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Manassa Turquoise Jewelry

Manassa Turquoise Jewelry

Manassa Turquoise Jewelry

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry made with Kings Manassa Turquoise is truly unique and is true Western Americana. Manassa Turquoise Jewelry is historic the day that it is made by an artisan from the Southwest as Manassa Turquoise was one of the first Turquoise Mines discovered by the Anasazi Indians over one thousand years ago. The Manassa Turquoise Mine has been out of production of over a decade and Bill King (owner of the Manassa Turquoise Mine) is quickly running out of his personal collection of the Turquoise he mined from his past.

Manassa Turquoise Jewelry is beautifully different from most as the color range of the Turquoise has phenomenal Emerald Green colors with golden matrix that is outstanding. Southwestern Styled Jewelry made with this material has a look unto itself that cannot be reproduced with any other Turquoise in the world. Following are some great examples of Manassa Turquoise Jewelry produce by Durango Silver Company.

Manassa Turquoise Pendant Manassa Green Turquoise Jewelry

These two Manassa Turquoise Jewelry pieces are made with some of the most famous and historical Turquoise of American history. These Manassa Turquoise Pendants were produced by Durango Silver Company and the wonderful stones were cut by the famous Bill King of Manassa Colorado. Turquoise Jewelry of this quality, rarity and authenticity are not easily found in the Southwest or anywhere in the world.

Green Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pin Navajo Indian Manassa Turquoise Jewelry

Here are two great Southwestern Manassa Turquoise Jewelry items that were handmade by Navajo Indian Artisans of the Southwestern United States. The Butterfly Pin features ten Manassa Turquoise Stones created in the shape of a Butterfly. The classic Navajo Pin on the right has a remarkable Manassa Gemstone that will never by reproduced again in the Southwest or anywhere on earth. Manassa Turquoise Jewelry is quickly becoming a thing of the past as Bill Kings collection of high grade Manassa Turquoise diminishes quickly. The Manassa Turquoise Mine has been out of production for over a decade now!

Navajo Indian Manassa Turquoise Jewelry Navajo Manassa Turquoise Necklace

These Navajo Indian made Manassa Turquoise Pendants are of classic Navajo design; notice the stamp work surrounding the Turquoise Stone, this is what Navajo Silversmiths are Known for, Navajo Silverwork. Manassa Gemstones accompanied with quality Southwest Silver Designs are very desirable by collectors of Turquoise Jewelry in American and around the world. Durango Silver Company is proud to produce Manassa Turquoise Jewelry with 100% natural Manassa Turquoise cut by the famous Bill King – Guaranteed!

Mens Turquoise Ring with Manassa Turquoise Manassa Mens Turquoise Ring

This is an attractive masculine Mens Turquoise Ring made with a spectacular Manassa Turquoise Gemstone. The Southwestern Styled Silverwork is sleek and comfortable when worn. Durango Silver Company produces Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry with a substantial amount of Sterling Silver, fabulous Natural Turquoise and unquestionable quality. Manassa Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company is exceptional in every way and we invite you to look at what we have to offer.

14K Gold Mens Turquoise Ring with Manassa Turquoise 14K Gold Manassa Mens Turquoise Ring

This 14K Gold Mens Turquoise Ring was made by Nattarika "Jom" Hartman of Durango Silver Co and features a Manassa Gemstone that is breathtaking and cut by the famed Bill King of Manassa Colorado. The style is of the lost wax method which makes this ring a one of a kind. It also includes natural Gold Nuggets from the mountains of Colorado. This Manassa Turquoise Ring is a piece of the American West with its Colorado gold nuggets and natural Colorado Turquoise.

Womens Manassa Turquoise Jewelry Ring, Ladies Manassa Turquoise Ring

This Manassa Turquoise Ring was made by Crystal Hartman. It was made in the lost wax style where layers of wax are applied with special Jewelers tools. This is an intensive method of Jewelry making and a genuine art form. The Manassa Turquoise Gemstone is astonishing and the ring made by Crystal is remarkable. You can see more of Crystals Lost Wax Jewelry at our Online Store.

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