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Mens Turquoise Ring

Mens Turquoise Ring

Learn about Mens Turquoise Ring From Durango Silver Company

When it comes to jewelry that men wear the variety is not as extensive as what women wear. In general most men like to wear a ring, belt buckle, bracelet, cuff links, or a necklace. One of the most popular pieces of men's jewelry since the dawn of human adornment has been the ring. One of the most popular types of finger adornment a would like to wear is a Turquoise Ring. There are many reason that a men's Turquoise ring is in high fashion these days. First off, one of the most popular colors among all people is blue and another color that is very popular among many people is green, secondly Turquoise reminds us of the sky, and third a ring is a piece of jewelry that the wearer will see a lot. Because you will see your finger adornment more than any other piece of jewelry you wear it is nice to have an interesting stone in such a piece, that is why Turquoise is a perfect gemstone for a mens ring. This natural gemstone comes in many colors with all sorts of matrix patterns which make the gemstone very interesting to look at. Finger adornment, being so popular, is a spot where people will wear all kinds of jewelry and tend to collect many different pieces to wear with different moods and outfits. Knowing that finger adornment is so popular it is no wonder that the men's Turquoise ring is so popular. There are many types of silver rings out there especially when it comes to women's Turquoise rings. However when it comes to a well designed Men's Turquoise rings they should be similar to men's clothing, many colors and patterns, but a few good classic styles. Here are Durango Silver Company we have a good feel for what men like to see in a Turquoise ring. We have a wide variety of men's rings, gem grade Turquoise, and men's silver jewelry.

Below are several different styles of Mens Turquoise Rings in Sterling Silver and high carat yellow gold produced by Durango Silver Co of Durango Colorado USA

Take a Look at Some Classic Style Turquoise
Mens Rings From Southwestern USA

Tortoise Turquoise Mens Ring Kingman Mens Turquoise Ring

Here are two amazing Men's Turquoise Rings - The ring on the left has a beautiful Tortoise Turquoise Gemstone that we personally mined at our mine in Nevada, we then cut the stone from the rough material. The natural gemstone cabochon is set in Sterling Silver with a hammered twist design on the side of the bezel that holds the stone, it has a handsome ring shank that is hand stamped with a fan design. You can read more about Tortoise Turquoise, Silver Jewelry and men's rings in our jewelry learning center. The Turquoise Men's Ring on the right is a little more flashy as it has a unusual cut Kingman Turquoise stone surrounded by unique wire and ball designs. The ring shank is heavily stamped and very manly. You can see many more of our fabulous handcrafted Sterling Silver rings and gold rings with high grade Turquoise in our Turquoise Ring Category.

Just a Few Looks of a Men's Turquoise Ring
with Northern Nevada Turquoise

Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring - Mens Lone Mountain Mens Turquoise Ring

The Mens Turquoise Ring on the left has a rare natural American Turquoise stone from the Blue Diamond Mine in Nevada. This Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring is very beautiful and unique, it has a conservative design which attracts the eye to the spectacular genuine Turquoise stone. Blue Diamond is known for its deep blue color and unique smoky black matrix The Blue Diamond Turquoise mine was closed for a long time, but in recent years has been re-opened and being re-worked, though it is still rare to see in a men's ring. The handmade Sterling Silver Mens Turquoise Ring on the right features a realLone Mountain Turquoise cabochon which was cut by artist Dillon Hartman from material he purchased from the mine owner Chris Lott. Lone Mountain Turquoise is highly sought after by Turquoise collectors and this is a authentic natural Lone Mountain Gemstone from Nevada, USA. This heavy duty mens ring is made of thick hand forged Sterling Silver and features a masculine rope or cable design.

Spiderweb Turquoise Mens Ring Ribbon Turquoise Mens Rings

Above are a couple examples of different styles of pieces Dillon Hartman makes. Both pieces are very different and feature unique looks of the sky stone. To the left is an unusual mens ring with a Beautiful Nevada Spiderweb Turquoise stone. This real gemstone is a beautiful blue color and features natural black spiderweb matrix. The handmade silver cocktail ring on the right is a Mens Turquoise Ring with large natural Ribbon Turquoise cabochon from the Royston Turquoise Mine in Tonopah, Nevada. The stone is a beautiful example of the sky stone in its natural host rock and it gives the piece a unique look and feel even though the setting is a classic example from the Southwest.

