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Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Ring

American Turquoise Rings & Turquoise Ring Design

Durango Silver Co designs high quality sterling silver rings specializing in Turquoise Rings with fine Arizona Turquoise and Nevada Green Turquoise. Our Turquoise Rings are individually made with the highest of quality in mind. Each one of our Turquoise Rings is a one of a kind and will become more collectible as it grows old as Natural American Turquoise is almost nonexistent today! We are sure to be able to help you find the Turquoise Ring of your dreams.

Lime Green Turquoise Ring Turquoise Ring

This Womans Turquoise Ring is a knockout! The Turquoise Gemstone is Lime Green in color with Black Spider Webbed Matrix and it is shockingly beautiful. The ring shank is equally attractive and sets off the design. This ring is very Southwestern looking and a classic piece. This is a very unique womens Turquoise ring. This ring is a great example of the simplisity of one of our most popular Turquoise Silver Ring designs that really sets off the stone.

Native American Turquoise Rings and Turquoise Ring Design

We have been traders to the Navajo and Zuni Native American Indians since 1972. We work with Navajo in supplying them our Natural Turquoise Stones and the designs we want them to make Turquoise Jewelry for our company. We have Navajo Turquoise Rings made as well as other Jewelry items. The Navajo Silversmiths are known for their tooling on silver and/or filigree work. To make a ring they start with a Turquoise Cabochon/Stone, wrap the stone with a bezel, then create attractive design work around that. They then make a ring shank to complement the ring that they have created.

Turquoise RIngs Handmade Navajo Ring

Here are two classic Navajo Turquoise Rings. Navajo Jewelers are known for their silverwork, they stamp, engrave and made filigree designs to accent the Turquoise Gemstones that they use in their Jewelry. The Mens Turquoise Ring on the left has a plain bezel surrounding the stone and then a hand stamped designs on each side of the ring shank with flutted raindrops. This sure is a classic as far as a mens Turquoise ringMen's Turquoise Rings are some of our favorite things to make at Durango Silver Co. The Ring on the right is a Vintage classic Navajo Style Ladies Turquoise Ring with rope surrounding the Turquoise Stone and is set on a three-prong shank. Both of these Rings are classic Navajo style Turquoise Rings, notice the Silverwork where as the Zuni Rings below focus on Stonework.

Durango Silver Turquoise Rings and Turquoise Ring Design

This is a Mans Turquoise Ring produced by Durango Silver Company. It has a beautiful Dry Creek Spider Webbed Turquoise Stone with rare red spider webbed matrix. This is a great example of some of the more rare Turquoise Rings which are made in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold. This is a great Mans Ring.

Bisbee Turquoise Mens Ring Bisbee Turquoise Men’s Ring

Here is another Mens Turquoise Ring made with an outstanding Bisbee Turquoise Stone. The stone is set in a fancy bezel with a sunburst design ring shank. This is a classy Mens Ring and typical of the quality you can expect from Durango Silver Company.

Lost Wax Mens Turquoise Ring 14K Gold Mens Bisbee Ring

This is a fabulous 14K Gold Mens Ring with an exceptional high-grade Bisbee Turquoise Stone. This Turquoise ring was made by John Hartman of Durango Silver Co and is of the Lost Wax method. It is overlaid with Colorado Gold Nuggets on both sides of the ring. Bisbee Turquoise is rare and known as the best Turquoise that ever came out of North America, it is from Bisbee, Arizona and the mine has been closed for many years.

Turquoise Ring from Durango Silver Company is a collector's item when you purchase it. We make our Turquoise Rings from Arizona Turquoise and Nevada Green Turquoise from our own mines and we use only the high-grade Turquoise in the Turquoise Jewelry that we make. We also have a large selection authentic Vintage Turquoise Jewelry and inlay Turquoise Jewelry.

