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Turquoise Gold Rings

Turquoise Gold Rings

Learn about Turquoise Gold Rings
A Different Type of Turquoise Jewelry 

Whether you just love gold, only wear gold or if you just want a more unique and exclusive piece of Turquoise Jewelry, gold is definitely fits all of these needs.

Here is a bit about a Turquoise Gold Ring by Durango Silver Company

Turquoise Gold Rings are beautiful and unusual. In general Turquoise has been associated with Sterling Silver in the United States in the past with little set in gold, however, Turquoise set in gold is and has been standard in most other places on earth. Durango Silver Company has been making Turquoise and gold rings for many years. We even use Colorado gold nuggets in some of our Turquoise gold ring collection.

Durango Silver Company also makes a lot of Turquoise gold ring models on special order. We often show our customers special Turquoise cabochons to choose from and then pinpoint a particular design for their Turquoise and gold ring. We specialize in men's rings in gold and make many of them. We make substantial men's gold rings that make a statement and we also make men's rings in gold and Silver which are unique, look great when worn and are substantially less costly then solid Turquoise gold ring.

If you would like a Turquoise gold ring, check out the gold and Turquoise ring page in our site by pushing the gold jewelry button on the left side bar. You can get a good idea of some of the Turquoise Gold Rings styles we make and if you wish to see more you can contact us.

Below are some examples of Turquoise gold rings and descriptions of them:

Here is a really beautiful handmade Turquoise Gold Ring with natural Dry Creek or Sacred Buffalo Turquoise from Nevada Mens Rings in gold featuring natural American Turquoise

Turquoise gold rings are special and a good choice in a gold ring for a man or a woman. The color of yellow gold is outstanding with blue or Green Sky Stones. Above are two examples of 14k rings we make here at Durango Silver which feature the sky stone. A blue Turquoise men's ring as the ring on the left is beautiful and is very attractive on a man's hand. When you want to look really classy you may love to have a Sky Stone Ring such as this. This particular ring features the rarest and highest grade of natural Dry Creek Turquoise from the Godber or Burnham mine outside of Austin, Nevada USA. The natural green Turquoise and 14k yellow gold men's ring on the right is a sleek style with a inlaid stone that sits low to make an easy to wear ring for a man. This American handmade ring features an outrageous natural lime green Turquoise stone from the Blue Ridge or Orvil Jack mine in Nevada, USA. This color of natural sky stone is very rare and hard to find, only a few mines in the world produce this material in a very limited amount, less than 10% of their yield. - Learn More

Take a look at this stunning solid 14k gold ladies ring with top gem grade natural spiderweb Paiute Turquoise Navajo Native American handmade Sterling Silver and 14k gold ring with top grade spiderweb Damele

Above are two Native American hand crafted 14k gold pieces with top gem grade, spider web, natural American gemstones. Both of these pieces features simplistic metal work that keeps the focus on the fine and ultra-rare natural Turquoise cabochons from Nevada, USA. The ring to the left features an outstanding ultra-grade natural Paiute cabochon which features deep blue color and amazing black spider web matrix. This piece was Navajo handmade. The piece to the left is made from Sterling Silver and 14k. This ring features and Art Deco style and the two tone metal work really sets it apart from others. The crown jewel is a piece of top gem grade, natural, spider web, lime green Damele from Austin, Nevada USA. This piece was Navajo handmade by Will Dennetdale. Both of the rings feature the highest grade, rarest natural spider web Nevada Turquoise you can get.

More Examples of our pieces made with 14k Yellow Gold and natural high grade Turquoise

Red spider web and sky blue Persian Turquoise and 14k gold ring by Nattarika Hartman The world famous Lander Blue Turquoise and 14k gold lost wax ring by Nattarika Hartman

Above are two wonderful examples of our specialty "Lost Wax" style 14k yellow gold pieces with ultra-high grade spider web Turquoise. To the left is a lady's ring made of solid 14k. The focal point of this piece is a bright blue, top gem grade, spider web Persian Turquoise cabochon. Look at the awesome blue in this natural Persian cabochon which is really set off by the red spider web matrix. To the left is a 14k women's ring by Nattarika Hartman which features an ultr-rare natural Lander Blue Turquoise cabochon from Nevada, USA. The organic feeling yellow gold setting is a perfect setting for this rare gem.

