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Carico Lake Turquoise History

Carico Lake Turquoise History

Nevada's Carico Lake Turquoise

One of the most famous Lime Green Turquoise
varieties to come out of America


Carico Lake Turquoise Mine - Courtesy of Ernie Montoya

Carico Lake Mine from a Distance

Carico Lake Turquoise has been around for a long time and was once one of the mines that produced a large amount of the Turquoise for the Native American Indian Jewelry and Southwest Silver Jewelry businesses during the big Turquoise boom of the 1950s through the 1980s in America. The Carico Lake Turquoise mine Produces Lime Green Turquoise (many say this is Faustite, however it is a debate) as well as blue Turquoise. The blue Carico Lake Turquoise and aqua blue - green Turquoise is the main majority of the material that was taken out of the mine. Having said this, as of late the main marketing trend for Carico Lake Turquoise is focused around the rare Lime Green Turquoise or Faustite from the mine. This is mainly due to the striking color and scarceness of the material. During the Turquoise boom, blue was king, and this material was over looked for the most part, by most individuals.
In the recent years Ernie Montoya, a gentleman and scholar of American Turquoise, purchased the Carico Lake Turquoise Mine and took out some of the most important Carico Lake Turquoise that America has ever seen. Ernie is the main person for responsible for the recent success of the Carico Lake Turquoise mine. Montoya has spent a boat load of money advertising the Nevada Turquoise as well as in trying to reclaim and reopen the mine. All of us Turquoise lovers should thank Mr. Montoya for his valiant effort.

High grade Carico Lake Turquoise is truly magnificent and it is also very rare! Only a small percentage of the Turquoise that is taken out of all the Turquoise mines, worldwide, is high grade and it was certainly no exception at Carico Lake Turquoise Mine. You can surely expect Carico Lake Turquoise to only increase exponentially in value as the mine has been closed and there is a limited amount of Carico Lake Turquoise being let out into the market. Carico Lake Turquoise is now being tightly controlled and protected so it does not become one of America's tragic Turquoise stories such as Lander Blue, #8 Turquoise, Bisbee Turquoise and other that were just squandered away and lost to the history of our past.

Durango Silver Co has access to all grades of Carico Lake Turquoise and we truly admire the high grade Turquoise that has been taken out of that mine. Ernie Montoya, who owns the mine, is a friend of ours and can supply us with whatever you desire in Carico Lake Turquoise. Visit our site to see our offerings of Carico Lake Turquoise in silver and gold Turquoise Rings, Earrings and other Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry specialty items, with all types of gorgeous blue and Green Nevada Turquoise.

Lime Green Turquoise from the Carico Lake Turquoise Mine Lime Green Turquoise - Ernie Montoya Collection

Brief Carico Lake Turquoise Mine History

Fossilized Psuedomorph Turquoise Clam from Carico Lake Turquoise Mine - Ernie Montoya CollectionCarico Lake Turquoise is known for its clear, iridescent, spring green color which is due to its zinc and copper content. Carico Lake stones can also display a dark blue-green color with a black spider web matrix. Recent finds are producing many new blue tones with even, black matrix. The colors and scarcity of Carico Lake turquoise make it a valuable addition to any collection. The Carico Lake mine also hosts another precious stone, faustite, which features a bright lime green color due to its higher zinc content.

Carico Lake Turquoise is named for its home on a dried-up lake bed in high, cool Lander County, Nevada. Some turquoise businesses marketed this stone under various names including Stone Canyon and Aurora turquoise, although this is rarely seen today. Due to its remote location and harsh conditions in the winter, there is a limited amount of time allowed to mine this rare turquoise. These factors add to the investment value of Carico Lake Turquoise.

Gus Stennich was one of the earliest owners of this mine. Due to losing much of his turquoise to foragers and thieves, Gus became suspicious of all activity that he saw around the mine. Just prior to his death, Gus made out a will hastily written on a bread wrapper. In this will, he left the entire mine to his best friend J.W. Edgar.


Below is a modern Men's Carico Lake Turquoise inlay bracelet by Phil Loretto

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