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Inlay Turquoise Jewelry

Inlay Turquoise Jewelry

Southwestern Inlay Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Inlay Jewelry
Inlay Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company makes high quality Inlay Turquoise Jewelry with natural American Turquoise. We Inlay Turquoise Rings, Inlay Turquoise Earrings and Turquoise Jewelry with the finest Blue Arizona Turquoise and Nevada Green Turquoise. We inlay Turquoise Jewelry here in Durango Colorado that is unusual and we have dealt in Zuni Native American Inlay Turquoise Jewelry for over 37 years, as well.

Inlay Turquoise Jewelry was originally made popular by the Zuni Indians located about 32 miles south of Gallup, NM. Today, Inlay Turquoise Jewelry has become so popular it is being made all over America as well as the rest of the world - people love Inlaid Turquoise Jewelry. Many people like Jewelry inlaid with multi-colored gemstones along with Turquoise and it does look beautiful. However, it all started with inlay Turquoise Jewelry, then Inlay Coral Jewelry by the Zuni Indians. Zuni Inlay Jewelry is so popular that it is some of the most common jewelry to find in the Southwest Americas.

Multi Color Turquoise Inlay Jewelry

There are many forms of Turquoise and Gemstone inlaying into Jewelry. The making of the Jewelry is quite different than conventional methods of Jewelry making. A Silver and/or Goldsmith first makes the metal creation with channels to accommodate a stone or group of stones. The Jewelry item is then inlaid with gemstones by cutting the stones to fit into a channel or void/recess in the metal. They are glued in with epoxy, then ground, sanded and polished. In the traditional practice the stones are then sanded flat or even with the metal. If an artist is creating a "corn row" or "cobble stone" piece, the stones are cut before they are inlaid into the piece of jewelry.

The standard way of making Turquoise Jewelry is by starting with a stone, putting a bezel around the stone and then proceeding forward in sculpting the silver or gold to embellish the stone. The Native American Navajo Indians were the first to make Turquoise Jewelry in America and this is the way it was done. These days Jewelry manufacturing shops throughout the Southwest often have Navajo Jewelers making the silver rings, bracelets and so on then the Zuni Indians take it from there inlaying the piece with Turquoise and/or other gemstones. Some of the most popular earrings in the world are Turquoise Inlay Earrings.

Durango Silver Company is unique in reasoning for inlaying Turquoise into Jewelry. We use natural Turquoise and find that we can protect the stones by inlaying them in a solid bed. We can also control the configuration of the matrix patterns by inlaying stones into our Jewelry. We make old style channel inlay jewelry as well as corn row or cobble stone style inlay jewelry and modern design gemstone inlay jewelry.

Inlay Turquoise Jewelry by Edison Yazzie

It has always been important to Durango Silver Company to use the high quality of natural Gem Turquoise. Recently, we have become enlightened of the historical past Turquoise has had. Turquoise was discovered over 7.500 years ago and it was believed to have come from the heavens. There are revelations on Turquoise and it has been coveted by peoples throughout the world for thousands of years as a metaphysical stone. Some of the first peoples to use Turquoise were the Egyptians. The Egyptians were also some of the first peoples to inlay gemstones including Turquoise. A great example of Turquoise Inlay is King Tut's Famous Gold Sarcophagus, which is inlaid with Turquoise, Lapis, Carnelian, and Obsidian.

Durango Silver Company is excited to tell you that we are now going to produce a line of Metaphysical Turquoise Jewelry. We will make special Sterling Silver Jewelry items and inlay them with Natural Turquoise – the underside or the side of the Jewelry item that touches the skin will be open so the spirit of the Turquoise Stone will radiate to the body. Alot of this metaphysical Turquoise jewelry will be made in the inlay jewelry style.

Turquoise Inlay Jewelry

Metaphysical Inlaid Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company will soon be available to the public on our website located at We will promote Metaphysical Turquoise Jewelry but if you would like to keep posted on our progress and new designs as they become available subscribe to our free Newsletter. We will be making wonderful jewelry with NATURAL Gemstones inlaid with hollow backs. Jewelry with hollow silver backings allow the gemstones energies to unite with your body, they also allow the jewelry to be light and airy. We inlay each piece with precision and class.

Durango Silver Company offers a nice selection of Inlay Turquoise Jewelry 
and well as Vintage Inlay Turquoise Jewelry. We carry authentic Zuni, Navajo and Contemporary Inlay Jewelry made by Native Americans. We feature natural Turquoise and other quality gemstones in our Jewelry which is not easily found elsewhere.


Inlay Turquoise Jewelry

We constantly add to our collection of highend inlay turquoise jewelry so if you love inlay jewelry as much as we do, please check back often. Our newest collection of inlay jewelry that is being added to the website is designed by our friend Steve Harper of Gallup, New Mexico. Steve uses the finest natural gemstones including American Turquoise, Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Spiny Oyster Shell and Sugilite. All of Steve Harper's wonderful inlay designs are fabricated by Authentic Native American artists in New Mexico, USA. Take a look at our collection of inlay jewelry and inlay Turquoise jewelry today!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlay Jewelry


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