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Women's Turquoise Ring

Women's Turquoise Ring

The Women's Turquoise Ring by Durango Silver Company 

Womens Turquoise Ring is more than likely one of her favorite everyday rings that she wears. Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone and a person gets a special feeling of warmth, happiness and health when wearing it, especially a Womens Turquoise Ring as it is within her field of vision.

Here is a great handmade natural Villa Grove Turquoise and 14k yellow gold piece by Durango Silver Company

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For thousands of years Turquoise has been believed to have spiritual and metaphysical powers. In many parts of the world, including America, it still does and the proof is in the person who wears a piece. Time after time when asked, the person wearing a piece of Turquoise will tell you it makes them feel good to wear it and a lady will find her Womens Turquoise Ring will become a most important possession to have with her as often as possible.

Durango Silver Company has a wide variety of Turquoise Rings to chose from and ladies Turquoise rings are our specialty. We also specialize in high quality natural Turquoise in all of our Jewelry items that we sell. We have Nevada Green TurquoiseArizona Blue Turquoise and a large variety of rare, hard to find Turquoise from spider webbed to extinct Mines. When you buy a womens Turquoise ring from Durango Silver Co. you are buying the best.


Four Stone Women's Turquoise Ring with Tortoise Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty, Spiny Oysster, and Sugilite

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This is a beautiful multi-colored Ladies Turquoise Ring from Durango Silver Company.

This woman's Turquoise ring features four highend natural gemstones that include:

A Tortoise Turquoise, a Spiny Oyster, a Sugilite and a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stone. These stones are complimented by a Victorian Sterling Silver design that features raindrop designs, filigree designs and repose work.

This fine women's Turquoise ring showcases many different styles of silver work as do many of our woman's Turquoise rings.


Womens Turquoise Ring in Lost wax design

This is a beautiful and modern Turquoise Ring for ladies made by Crystal Hartman of Durango Silver Co.

The woman's silver ring is of the Lost Wax method where she uses molten wax with a Jewelers wax pen to apply layer after layer to create her design.

This is a beautiful free style of Jewelry and is an excitingly different one of a kind womens Turquoise ring that can be acquired from Crystal Hartman at Durango Silver Company along with other unique silver jewelry by Crystal. View some of Crystals work here.

The lost wax style takes Turquoise out of the traditional womens Turquoise ring styles we are used to seeing. Durango Silver Company is determined to take Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise in Women's Rings to many different places and styles.

We will always carry traditional women's turquoise rings, but we will be pushing the envelope constantly to create modern and unique womens Turquoise rings.

Womens Sterling Silver and natural Lookout Mountain Turquoise Ring

For thousands of years Turquoise has been believed to have spiritual and metaphysical powers.

In many parts of the world, including America, it still does and the proof is in the person who wears a piece such as women that believe in metaphysical or stone healing and wear a ladies Turquoise ring.

Time after time when asked, the person wearing a piece of Turquoise will tell you it makes them feel good to wear it and a lady will find her Women's Turquoise Ring will become a most important possession to have with her as often as possible.

This is a classic Womens Turquoise Ring that was produced by Durango Silver Company. It has a Lookout Mountain Marquis shaped Turquoise Stone in a most unique Sterling Silver beaded design originally created by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company


Womens Bisbee Turquoise Ring

An example of our handmade Sterling Silver Women's American Turquoise Rings This is a Bisbee woman's Turquoise Ring by Durango Silver Company. The Bisbee Turquoise Stone is bezel set and the ring has a unique rock art (Petroglyph) design which is an overlay.

The background of the shank on the is unique sterling silver womens Turquoise ring is textured to look like the natural sandstone canvas of the petroglyphs of the Anasazi. Atop this canvas are overlay sterling silver petroglyphs.

The unique shank is topped with a single high-grade deep blue Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon from the Bisbee Turquoise Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. This is one stellar Ladies Turquoise ring and would be a wonderful addition to any woman's ring collection.


Handmade overlay style Sterling Silver and genuine natural Bisbee Turquoise ladies ring

This is a beautiful Bisbee women's Turquoise ring. It features a simple bezel setting with a unique overlay ring shank depicting a Tortoise.

