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Mens Bands

Mens Bands

Mens Bands

Mens Bands have been worn by many in the Southwest since a Blacksmith named Atsidi Sani learned how to work Silver from the Spaniards in 1865. Atsidi was taught how to design Silver Jewelry as the spaniards made it, so his roots in making Silver Jewelry were actually inherited from the Spanish. Many of the Native American designs, as well as our own resemble old world Jewelry designs from the Spaniards.

To the left is a Greek mosaic design from hundreds of years ago. The geometric pattern you see on the sides is called a Greek Key design and in the center is an outline design, the black zigzags are outlined with white, then black and so on. This artistic piece was made in the 1600's and has made an impact on many artisans since. The Indian Traders brought this to the Navajo's in approximately 1850 and you will see versions of this design in early Navajo weaving's - Navajo Silversmiths have also made Jewelry as well as Mens Bands with elements of this design.

Mens-Bands -design Mens Bands

Take a good look at the design in the mosaic and the Mens Band on the right, you can see the resemblance - the Greek Key design and even part of the ZigZag design. An artisan will see a piece like this and he/she retains a vision, interprets it into their own design and creates another piece of art. Mens Bands are created from a vision and then become pieces of wearable art. We have made many Mens Bands similar to this in the past and we continue to use different Greek Key designs in our Mens Bands as well as other Silver Jewelry that we produce at Durango Silver Company.

Mens Bands with Gemstones

Mens Bands with Gemstones Native American Mens Bands

Above are two Silver Mens Bands with Gemstones. The Mens Band Ring on the left was handmade by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. John calls this his Mens Saddle Ring as it was made like a Saddle. He hand stamped heavy sheet Silver with a sunburst design and formed it into a ring and soldered it together. Next John contoured and mounted the bezel along with side ornaments on top of the band. Saddle Mens Ring Bands are very comfortable to wear and men love this type of Ring. To the right is a Navajo Mens Band Ring - this Ring was made by hand stamping sheet Silver with handmade steel stamping tools, then forming it round and mounting the stone on top. This Mens Band was made much like our Mens Saddle Band Rings! You can see by these two Mens Bands that Southwestern Mens Bands are unique and the designs are excitingly different.

Mens Bands from Durango Silver Company

Sterling Silver Mens Bands Silver Mens Bands

Here are two Mens Bands from the American Southwest produced by Durango Silver Company. Silver Jewelry as well as Mens Bands from the American Southwest are unusual from other Jewelry made in the world. Our designs have characteristics that have been handed down hundreds of years, we are Artisans of Southwestern United States and Jewelry made by our company is unique, substancial and proudly made in the USA!

The Mens Band to the left was made with heavy round Silver wire that has been twisted and then hammering flat, it is overlaid onto the Silver band. Next we took round wire and flattened it on two sides then applied it next to the flattened twist when making this mens silver band ring. Next we cut strips of sheet silver, stamped lines in them and applied them next to the round wire. We then soldered the piece together, filed, sanded and finished it into a handsome Mens Band.

To the right is an Artisan created example of our classic Mens Band Rings by Durango Silver that was hand fabricated by cutting sheet Silver then stamping lines equally spaced, filed and fitted over a silver Ring band - next to the center lined band are two solid Rings of Silver. This is a classy Mens Band Ring that is easy to wear for most men and it is very attractive on a mans finger.

Sterling Silver Mens Bands

Durango Silver Company produces Sterling Silver Mens Bands as Silver is the precious metal of choice by our company as well as most Jewelry Artisans of the American Southwest. Our Sterling Silver Jewelry and Mens Bands are world class and we sell them all over the world. We are proud to be able to say our Jewelry is Made in the USA, our standards are high and we care about each and every piece we create.

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We hope you have aquired some good information this presentation and we also hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering Mens Bands as well.

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