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Native Indian Jewelry

Native Indian Jewelry

Native Indian Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry, Indian Jewelry, Native Indian Silver Jewelry

Native Indian Jewelry from the American Southwest is an American heritage that has been handed down to the American people from the Native American Indians and Native Peoples of Southwestern United States since about 1865. The Native American Indians as well as many others in the Southwestern regions of the United States have made an industry out of Native Indian Turquoise Jewelry and it is respected worldwide for its uniqueness. Native Indian Jewelry is generally made with American Turquoise from Arizona and Nevada and set in Silver. There are many types of Native Indian Turquoise Jewelry which is made by Native Navajo Indians, Zuni Indians, Hopi Indians, Hispanics and Anglos of the American Southwest. Native Indian Silver Jewelry is unusually different from all other Silver Jewelry made elsewhere in the world, it is an American tradition and all Americans should appreciate this wonderful American Heritage.

Native Indian Jewelry Examples

Quality Native Indian Jewelry Native Indian Jewelry - Turquoise Inlay Bracelet


To the left - This cluster style 60 stone Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cuff bracelet by Navajo artist Patrick Yazzie is a great example of Native Indian Jewelry. This Native American handcrafted Turquoise and Silver Cuff Bracelet features sixty, oval cut, natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochons. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stones are bezel set separated by Sterling Silver raindrop designs. All of these high grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochons are set atop a heavy silver cuff bracelet. These “Robin’s Egg” blue Turquoise cabochons are the highest grade of natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise available. This blue Turquoise Cluster Bracelet would be a great mens or women's Turquoise bracelet. This Fashion Turquoise Bracelet would be a great addition to any Silver Jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry collection. A great piece of Native Indian Jewelry, Artisan Handmade in New Mexico, USA and is hallmarked “Patrick Yazzie and Sterling”. 

To the right - Heavy weight Sterling Silver Native Indian Jewelry Inlay Turquoise Bracelet by Zuni Native American artist Larry Loretto. Truly a one of a kind, you will not find another piece of Turquoise Jewelry like this silver cuff bracelet in any southwest Silver Gallery, Turquoise Jewelry or Silver Jewelry collection. You can really tell Larry Loretto was thinking out side of the box with this Inlay Turquoise Bracelet. This is not your traditional Zuni Inlay Jewelry. This Silver Cuff Bracelet is one bracelet that is made to look like three separate narrow inlay Turquoise Bracelets. In between each of the rows of intricately inlay Kingman Turquoise the Silver has been sawed out so that it is hollow. This Inlay Turquoise Bracelet for men or women is absolutely stunning. The deep blue American Turquoise in this Native Indian Jewelry Bracelet is truly top grade and is such a rich color it could be mistaken for Bisbee Turquoise from Bisbee, Arizona USA. What a rarity this Inlay Turquoise Bracelet would be in any Native Indian Jewelry collection.

Blue Turquoise Beads - Native Indian Jewelry Turquoise Beaded Necklace - Native Indian Jewelry

To the left is a double strand Pilot Mountain and Blue Gem Turquoise Bead Necklace by Nattarika Hartman. This bright blue Turquoise Bead Necklace features two strands of mixed shape American Turquoise beads. This necklace has light “Robin’s Egg Blue” Pilot Mountain Turquoise melon shaped barrel beads and large roundels. These light and bright beads are separated by darker and richer blue Nevada Blue Gem Turquoise Beads. These bright blue American Turquoise Beads are finished off with round sterling silver beads and a handmade Silver clasp.

Above and to the right is a green five strand Beaded Treasure Necklace. This green tone Turquoise Necklace is set by barrel heishi Malachite and is accented by other green gemstone beads. These green patterned Malachite barrel heishi beads are separated by many different colored beads. The beads are red Coral roundel beads, purple Sugilite beads, Blue Gem Turquoise beads, Blue Diamond Turquoise beads, Lime Turquoise Nugget beads, Tortoise Turquoise beads, a Haley’s Comet boulder or ribbon Turquoise nugget bead, Royston Boulder Turquoise beads, pink Turquoise beads, a Broken Arrow Turquoise nugget bead, a Peruvian Opal Pillow beads, Chrysophrase beads and roundel Carnelian beads. All of beads are randomly dispersed to give the necklace an Artistic look and feel.