The shank is textured like sandstone and has the cut out 2D Turtles going down each side. This handmade Turquoise ring features a RARE Bisbee Turquoise cabochon that was cut from Turquoise mined in the 1950s in the Lavender Pit in the famous Copper Queen mine in Bisbee, Arizona USA.

It is difficult to find a women's Turquoise ring with Bisbee Turquoise as the stone due to the rarity of the Turquoise. Most of the time when you find a ring that someone is claiming to be Bisbee Turquoise it is not at all, a lot of the stones do not even resemble Bisbee Turquoise in the slightest way, most of the time it is dyed Chinese chalk Turquoise.

This womens Turquoise ring was produced by Durango Silver Company, it is a one of a kind and rings produced by our company are not sold elsewhere.


Artisan handmade women's Sterling Silver and Bisbee Turquoise ring by Durango Silver Company

This is a womens Turquoise Ring designed and produced by Durango Silver Company of Durango Colorado.

This ring features a Bisbee Turquoise Stone with beautiful custom silver work surrounding the stone as well as a very unusual beaded ring shank.

This ring is one solid piece made from many pieces that have been designed with different silver smithing techniques. The shank has graduated raindrops going all the way around it. This is a very unique ring. This yet another style of women's turquoise ring.


Artisan handmade Sterling Silver and genuine Kingman Turquoise ring for ladies

Step Sided Aztec Designed Webbed Black Matrix Deep Blue Kingman Turquoise Ring by Dillon Hartman.

This Inlaid Turquoise ring features a horizontal step on the graduated shank. Each step is stamped with simple Aztec style designs. This feature in the ring makes a more three dimensional piece than a two dimensional piece. The classic Aztec styling makes the ring really fun to wear.

This type of smaller band ring makes a wonderful ring for more subtle or simplistic women. This type of women's Turquoise ring can become a staple in your wardrobe.

This ring has an elongated rectangle Kingman Turquoise stone from Kingman, Arizona USA. Artisan made in Durango, Colorado USA.


Artisan handmade womens Sterling Silver and Bisbee Turquoise ring by Durango Silver Company

A Sterling Silver and Manassa ladies Turquoise ring by Crystal Hartman of Durango Colorado.

Designed and carved in the Lost-Wax tradition, the silver-work resembles thick blades of grass reaching up to encircle and feature a deep green Turquoise with golden colored matrix from Manassa Colorado. Handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

We have been working hard here at Durango Silver Company to show Turquoise in all types of jewelry not just southwest jewelry.

We try not to focus only on southwestern jewelry. Many American's think of Native American jewelry when they think of Turquoise. The truth is that Turquoise is an internationally loved stones and is enjoyed in different cultures around the world.

Womens artisan handmade Kingman Turquoise ring in a Southwestern style

This is a beautiful Bisbee Turquoise and Sugilite Woman's Ring designed by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company.

It features a Victorian style fancy silver work design and is profusely intricate. The silver work makes this a really feminine womens Turquoise ring.

The Victorian style to this ring makes it a ring that can be worn in any setting around the world. This womens Turquoise ring does not scream Southwest in any way.

Durango Silver Company is known for their exquisite and high quality Silver work and exceptional gem quality Turquoise.


We carry Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo and Contemporary Native American Woman's Rings

14k yellow gold ladies Turquoise ring

Genuine Handmade Navajo Rings With Turquoise for Women

The Native American made rings generally have a beautiful Turquoise Stone or even more than one stone surrounded by tooled silver work Navajo rings are famous for their handmade prong shanks as displayed on the 14k gold Women's Turquoise ring to the left.

This is a Navajo made Woman's Turquoise Ring with a large Morenci Turquoise Stone. It is bezel set with a four prong ring shank. This ring is made of 14 carat gold and features a Diamond at one end of the ring top. It was made by Navajo Artist “John Shopteese”

Many people just think of purchasing a Sterling Silver Navajo made piece, but many Navajo artists make wonderful gold jewelry as well.