Turquoise RIng Fox Turquoise Womens Ring

This is a Womans Turquoise ring made in the Lost Wax style by Crystal Hartman of Durango Silver Company in Durango Colorado USA. It has a beautiful Fox Turquoise Gemstone and is even more beautiful in person. Lost Wax style rings from our company are very unusual and each one is individually unique to itself, a One-0f-A-Kind!

Rhodocrocite Silver Ring Sugilite Ring

This is a beautiful Victorian Styled Ladies Double Stone Ring in Sterling Silver by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. It has a Rhodocrocite and a Sugilite Gemstone set amongst a bed of Victorian Filigree designs. The ring shank is a butterfly pattern. This is a unique Southwestern Silver Ring with a Victorian flair!

Zuni American Turquoise Rings - Zuni Indians do much different work, they put their focus on stonework. The Zuni do petit point, needlepoint and inlay work. Petit point is tiny round stones, needlepoint is tiny needle shaped stones and both of these stone types are grouped in a cluster to create their design. Turquoise Inlaid Rings made by the Zuni are colorful and beautifully unique to Zuni Indian Jewelry. Turquoise Inlay Rings as well as Needlepoint and Petit point Rings made by the Zuni Indians are beautiful and very collectible. Durango Silver Co tries to always have a good selection of them for you to choose from.

Zuni Turquoise and Coral Ring Turquoise RIngs

Above are two Zuni Womens Turquoise Petit Point Rings, both of classic designs and are great examples of blue Turquoise rings. The Ring on the left is of a Butterfly design with Turquoise and Coral Gemstones. The Zuni Ladies Turquoise Ring on the right is a sunburst style with Petit Point Turquoise Stones. The Turquoise Stone in the center of this ring is a Needlepoint Stone.

Zuni Inlaid Turquoise ring Zuni Inlay Band Ring with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Zuni Inlaid Silver and Turquoise Rings and Turquoise Ring Design

Above are two Zuni Rings that are made by inlaying Turquoise and other gemstones into recessed channels of the fabricated Silver Rings. The Ring on the left was made by sawing out the design in a sheet of silver, then backing the top sheet thus making a design void in the ring top. Once the ring is completed a stone cutter cuts individual stones to fit the voids. Multiple colored gemstones used in this Zuni Inlaid Ring are Turquoise, Coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl. The Ring on the right is a Zuni Inlay Band Ring, a Sterling Silver Ring Band is fabricated with recessed voids or channels in the silver that are inlaid with individual pieces of Turquoise. There are unlimited styles and designs of Zuni Inlaid Bands and Inlaid Wedding Bands.

Zuni Multi-Color Inlay Ring Zuni Pictorial Inlay Ring

Zuni Multi-Color Inlay Rings - Above are two examples of multi-colored Inlay Rings made by Zuni Native American Indians of New Mexico. The Ring example on the left is a classic style of an Inlaid Band or Wedding Band Ring. This type of Ring starts with a fabricated Ring band that is made to accommodate the gemstones that will be inlaid into channels in the silver. A wide variety of colored gemstones and shapes of the gemstones can by inlaid to create different appearances in this Ring there is Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral, Opal, Sugilite and Spiny Oyster. The Zuni Ring example on the left is a Zuni Pictorial Ring depicting an Indian Maiden carrying an Indian Pot on her head. The Ring top outline was made with Sterling Silver bezel wire in the shape of the figure and then Turquoise, Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl and Abalone Shell was inlaid in individual pieces to create the pictorial design. The Zuni Indians are well known for Pictorial Inlaid Jewelry.

Learn what to look for in a Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Rings - Think of Durango Silver Company for high quality Turquoise Rings that have, beautiful, hand selected high quality natural Turquoise stones. Your American Turquoise Ring is a collector's item as soon as you purchase it from us and as time goes by it will become a rare collector's item. Natural Arizona and Nevada Green Turquoise have become rare.

Come back often to see new arrivals that we put on our site on a regular basis including many Turquoise rings. You will see we use many different Turquoise Ring designs.

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