Quality Native Indian Jewelry

Orange Spiny Inlaid Earrings - Native Indian Jewelry Turquoise Needlepoint Earrings - Native Indian Jewelry

Above and to the left is a pair of Native Indian Jewelry, handmade Cobble Stone style Spiny Oyster Inlaid Dangle Earrings. These Navajo made Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings feature high grade orange and purple Spiny Oyster shell that is inlaid into the silver earrings like the bricks in a Cobble Stone street. These colorful Fashion Dangle Earrings are light and bright. This pair of Spiny Oyster Shell Dangle Earrings were artisan handmade in New Mexico, USA and are hallmarked “P.C. and Sterling”. A great example of Native Indian Jewelry.

To the right is a beautiful pair of Zuni Turquoise Needlepoint Hoop Earrings that are unusual as the Needlepoint Turquoise Stones are set sideways which make this pair of Sleeping Beauty Needlepoint Earrings bold and attractive. You will love this pair of quality Turquoise Earrings to add to your Turquoise Jewelry collection as they are attractively different and look distinctive when worn. These Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings were artisan handmade in America, Native Indian Jewelry and are hallmarked “Bernard Peina”.

Native Indian Jewelry - Navajo Inlay Pendant Edison Yazzie Inlay Pendant - Native Indian Jewelry

To the left is a colorful quality Native Indian Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant it is a one-of-a-kind piece made by Navajo Artisan Robert Vandever and is a classic piece of Native Indian Jewelry. This Silver Pendant was inlaid with Sugilite, Turquoise, Gaspeite, Lapis and Silver - what a colorful piece of art it is! This is a high quality piece of authentic Native Indian Jewelry that holds a lifetime warrantee, it is truly magnificent!

To the right is a Southwestern style multi color Inlay Pendant by Navajo artist Edison Yazzie. The gemstones are hand inlaid into this fine Gemstone Inlay Pendant in a classic Navajo Rug design. The design in this modern inlay pendant is composed of orange Spiny Oyster Shell, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and Black Jade. Wrapped around the stones is a southwestern geometric design, Sterling Silver Pendant that will fit a large Silver chain. The craftsmanship in this Native Indian Inlay Pendant is top notch and it is 100% handmade. Add this Sterling Silver Inlay Pendant to your Silver Jewelry or Inlay Jewelry collection to kick your collection up a notch as it is a great example of Native Indian Jewelry.

Native Indian Inlaid Silver Ring Native Indian Jewelry - Mens Turquoise Inlay Ring

Native Indian Jewelry Inlaid Silver Rings

Above and to the left is a contemporary earth tone Sterling Silver Men’s Zuni Inlay Ring. This Native Indian Jewelry Ring for men features Colorado Picture Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx and “Ox Blood” Red Italian Coral. This Sterling Silver Zuni Inlay Ring has solid and thick Silver. This is not your typical, “made for tourist trade”, type of Native Indian Jewelry, this is fine Silver Indian Jewelry from the American Southwest. The color scheme of this Ring makes it a great ring for a man and makes it easy to wear with almost anything. This Zuni Inlay ring is very modern, sleek and a great piece of Native Indian Jewelry.

To the right is a Sterling Silver Inlay Lone Mountain Turquoise Ring by Native Indian artist Julius Burbank. Heavy Duty best describes this wide men’s Silver Band Ring. An Inlay Turquoise ring for men that focuses on bright blue spider web Turquoise from the Lone Mountain Turquoise mine in Nevada. This fine American Turquoise is accented by natural Mediterranean Coral, Black Onyx and Fire Opal. This Men’s inlay Turquoise Ring is a great example of Native Indian Jewelry, so intricately inlaid that you could look at it in a magnifying glass and not be able to see any space in between the individual gemstones. Durango Silver Company handles quality Native Indian Jewelry in our online Silver Gallery.

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