You will notice when looking at Navajo Women's Rings, that most of them are bezel set in a classic way, especially in the traditional jewelry made in the past. The traditional Navajo ring is made of two or more essential pieces, the "shank" and the "table". The classic shank is is a two, three, or four prong split shank. The "table" is composed of the stone, the bezel, the sheet and the decorations surrounding the stone.

Womans Sterling Silver spiderweb blue Turquoise ring made in Colorado

Mixed Metal Navajo Made Piece by Will Denetdale.

This Native American 14k gold and sterling silver Ladies Turquoise Ring with Spider Web turquoise is designed and handmade by Will Denetdale, Navajo. This particular ring is a more modern design and features a really modern cut spider web Turquoise cabochon. The neat part about this ring is that it combines modern styling with old Navajo techniques.

One of the classic features of this piece is the serrated bezel. This ring is simple and classy. Mr. Denetdale likes to combine gold and silver in his work and known for combine them in this particular pattern. Denetdale frequently works for Tony Cotner (owner of the Damale and Paiute mines in Nevada) and has great access to some of the best Turquoise in the world through Tony. Will commonly works with Paiute Turquoise and Damale. When searching for the special womens Turquoise ring do not forget to check Mr. Denetdale's work.


Handmade classic Navajo ladies Turquoise ring made in America with gold, a diamond, and the sky stone

Classic 1960's - 70's Era Navajo Woman's Piece

This is a classic style of a Navajo Ladies Turquoise Ring. It has a three prong shank and silver work surrounding the stone. It has a nice blue/green Turquoise stone that is probably from Nevada and appears to be classic Royston Turquoise from Tonopah, Nevada USA.

You will notice that the stone has leafs and flowers to one side of the stone. This was a very popular design for all southwestern jewelers not just the Navajo during the flower power eras. The design is still very popular for women's Turquoise rings, but not quite as popular as it was at that time.


Classic Navajo ladies genuine Turquoise ring with Sterling Silver

Classic 1960's - 1970's Era Navajo Turquoise and Coral Piece

This is a classic styled Navajo womens Turquoise ring with Coral Stones surrounded by stamped and applied Sterling Silver sheet and wire designs. The Navajo Native American Indian Silversmiths are famous for this type of work.

Again, this ring design was very popular during the 60s and 70s. The flowers and leafs really give the design and earth feeling. This design is pretty unique to Southwestern Jewelry.


Classic Navajo Womans Turquoise Ring

Modern Twist on a Classic Navajo Piece

Here is a Navajo women's Turquoise Ring. This ladies ring features a modern take on an old favorite. The ring features the classic three prong shank, cable design and a bezel set Turquoise cabochon.

The ring has a Morenci Turquoise Stone that is surrounded by a geometrical cutout design surrounding the stone. This is done by using a Jewelers saw and is the modern twist to the ring. In the past this would have been simple stamped into the silver instead of stamped and sawn out.

This ring is a classic for a reason, almost everyone can appreciate this design especially for a women's Turquoise ring.

Handmade Zuni Indian Turquoise Rings for Women

Zuni Indian Woman's Rings are made with Needlepoint Stones (tiny stones shaped like needles), petite point Stones (tiny round, oval or square stones) that are in multiples creating an artful design. The Zuni Indians are also known for their Turquoise Inlay and Southwestern colored gemstone Inlaid women's Turquoise Rings. Inlaid Turquoise Rings are very popular as they are very sleek and are easy to wear.

Classic Zuni Inlay Womans Ring

Indian Maiden Zuni Inlay Ladies Piece

This is a Zuni Native American Indian Woman's Inlaid Pictorial Ring. It is of a Indian Maiden and is made with Turquoise, Coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl. This ring is a typical depiction of classic Zuni inlay work. The Zuni are famous for their inlay stone work and make a large majority of the inlay jewelry on the market today. Many women are drawn to their work and have purchased a Zuni made inlay ring. The Zuni have a classic color scheme which consists of Turquoise, Coral, Mother of Pearl and Jet. This black, blue, red and white color combination is also popularly made with Spiny Oyster Shell instead of Coral. The colors are perfectly suited for a men's silver ring or a ladies Turquoise ring.

