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Silver Bands


Silver Bands by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing Southwestern style Silver Bands for nearly 40 years, our Silver Bands are handmade in the Southwest region of the USA. Durango Silver Company is located in Durango, Colorado USA, we have had our Silver Jewelry Store since 1976. Our Silver Jewelry is unusually different and is only available in our Online Silver Gallery or at our Jewelry Store located at Durango. If you are considering a Silver Band, we invite you to check out our ever growing selection of high quality handmade Silver Bands!

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Silver Bands from Durango Silver Company

Below are several examples of Silver Bands that you can find at Durango Silver Company.

Mens Silver Band with Lapis Mens Silver Band with Turquoise

Above and to the left is a Mens Silver Band with an inlaid Lapis gemstone. We make many different styles of Mens Silver Bands with and without gemstones. Our specialty is creating a very comfortable mens Silver band that is sleek and can be worn in everyday life as many men work hard with their hands and are particular about wearing a ring that might get in the way when working. Many of our mens Silver bands have no hard edges and do not easily catch on things.

To the right of the above Lapis Mens Silver Ring is a Turquoise Mens Silver Band created by Dillon Hartman. Mens Silver Bands such as this are easy to wear for a gentleman and will not easily get caught up on obstacles when working with their hands. This particular mens silver band is inlaid with a Turquoise gemstone, however, we can make this ring in many other types of gemstones that can be special ordered. Take a look at some other angles of this Silver Band by visiting its presentation page.

Silver Band of flowing Silver Silver Band with Mexican Opal

Above and to the left is a Silver Band created by Nattarika Hartman. This Sterling Silver Band was made in the lost wax style and mimics plant roots which gives it a organic appearance. This Silver Band is slim, has lots of curves and detail, yet is not prone to catch on things in your daily life as all of the edges are designed in a flowing effect. This Silver Band Ring as well as all of our Silver Bands are artisan handcrafted in the USA. You can see more angles of this Silver Band by going to its presentation page.

To the right of the above lost wax style Silver Band is another lost wax style Silver Band featuring a beautiful Mexican Opal which was also created by Nattarika Hartman. Mexican fire opal is a metaphysical gemstone that has many Chakra powers and is sought after by many. The Silver Band that hold this beautiful gemstone is a very natural looking setting as it looks like vines are surrounding the stone. Take a look at this Fire Opal Silver Band on its presentation page.

Silver Band with Lapis Inlaid Gemstones Native American Inlaid Silver Band

Above and to the left is a Silver Band Ring that we have been making for years, this one was inlaid with Sugilite by Dillon Hartman. This Sterling Silver Band Ring is a comfortable Ring to wear for both men and women as it is sleek and smooth. Take a look at a few more angles of this Silver Band by visiting it presentation page link if the preceding sentence. The Silver design work on this Ring Band is very attractive and has been a best seller for our company for many years.

To the right of the above Sugilite Silver Ring Band is a Native American handmade Silver Band that has been inlaid with green Turquoise and Opal. This is another smooth and sleek Ring Band that can be worn by men or women. The inlaid gemstones are set into channels of the ring and then cut, polished and contoured to the shape of the band. Durango Silver Company tries to always have a good selection of Native American Silver Band Rings.

Inlaid Turquoise Silver Band Zuni Indian Silver Band - Gemstone Inlaid

Above and to the left is a Silver Band with five oval inlays of Bisbee Turquoise by Dillon Hartman. This Silver Band is a classic for our company and has been a top seller for many years. It can be inlaid with many other types of gemstones such as Lapis, Opal, Coral, Black Jade or many others. The Bisbee Turquoise is this particular Silver Band are from Bisbee, Arizona USA and are very collectible by many. This is a great everyday American Turquoise Silver Band Ring. Dillon makes many beautiful silver ring bands inlaid with high grade natural American Turquoise and other rare gemstones.

To the right of the above Silver Ring Band is one of our many Inlay Silver Bands and a fantastic piece of Navajo Indian Jewelry at that! Navajo Silver Jewelry and Navajo Silver Rings have really changed in the last few years as Navajo Jewelers now make some of the finest Inlaid Jewelry available, they have made a remarkable new niche for themselves in the Silver Jewelry Marketplace. This is a great Silver Band that is sleek and easy to wear. This particular Silver Band is inlaid with Turquoise, Coral, Opal and Black Jet. It is very attractive, heavy weight, and comfortable to wear. We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company when looking for your next Silver Band Ring as we carry a wide variety of silver rings and bands.

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We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Silver Bands and we also hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering Silver Bands.