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Navajo Nation Museum Turquoise Talk 2018

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Turquoise Cabochons | Gemstone Cabs | Friday Cabochon Sale

Dealers in High Quality Turquoise Cabochons

  • We have dealt in high quality Turquoise Cabochons for over 40 years. Our specialty is American Turquoise from Arizona and Nevada. We also have high quality Turquoise cabochons from other areas of the world such as China, Egypt and Persia.
  • The photos and information we provide online is accurate which makes it very convenient to find the Turquoise Cabochons you desire. We have made it very easy for you to view many different types of Turquoise Cabochons at your leisure and in your own time frame. You can purchase one or more cabochons and they will be mailed to you immediately. We guarantee all of our Turquoise Cabochons to be authentic accurate to our photos and description.
  • View our Turquoise Cabochons available 24 / 7 at; https://www.durangosilver.com/turquoise-cabochons
  • We also have a Turquoise Cabochon Sale on Instagram every Friday Night starting at 7:00 PM. We feature great deals on unique one-of-a-kind Turquoise Cabochons. You will love attending this weekly Show and Sale, and you will find special Turquoise gems to add to your collection;
  • We hope to see you Friday Night at: https://www.instagram.com/gemdesigner

Identify Your Jewelry

  • Durango Silver Company has been in the Turquoise Jewelry business since 1972. Throughout the years we have been consistently asked: “Who made this Jewelry and what kind of Turquoise is this?”
  • It is so important these days to identify your work properly. We highly recommend quality stamping your Jewelry with your complete identity. In addition, if you are using authentic high grade Turquoise in you Jewelry, we suggest considering stamping the type of Turquoise that is used in your special pieces.

Signature Concepts has been in the business of making high quality Jewelry stamps of over 25 years. We make custom Jewelry stamps that you will be proud of and at a price you can easily afford. Come see us at:https://www.durangosilver.com/silver-stamps.html

Durango Silver Company | www.durangosilver.com

Phone : 970-375-2401 | dillon@durangosilver.com

Hydrous Aluminum Phosphate - Turquoise

Hydrous Aluminum PhosphateTurquoise is a hydrous aluminum phosphate with a cupric base. That is the chemical make up of Turquoise. Turquoise is found in arid parts of the world. Water, usually as runoff, comes down mountainsides and settles in the rocks below. The water evaporates, leaving its trace elements behind. If the proper amounts of copper salts [...]

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A New Age Look at Stabilized Turquoise

A New Age Opinion of Stabilized TurquoiseWe do not believe that Natural Turquoise is better than Stabilized for most intents and purposes. We believe that both have there purpose, place, beauty, and use. Natural is more rare. On the flip side Stabilized is more durable and does not change colors.Stabilized Turquoise is better suited for most consumers. [...]

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Ithaca Peak Turquoise

The Famous Ithaca Peak TurquoiseThere is a lot of beautiful Turquoise in the world, from many different countries, with many different colors, matrix patterns, no matrix. There are certain varieties of Turquoise from a handful of mines which are above and beyond that of normal Turquoise.One of the most iconic, collectible and beautiful varieties of [...]

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Number Eight Turquoise from Durango Silver

The Number Eight Turquoise CollectionLooking for some good old time American Turquoise?  What about some killer spiderweb Turquoise from one of the most famous Turquoise mines of all time.  We be selling some of the best Turquoise on earth in cabochons, rough and jewelry.  We have one of the largest collections of Number 8 Turquoise [...]

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Egyptian Turquoise Jewelry and Gems

Egyptian Turquoise Jewelry and Gems We have been working with some wonderful new Turquoise, well new to us anyways.  You may have noticed that we have posting new jewelry by John Hartman, Crystal Hartman and Nattarika Hartman with high grade Egyptian Turquoise.  This material is gorgeous.  The Egyptian Turquoise rough we have been lucky enough to [...]

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NEW Pilot Mountain Turquoise Collection

NEW! Pilot Mountain Turquoise Jewelry and Gem CollectionHave you seen our new selection of natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise jewelry and gemstones from Nevada? Take a look by following the link here Pilot Mountain Turquoise CollectionWe have been cutting some amazing new material from the Pilot Mountain Turquoise mine outside of Mina, Nevada, USA.  This colors are [...]

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2016 Fashion Jewelry Trend - Turquoise

 2016 Fashion Jewelry Trend - Turquoise The gemstone Turquoise has long been one of the most popular gemstones and is also the birthstone for December. It is commonly related to Southwestern and Native American Jewelry in the United States. For a long while most Americans have considered Turquoise to be a Native American stone. Having said [...]

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Turquoise Beaded Earrings - Turquoise Jewelry

We have just come back from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and Nattarika is excited to start making her Turquoise Beaded Earrings again after a giant Christmas Season in 2010. Check out this pair of Turquoise Chandelier Earrings she just made.Turquoise Beaded Earrings are in vogue today, Southwestern styles of Turquoise beaded earrings are [...]

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Sugilite and Tibetan Turquoise Earrings

A beautiful pair of Sterling Silver, Sugilite and Tibetan Spiderweb Turquoise has just been put up on the Durango Silver Website. What a wonderful combination blue Turquoise and purple Sugilite. The royal purple really highlights the sky blue in genuine Turquoise.Tibetan Turquoise is the most celebrated Turquoise on earth as the Tibetan people [...]

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