Classic Zuni Inlay Ring for women

Classic Sun Design Zuni Inlay Piece

This is a Zuni Ladies Inlaid Ring with Turquoise, Coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl. It is a typical Zuni sunburst design. This is a great ladies ring and is very feminine. This pattern of inlay and design of ring can be seen in many different color combinations, sizes and by many different Zuni artists. The Zuni Native American Indians have been making this design in their jewelry earlier than the 1950s.


Classic ladies turquoise ring

Zuni Inlay Women's Band

This is an Inlaid Woman's Turquoise cluster piece and is Zuni Indian Handmade. This ring was made with channels in the Silver and then six Turquoise stones were cut to fit. It was then ground and finished into a smooth dome top. This is a classic Zuni Design of a inlay Turquoise ring.

When you look at this ring and the others on this page you can clearly see that the Zuni Native American Indians love the sun and that it is a big part of their life. Many pieces of their jewelry feature the sun and it's rays as this woman's Turquoise ring does.

Modern Zuni Inlay Turquoise Womans Ring

Multicolored Zuni Inlay Piece

This is a Zuni Indian multicolored stone Inlay Womens Turquoise Ring. It features Turquoise, coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl Stones in a Sterling Silver setting. This is another great example of the Zuni's wonderful stone inlay work, and again done in the classic color pattern.

Zuni women's Turquoise rings are very popular as they like to make dainty, light and vibrant rings. Having said that, the Zuni also make wonderful men's rings.

Classic Petti Point Ladies Turquoise Ring

Zuni Petite or Petit Point Turquoise Piece

This is a Zuni Petite Point Ladies Rings set with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. This handmade Turquoise ring has sixteen hand cut stones individually set in Sterling Silver. Notice the Silver setting is simplistic but highlights the Turquoise stonework the Zuni Indian Jeweler is famous for.

You can image the tedious work involved in cutting and setting all this miniature Turquoise cabochons. It would take a beginner many, many, many hours to make this ring, yet the Zuni are so proficient at it that they sell them for very reasonable prices on their jewelry including their women's Turquoise ring designs.

Modern Zuni Inlay Turquoise Womans Ring

Channel Zuni Inlay Woman's Piece

A beautiful Inlaid Woman's Turquoise Ring, Zuni Native American Indian handmade. The Turquoise Stones are hand set into channels in the sterling silver and Turquoise Ring. The Silver was prefabricated, cast and then each piece of Turquoise was cut to fit each individual void in the casting.

This modern Zuni Inlay type of women's Turquoise Ring is probably the best seller for the Zuni today. This style has become so popular that the Zuni, Navajo, Hope, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian jewelers are all making this type of jewelry. The Zuni really started a revolution with this jewelry.

 Classic Petti Point Ladies Turquoise Ring

A Zuni Needle Point Women's Piece

This is a classic Zuni Indian Needlepoint Ladies Ring made with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It is called “Needlepoint” because the stones are cut in the shape of the eye of a sewing needle. This Zuni Turquoise Ring has seventeen Turquoise Needlepoint stone set in a sunburst design.

This is a little different version of the ring above. We have pictured this oval version of the classic cluster Zuni womens Turquoise ring to show the difference between Needlepoint and Petite Point.


Modern Zuni Inlay Turquoise Womans Ring

Corn Row Zuni Inlay Ladies Band

This is a Zuni woman's ring made with Inlaid Opal in a Sterling Silver setting. This type of Inlay is called “Corn Row”, notice how each individual stone is cut like a kernel of corn, this is why it is call “Corn Row Inlay”.

This particular design of Inlay is Dillon Hartman's favorite. He has adopted this style and really loves to make this type of jewelry. This type of inlay ring is very popular as a ladies and man's wedding ring design and is made in all different types of gemstone.


Visit the Durango Silver Company online catalog to find your favorite Turquoise Ring or to view our great selection of Turquoise Jewelry. Come back often to see new arrivals that we put on our site on a regular basis. Look for our new metaphysical Turquoise Jewelry – coming soon!

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Thank you for learning about women's Turquoise rings we hope this information will help you to purchase your next womens Turquoise ring.

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