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Egyptian Turquoise Jewelry and Gems

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Egyptian Turquoise Jewelry and Gems

Egyptian Turquoise Pendant by John Hartman

We have been working with some wonderful new Turquoise, well new to us anyways.  You may have noticed that we have posting new jewelry by John Hartman, Crystal Hartman and Nattarika Hartman with high grade Egyptian Turquoise.  This material is gorgeous.  The Egyptian Turquoise rough we have been lucky enough to purchase has been really wonderful with deep blues, vivid medium blues and chocolate brown to fire engine red matrix. Many of the gems we cut features natural spiderweb matrix patterns.  This real Turquoise rivals any Turquoise we have ever used, American, Chinese, Persian, you name it.

We will be make a large line of silver and gold jewelry with Egyptian Turquoise as the focal point of the pieces.  We are creating all types of jewelry from this gem.  We will create Southwestern Jewelry pieces both show quality and everyday pieces, lost wax jewelry, modern silver jewelry, and gold jewelry. We have also given some to our Navajo friend Stanley Manygoats to create some outstanding inlay jewelry with.

You will be able to buy unset cabochons cut by John Hartman from us as well. You will see cabochons from 5 carats up to 50 carats!  We are cutting all matrix patterns and tones of blue.  You can buy them unset or you can request a custom piece of jewelry made with the stone you buy.  We will take on custom orders as long as they are within the realms of what we already make.  It takes a minimum 4-6 weeks for us to complete custom work.

Spiderweb Egyptian Turquoise cabochon by John Hartman

Brief Egyptian Turquoise History

Egyptian Turquoise was first found in Egypt well over 7,500 years ago. It was highly coveted by the Egyptians to be a secred stone with metaphysical powers. Egyptian Turquoise was used by Egyptian healers, worn Kings, Pharaohs, Rulers and important people from that early period in world history. Below are a few examples of the vast amounts of Egyptian Turquoise jewelry that has been found.

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