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Silver Ring Bands

Silver Ring Bands

Silver Ring Bands

Sterling Silver Ring Bands Lost Wax Silver Ring Band by Crystal Hartman

Durango Silver Company has been producing as well as handling Southwestern American style Silver Ring Bands for nearly 40 years, all of our Silver Ring Bands are handmade in the Southwestern regions of the United States. We are located in Durango, Colorado USA where we have had our Silver Jewelry Store since 1976. Our Silver Jewelry is substantially different and is only available at our Jewelry Store or at our Online Silver Gallery located at If you are considering a Silver Ring Band, we invite you to check out our ever growing selection of high quality handmade Silver Ring Bands - they are unusually different!

Silver Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company

Below are several examples of the type of Silver Ring Bands that we carry. Our inventory is constantly changing as well as growing!

Navajo Inlaid Silver Ring Bands Native American Silver Ring Bands

Above and to the left is a Native American Silver Ring Band that was handmade and inlaid with Opal, Tibetan Turquoise and Black Onyx. The Navajo people as well as many others consider this a Wedding Silver Ring Band while others enjoy wearing a Ring Band like this for their everyday Ring. Durango Silver Company usually has a large selection of these type of Native American handmade Silver Ring Band to choose from, however, they do sell quickly in different seasons of the year due to weddings as well as other events.

To the right of the above Silver Ring Band is another Native American Inlaid Silver Ring Band highlighted with Tibetan Turquoise, Black Onyx and Opal created by Steve Harper, Steve is a fantastic Jewelry designer from New Mexico. Mint green spiderweb Tibetan Turquoise is the focal point of this men’s Silver band ring. The gemstone inlay is very low profile which makes this Silver Band Ring very comfortable.

Mens Inlaid Silver Ring Band Sterling Silver Ring Band by Crystal Hartman

Above and to the left is a Sterling Silver Band Ring that was inlaid with Lone Mountain Turquoise by Native American artist Julius Burbank. This inlay Turquoise band ring focuses on bright blue spiderweb Turquoise from the Lone Mountain Turquoise mine of Nevada, USA. This fine American Turquoise is accented with Mediterranean Coral, Black Onyx and Fire Opal. This Silver Band Ring is so intricately inlaid that you could look at it in a magnifying glass and not find a space between any of the inlays.

To the right is a Sterling Silver Ring Band handcrafted by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA. This beautifully flowing Silver work is Crystal's specialty and she creates each Silver Ring with precious care. This is what we call a Lost Wax Silver Band Ring, they are very unique and a joy to wear. We make a lot of lost wax Gold and Silver Ring Bands here at Durango Silver Company. Check us out often as we add new rings daily.

Silver Ring Band with a Burmese Ruby Sterling Silver Ring Band by Crystal Hartman

Above and to the left is a Silver Band Ring with a Burmese Ruby handcrafted by Crystal Hartman. A pigeon blood red Burmese Ruby is the focal point of this unique baroque style Sterling Silver Band Ring. The beautiful Burmese Ruby cabochon is surrounded by handmade Sterling Silver prongs that flow into a gorgeous band ring. You can see more views of this Ruby Band Ring on its presentation page by following this link.

To the right of the Ruby Band Ring is a solid Silver Band Ring handcrafted by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA. You can see more angles of this Silver Band Ring on its presentation page by following this link. Many people love our Lost Wax style Ring Bands as they appreciate the uniqueness of the flowing Silver metal design.

Quality Silver Ring Bands

Mens Sterling Silver Ring Bands White Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring Band

Above and to the left is a type of Mens Silver Ring Band that is not made by many Jewelry designers other than John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. John calls this his saddle ring band as it fit a finger like a Silver Saddle! John makes a Silver Band Ring into nearly a perfect circle and hand carves the design into the Silver band, next he applies a low profile, yet dynamic top piece to gracefully accommodate his gemstone. A Saddle Silver Ring Band made by John Hartman is one of the most comfortable as well as wonderful looking mens rings coming out of the Southwest today. Check out other angles of this marvelous Silver Band Ring on it presentation page by following this link.

To the right is another of Johns Saddle Silver Ring Bands with a White Buffalo Turquoise gemstone created by John and inlaid by Dillon Hartman. This is one of the most comfortable Sterling Silver band rings you will ever wear. The Turquoise stone is surrounded on two sides by a cable design. The band has a chased sunburst design and is graduated. You can see different angles of this Silver Band Ring on its presentation site.

Zuni Handmade Sterling Silver Ring Band Navajo Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Above and to the left is a Zuni inlay Silver Band Ring by Native American artist Sheryl Martinez. This Zuni Inlay Ring features two unique sides, one solid Turquoise and one multi color gemstones. The Turquoise inlay side is made of 8 inlaid Tibetan Turquoise stones. The multi color inlay side is made up of 21 inlaid Lapis, Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Coral, and Turquoise gemstones. This is a very nice Zuni Silver Band Ring that has a timeless design.

To the right is a Navajo stamped, wide Silver Ring Band by Native American artist Derrick Gordon. This Navajo Silver Ring features a modern wide band that graduates down to a narrow band in the back. This ring is topped with an elongated oval Manassa Turquoise cabochon. The Turquoise stone is surrounded by rope, has a fluted button on each side and stamp work down each side. Navajo Silversmiths are known for making intricately stamped Silver Band Rings and have been making designs like this for many decades.

Inlaid Sugilite Sterling Silver Ring Band Silver Ring Band in Sugilite

Above are two Silver Ring Bands that have been produced from Durango Silver Company for over 30 years, they are timeless and are still top sellers.

To the left is a Silver Ring Band created in Sterling Silver with four Sugilite gemstones inlaid into channeled voids in the band. You can see additional photos of this Sugilite Band Ring by viewing its presentation page. Sugilite is a very rare gemstone but is very popular in silver bands. Many jewelers like to use Sugilite in silver ring bands as an accent stone with other colorful gemstones such as Turquoise, Spiney Oyster Shell and Opal.

To the right is another inlaid Silver Ring band that we have been making for a very long time. This Sugilite Silver Ring Band features five Sugilite gemstones inlaid into a very nice pattern. Take a look at other photos of this Sugilite Ring showing different angles. Both of these Silver Ring Bands as well as all of our Silver Jewelry is made with a substantial amount of Silver and are not thin production rings.

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We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Silver Ring Bands and have gained some useful knowledge from our information page. We invite you to learn more about Silver JewelryNative American Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center to other informational pages that we have written on different topics related to Turquoise Jewelry. In addition, we would like to invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our member base to give away free Silver Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends by signing in below.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Silver Bands and we also hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering Silver Ring Bands.

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