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High Grade Turquoise Jewelry

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry - Antique Turquoise

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry originates with the finest and highest quality or grades of Turquoise which is then set by an accomplished and artistic Silver or Goldsmith into a work of art. Artisans world wide and especially Southwestern American artists are inspired by high grade Turquoise as it brings out the creativeness of each craftsman who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the stone. A High Grade piece of Turquoise Jewelry is a piece of wearable art and it is so beautiful that it brings out the best in the person that is wearing the piece, not to mention everyone will ask where you found such a great piece of Turquoise. Most people never own a piece of High Grade Turquoise Jewelry.

There is a big difference between High Grade Turquoise Jewelry which is usually hand made and only uses Real Turquoise while standard Turquoise Jewelry is mostly mass produced and made intended for consumers that just want the look and a great majority of this jewelry uses stabilized Turquoise and Fake Turquoise.

Gem High Grade Turquoise or Gem Turquoise is rare! About 5-10% of all Turquoise mined is considered high grade, professionally cut Quality Turquoise is valuable today and becoming extremely rare. It is even rarer to see High Grade Turquoise jewelry or even good Quality Turquoise Jewelry. Good quality jewelry uses B+ to A Grade Turquoise, which can be stabilized or natural. High Grade Turquoise Jewelry uses AAA and when available on ultra rare occasions AAAA grade Turquoise in handmade silver and gold settings. See my note on Ultra High Grade Turquoise below!

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry is usually collected by individuals who appreciate high High Grade Jewelry. This type of person usually pays close attention to the details of the Jewelry they wear as well as all other details in their wardrobe. Fashion minded people, most often, seek out the best High Grade Jewelry from well known and trusted Jewelers, the situation is the same with High Grade Turquoise Jewelry. To find trusted High Grade Turquoise Jewelry, you must educate yourself to understand what constitutes the difference between High Grade Turquoise Jewelry and Costume Turquoise Jewelry.

Ultra High Grade Turquoise Jewelry has always been hard to find, High Grade antique or vintage Turquoise Jewelry is very valuable today as it is truly rare! As is today, the majority of Turquoise Jewelry that was produced in the past was created as tourist trinkets and has value, however, the high High Grade Turquoise Jewelry that was created by the best artisans with gem grade Turquoise is priceless and highly sought after by collectors and museums. As stated before Ultra High Grade Turquoise Jewelry only uses AAA grade Turquoise or better which is usually less then 5% of the Turquoise mined from a particular mine.

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing High Grade Turquoise Jewelry and Ultra High Quality Turquoise Jewelry for nearly forty years. We have collected and personally mined Turquoise for over forty years and have accumulated one of the finest authentic natural Turquoise collections in the world. Our pride and the specialty of our company is producing the highest High Grade Turquoise Jewelry possible with our rarest quality Turquoise. Our High Grade Turquoise Jewelry is unique and special today and it will grow in value as it ages as will all quality silver jewelryWe produce High Grade Turquoise Jewelry that will become valuable heirlooms handed down through generations to come.

High Grade Turquoise Jewelry Examples

Above and to the left is a 14kt Gold and Silver Kingman Turquoise Ring made by John Hartman, a master gold and silversmith, of Durango Silver Company. This Ring was made in the the traditional way with a plumbers torch and crude hand tools. This Turquoise cabochon is extraordinary and is in the top 10% of production of the Turquoise Mountain Turquoise mine in Kingman, AZ USA. John makes custom high grade Turquoise, gold and silver rings by special order.

To the right is a deep Green Broken Arrow Turquoise by Nattarika Hartman. This one of a kind Turquoise and Gold Ring focuses on a top grade natural Broken Arrow Turquoise cabochon that is a semi translucent Emerald green. This color of Broken Arrow Turquoise is very rare, especially this pure. This Green Nevada Turquoise has few rivals! This fabulous AAA grade Broken Arrow Turquoise cabochon is set in a modern 14k gold ring that has a very earthy and organic feel to it. This Ring resembles tree roots that wrap up and hold the Turquoise.

To the left is a great example of modernized classic cluster jewelry. This beautiful Fox Turquoise and Sterling Silver bracelet is a great example of silver and high grade Turquoise jewelry.

To the right is a disturbingly lime green Orvil Jack Turquoise and 14k Gold ring. This gorgeous Turquoise and gold ring is a really good example of AAAA grade natural Turquoise. To find this type of high grade Turquoise jewelry is indeed rare.