A Couple Examples of a Men's Turquoise Ring with Green Turquoise from America

Lime green Tortoise Turquoise and Sterling Silver Men's Ring green turquoise mens ring

The Navajo handmade Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring on the left features a Tortoise Turquoise gemstone that has unusual spider webbing. The silver ring it's self features a classic design with handmade and stamped bezel and raindrop designs. The stone sits atop a five prong heavy duty shank. Tortoise Turquoise is from Nevada and you can read more about this Tortoise Turquoise Mens Ring and the amazing natural gemstone it was made with here, if interested. The ring on the right is a classic styled Men's Turquoise Ring with a cable style motif. This handmade piece is all about the stone and focuses on a AAA top gem grade, natural King's Manassa Turquoise cabochon from Colorado, USA. This American gemstone cabochon is a glassy deep forest green color. This type of material is hard to find these days. The design of the silver is heavy duty and the ring would make a great cocktail ring for a man.

Examples of a piece with genuine Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee Blue Mens Turquoise Ring Mens Turquoise Ring - Saddle Design

To the left is a gorgeous piece of men's jewelry with the famous Bisbee Blue Turquoise from the Bisbee Mine of Arizona. It has a masculine design and many characteristics unique to itself. We suggest you take a look at our Bisbee Turquoise Rings page for more examples of wonderful finger adornments featuring genuine Bisbee from Arizona. On the right is a classic men's ring that we have been making for many years and men just love this ring! This design is called a "Saddle Ring" and fits your finger like a well made and broke in leather saddle fits a horse. These type of pieces are among the most comfortable.

Blue Gem Mens Turquoise Ring Damele Turquoise Mens Ring

Here are two spectacular Men's Silver Rings! The ring on the left features a Blue Gem Turquoise Stone and the Ring on the right has a Damele Turquoise Stone, both are old Turquoise Mines from Nevada. You can read more about the Blue Gem Men's Turquoise Ring and the Damele Turquoise Men's Ring on their presentation pages that have much more information. As you can see Men's Turquoise Rings produced by Durango Silver Co are much higher quality then the typical commercial Turquoise Rings found elsewhere, we take great pride in producing high quality Turquoise Jewelry that are collectors pieces from the American West.

More Examples of a Men's Turquoise Ring with American Turquoise

Inlay Mens Turquoise Ring Gold Mens Turquoise Inlay Ring

Here are two Men's Inlay Turquoise Rings produced by Durango Silver Company. We inlay Turquoise Rings with the finest quality Turquoise from noted Turquoise Mines. We collect and mine our Turquoise and we cut most every Turquoise Stone that is set or inlaid into our jewelry. Sterling Silver is the standard metal, however, we also make Gold Men's Turquoise Rings as well as other Western Jewelry. Our jewelry is substantial in weight and we are certain you will appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of our Jewelry. We hope you will take a look at other Jewelry we have to offer as well as our Men's Turquoise Rings. If you would like to read more and see additional photos on these two rings we invite you to see their presentation pages. Inlay Bisbee Turquoise Rings by Dillon Hartman and Inlay Men's Turquoise Ring in Gold.

Above you have seen a few of the many different styles of a men's silver ring. We have merely scratched the surface. There are many more styles of the Turquoise ring which would work well for a man. Here at Durango Silver Company we specialize in men's jewelry and especially in Turquoise rings. We will continue to make new designs with all types of wonderful gemstones including gem Turquoise. If you follow us on the websiteTwitterFacebookInstagramPinterestTumblrYouTube and Google+ you will eventually find that men's ring you are looking for.

If you would like to see more of our turquoise rings for men, see other Men's Turquoise Rings, please visit our sister site on the net! We have many other examples with good photos and descriptions for your pleasure. Watch our Men's Turquoise Rings Video . Learn more about our silver rings.

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We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Men's Turquoise Rings and have gained some useful knowledge from it. We invite you to learn more about American Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center to other informational pages that we have written on different topics related to Turquoise Jewelry. In addition, we would like to invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our member base to give away free Turquoise Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends by signing in below. Thank you for viewing our examples of a men's Turquoise ring.

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