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Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has been in business producing handmade Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years. We have been in many facets of this business and have manufactured Silver Jewelry for many entities as well as our own Retail Stores and our online Silver Gallery. We have produced in high volume and are capible of handling large volumes of Silver Jewelry for the Wholesale Silver Jewelry market.


Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Durango Silver Co

Durango Silver Company has been in the Wholesale Silver Jewelry business with several different venues in the last 40 years. Producing Wholesale Silver Jewelry in high volume is much different than what we are currently doing. We have been producing high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces of Silver Jewelry that we sell in our own Silver Gallery and have had great success. Due to the uniqueness of our Silver Jewelry, we have been being asked more and more if we would produce a Whole Silver Jewelry line for other entities. As we have been in the Wholesale Silver Jewelry in the past, it is certainly a possibility for us for our future as we are very capible as well as experianced.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry example; In 1995, we were approached by a Japanese representitive for Zippo Lighter Company while doing the Denver Gift Show. We were asked if we were able to produce large quanitities of Silver Jewelry to be applied onto Sterling Silver Zippo Lighter cases. We agreed to produce for Zippo and within 90 days our company was producing 23,000 pieces of Silver Jewelry, many with inlaid Turquoise Gemstones per month and delivering them to Tokyo, Japan. This contract lasted 18 months and was a great success for our company as well as Zippo Lighter company.

We went on to many other ventures such as designing and producing in Bali, Indonesia, India and China. Today, our interests are quality handmade American Silver Jewelry from the Southwestern USA. We are always open for business oppertunities and willing to work with serious qualified business associates to produce volumes of Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Oppertunity

Crystal Hartman was born and raised in Durango, Colorado USA then went on to get a degree in Art at C.U. Boulder, Colorado. She has had museums show her Artwork worldwide and has become quite an accomplished artisan in many venues. Most recently, Crystal has been an understudy of John Hartman, (father and master Jeweler,) putting her tallents into making Jewelry, below are some examples of her work. Crystal makes a very unique style of Jewelry that has been a great success for Durango Silver Company and now several other high end Galleries in key Colorado locations. Crystal is currently working on a line of Silver Jewelry that will be reproducable and will be entering the Wholesale Silver Jewelry marketplace shortly. This will not be your typical production Silver Jewelry line as it will be a quality high fashion wholesale Silver Jewelry line that she will sell to sellect Galleries that handle quality artistic items as well as quality unique Jewelry Galleries. If you are looking for a new line to add to your Gallery, we encourage you to consider Silver Jewelry by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry by Crystal Turquoise Pendant Wholesale Silver Jewelry by Crystal Hartman

Above and to the left is a Blue Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Pendant by Crystal Hartman. This lost wax style sterling silver pendant focuses on a Blue Chalcedony cabochon set in a most unusual Sterling Silver setting created by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA. Crystal's Silver work is unique from all others and this style of Silver work is not typically seen available. You can see more of Crystal's work by typing her name in the search box to the upper left. This pendant is one of the designs of wholesale silver jewerlry offered.

To the right “Lost Wax” style Blue Diamond Turquoise Pendant by Crystal Hartman. The Silver work in this pendant is unique, one-of-a-kind and truly enchanting as it has a flowing type of design the resembles a grape vine motif. This unique blue Turquoise pendant is very fashion forward and features an oval shaped, spider web Turquoise cabochon from Austin, Nevada USA. Crystal's work is most interesting and beloved by all who see it. This pendant is one of the designs of wholesale silver jewerlry offered.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry - Topaz Ring by Crystal Hartman Green Turquoise Ring by Crystal Hartman

To the above left is a London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring by Crystal Hartman. A unique, hand cut, shield shaped, faceted London Blue Topaz is the star of this one-of-a-kind Silver Ring. The Silver design is equally as unique as the gemstone, it was designed to mimic organic and natural vines and berries which enhances the Blue Topaz Gemstone greatly. This Blue Topaz Sterling Silver ring is a head turner and is sure to be the most talked about piece in most people’s Silver Jewelry collection. This is a great example of the Wholesale Silver Jewelry Durango Silver Co will offer in the future. As of now you can contact Crystal Hartman for Wholesale Silver Jewelry like this.

Above and to the right is a Art Deco style Sterling Silver and Broken Arrow Variscite Ring by Crystal Hartman. An Emerald green natural Broken Arrow Variscite cabochon is the focal point of this ring, however, the Silver work was created in a most unique style that it sets off the beautiful gemstone in a most unusual way. This is a great Silver Ring that will attract a lot of attention. This is a good example of the Wholesale Silver Jewelry Durango Silver Co will offer in the future. As of now you can contact Crystal Hartman for Wholesale Silver Jewelry like this.

Additional items from Crystal's new Wholesale Silver Jwelry line will be added shortly.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Inquiries

If you are interested in handling Crystal Hartmans Jewelry, please contact John Hartman for additional information at 970 375-2401 or


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