To the left is a lime green Carico Lake Turquoise Bracelet by a famous Native American artisan. This lime green Turquoise Bracelet is, without doubt, MUSEUM High Grade. This type of Carico Lake Turquoise that features the blue to lime green fade is rare, and especially with the orange - brown Spider web. This is a AAA grade natural Carico Lake Turquoise cabochon. This men’s Carico Lake Turquoise Bracelet features features classic Navajo Jewelry styling which encases the gigantic natural Turquoise cabochon. This museum High Grade Native American Turquoise Bracelet would be a great addition to any Jewelry collection.

To the right is a unique 18k gold and Blue Gem Turquoise butterfly pin with natural Diamonds. This is the very best example of AAAA grade natural Blue Gem Turquoise. This Turquoise is second to none and is gemologically and geologically perfect Turquoise. According to scientists the Turquoise in the pendant is 100% perfect and is the best specimen of blue Turquoise a person could find.

To the right is a modern cobble stone inlay, water web Kingman Turquoise bracelet. This bracelet is a great example of today's American Indian Jewelry. These great blue Turquoise stones are from the Turquoise Mountain Turquoise mine in Kingman, Arizona USA. The inlay Turquoise bracelet is finished off with a fancy southwestern jewelry overlay pattern.

To the right is a beautiful pair of handmade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry earrings by Native American artist Ben Yazzie. These are true American Jewelry classics and features some of the best Turquoise in the world.

To the left is an outrageous men's Turquoise bracelet. There are a few reasons that this Bisbee Turquoise bracelet is considered to be a piece of High Grade Turquoise Jewelry. The first reason is obviously the AAA grade Turquoise cabochon that Ben Yazzie used. The second reason is the quality of the silver work and the rare large size of the piece.

To the right is a beautiful large Spiderweb Blue Wind Turquoise pendant with Sugilite accents. Talk about High Grade Turquoise Jewelry, this beautiful blue Nevada Turquoise pendant exudes the high grade and is museum quality. Blue Wind Turquoise is one of the rarest Turquoise on earth. This mine was a hat mine and very little Turquoise was ever produced. This is a perfect example of High Grade Turquoise.

King Nebkheperura Tutankhamun remains the most famous of all Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, but in fact he was a short lived and fairly insignificant ruler during a transitional period in history. Little was known of him prior to Howard Canter's methodical detective work, but the discovery of his tomb and the amazing contents it held ultimately ensured this boy king of the Immortality he sought. As you can see this mask and head circlet are covered in Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, TURQUOISE, and colored glass. They are made of solid GOLD!!

To the right is King Tut's Circlet Found on the mummy - made of solid gold, carnelian, TURQUOISE and Lapis Lazuli.

Ultra High Grade Turquoise

High High Grade Turquoise

Turquoise was one of the first gemstones found on earth by ancient Egyptians over 7,500 years ago. It has been coveted by Kings, Queens, Pharaoh's, Medicine Men, Spiritual Leaders and many cultures worldwide since its discovery. High Grade Turquoise was found in Egypt, Persia, China, and North America, however, only a small percentage of the Turquoise found has been high grade Turquoise.

Ultra High Grade Turquoise is rich in color and is a 5 or higher in hardness on the Mohs' scale. Super High Grade Turquoise does not need to be treated or enhanced in any way to be used in Jewelry and it is a very durable gemstone that will naturally be stable for ever if it is taken care of and is in a stable environment. This grade of Turquoise is given the grade names AAA and in the rarest occasion an even higher grade of AAAA.

High Grade Turquoise has been recognized most recently as a very valuable gemstone by important collectors globally and Japanese investors have been paying record prices for the highest High Grade Turquoise. Due to evolving mining restrictions and the cost of mining most all of the Turquoise Mines in the USA have been closed. There are only three major Turquoise Mines in the U.S. still in production, the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine and the Royston Turquoise mine. The Chinese Government has now closed all Turquoise Mining and has put a 3-5 year moratorium on Turquoise Mining in ChinaTurquoise from Iran(Persian Turquoise) is taboo and is rarely seen on the market due to many factors including political term oil. Egyptian Turquoise is nearly extinct. The bottom line is Turquoise is one of the top ten most popular gemstones in the world today and we are running out of it.

As I said, there is only a small portion of high grade Turquoise from what is being mined. Authentic Turquoise and especially high High Grade Turquoise is about to go through the roof in value and authentic natural high High Grade will become even more precious. In the future High Grade Turquoise jewelry will be out of range for the common consumer, so now is the time to invest in High Grade Turquoise jewelry.

We hope you have gained some useful knowledge from our High Grade Turquoise Jewelry educational presentation page. We invite you to learn more about Silver JewelryIndian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center which has many other informational pages that we have written on topics related to Southwestern Silver Jewelry. In addition, we would like to invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our members to Giveaway free Turquoise Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends and future winners in our giveaway by signing in below. Thank you for reading and learning about High Grade Turquoise Jewelry.

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