Here are More Examples of Turquoise and Gold Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Take a look at this turquoise and Gold Ring by John Hartman - turquoise rings Here is a Turquoise Gold Ring with rare natural Blue Wind Turquoise from Nevada, this is a great example of our high end rings

The Turquoise gold ring on the left is a woman's gold ring made in the Lost Wax method by John Hartman. It is a stunning Turquoise and Gold Ring was made with beautiful and rare natural Bisbee Blue Turquoise from Arizona. This rare gemstone came from the famous Copper Queen mine in Bisbee, Arizona USA. The Copper Queen mine has been closed for over 30 years, as you can imagine this makes Bisbee a hard variety of the Sky Stone to come by. Bisbee is known for its deep blue natural color and chocolate brown to red matrix, which the stone in this piece definitely has. The rarity and the natural beauty of this gemstone cabochon make a prime candidate for a gold piece. Most jewelry would not set this type of super high grade Bisbee Turquoise into Sterling Silver, this is a gold stone. The heavy duty design of this piece is perfect for the rare gem.

The men's rings on the right is a gold, silver and Turquoise ring and has a very large spider web Blue Wind Nevada Turquoise cabochon. This piece is a great example of a mixed metal pieces we make here at Durango Silver Company. The gold and silver work really accent the fine natural gemstone wonderfully. This gemstone is very rare and hard to come by. There was only a very little bit of this natural spider web black matrix and this stone is some of the finest that came out of this small hat mine in Nevada, USA. Turquoise gold pieces like this make a big statement and are fun to wear, we enjoy making spectacular Gold Turquoise Rings that are dynamic and both of these pieces are definitely that!

Below are a couple pieces with 14k and natural lime Damele gemstones

Art Deco style silver and 14k ring with spiderweb Damele Handmade 14k ring with top gem grade Damele from Austin, Nevada USA

Above are two classic hand fabricated pieces by John Hartman. Both of these piece features high grade natural spider web matrix Damele from Austin, Nevada USA. To the left is a nice saddle ring made with Sterling Silver and 14k yellow gold. The two tone metal work in this piece makes extraordinary and makes it something unique. To the right is a beautiful piece in solid yellow 14k. This nice little ladies ring focuses on a rare yellow to lime green Turquoise cabochon from the Damele mine. This gemstone features beautiful brown spider web matrix which is outlined with a lime green glow.

Mens Rings Gold Turquoise Gold Ring - Side View

The ring on the left is an outstanding Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ring. It was made in the Lost Wax method by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company in Durango, Colorado USA. 14k Gold with Colorado Gold Nuggets surrounding the beautiful Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone is a ring that is truly a collectors item and absolutely a one of a kind that will never be repeated. Rings of this caliber can be made to fit any lifestyle and desire.

The ring on the right is a "Lost Wax" men's gold ring by Nattarika Hartman. This Lime Green Tortoise Turquoise and gold ring made using the lost wax technique. John Hartman came later and inlaid the natural 24k Natural Colorado Gold Nuggets into the ring. This gold men's ring features a top gem grade spider web Tortoise Turquoise cabochon.

Thank you for taking the time to read our information. We hope you have enjoyed this brief look into what Turquoise looks like in yellow gold. There are many more styles we did not show here in this brief informational page. As you can imagine, any style of ring we make in Sterling Silver can be made in 14k, so you can have Victorian style rings, Southwestern bench made, inlay style, band style, and many more styles in 14k. Turquoise also looks good other forms of gold jewelry. We have made everything from pendants to bracelet to earrings, necklcaces and more. You can see different styles of jewelry we make in 14k by following the links below or by click on the button to the left side of the page that says "Gold Jewelry". You will see some of the finest natural American Turquoise gemstones as well as sky stones from other countries which are 100% natural and of highest gem grade in these handmade 14k pieces. We take great pride in our gold jewelry and always use the finest gemstones and put extra effort into every detail of each piece. We proud of every one-of-a-kind piece we make here at Durango Silver Company, whether it is 14k or Sterling Silver and we are proud we can show them to you.

If you would like to see more quality Turquoise gold jewelry and other designs as they become available. We invite you to join our other members in joining our occasional newsletter. Occasionally, we send out a newsletter with news about Durango Silver Company, Southwestern Jewelry produced by our company and the latest news from Durango. We also have a monthly drawing and give away a piece of jewelry from Durango Silver Co to one of our friends that have subscribed to our Newsletter.

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