeous Blue Turquoise Pendant with an exception piece of blue Nevada Turquoise set in Sterling Silver. This is a great example of what a blue Turquoise pendant with Real Turquoise from America should look like. To the left is a beautiful multi-strand blue Turquoise bead necklace by Nattarika Hartman. This show piece beaded Turquoise necklace was made with top grade Authentic Turquoise from Arizona, USA.

Blue Gemstone Jewelry by Durango Silver Company is our Specialty and we have been in the Turquoise business for over 40 years. High quality Blue Turquoise Gemstones in Silver Jewelry such as Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings and Turquoise Beads is what we produce a here in Durango and have produced with our stones by Native American and Contemporary Artists of the Southwest. Check our our Sterling Silver Blue Gemstone Jewelry as well as our Fashion Beads made with Blue Turquoise and other Gemstones.

If you appreciate quality Turquoise Jewelry and would like to learn more about it, we produce an occasional Newsletter you would like. About once every other month we update our members on what's going on in Durango Colorado and our company, new Turquoise Jewelry designs and Informational articles that are great. We also have a monthly drawing for Free Turquoise Jewelry that we give away to our members.

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