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Green Turquoise Cabochons

Green Turquoise Cabochons

Green Turquoise Cabochons

Green Turquoise Cabochons

Here at Durango Silver Company we love all types and colors of Turquoise with all types of different matrix patterns. One of our favorite variations of Turquoise is Green Turquoise. We have been cutting all types and shades of Turquoise for decades. We love to cut Green Turquoise Cabochons. We cut these stones from all different mines, both Domestic and Foreign. American Turquoise is more famous for its green Turquoise than most foreign locations. Nevada is very famous for its green Turquoise and many jewelers seek out Green Nevada Turquoise for their jewelry both gold and silver. Green Turquoise cabochons look especially fantastic in yellow gold jewelry. A modern classic is forest green Manassa Turquoise in 14k yellow gold, absolutely breath taking. Green Turquoise Cabochons look great in silver jewelry as well.

High Grade Natural Carico Lake lime green Turquoise cabochons

High Grade Natural Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon

Green Turquoise is generally from Nevada, some of the famous mines are the Royston Turquoise Mine, Tonopah Blue Gem Turquoise Mine, Damele Mine, Carico Lake Turquoise Mine, Battle Mountain Turquoise Mine and the Orville Jack Turquoise Mine. Even though Nevada is generally known for green Turquoise, the most famous green Turquoise mine is by far the King's Manassa Turquoise mine in Colorado, USA. Green Turquoise Cabochons from this mine ar far superior in grade, color, hardness and desirability. Other notable Turquoise mines that produce green Turquoise are the Cerrillos Turquoise mine an the Hatchita Turquoise mining district in New Mexico, and the Evans Mine in Baja, Mexico. Buy Green Turquoise Cabochons and Jewelry

Green Turquoise Cabochon Examples

Damele Green Turquoise Cabochon Spiderweb Green Turquoise Cabochon

Above are two very different examples of natural Green Turquoise Cabochons from Nevada. To the left is a cabochon of deep lime green Damele Turquoise from Austin Nevada, USA. The Damele mine is one of the most famous green Turquoise mines. This mine also produces the rare cousin of Turquoise, Faustite, as well as Variscite. To the right is a top gem grade of spider web Royston Turquoise from Tonopah, Nevada. The Royston Turquoise mine is known for producing both green and blue Turquoise with beautiful brown matrix.

Green Tortoise Turquoise Cabochon Lime Green Turquoise Cabochon from the Orvil Jack Mine

Above are two great examples of natural Lime Green Turquoise cabochons. To the left is a large cabochon of natural Lime Green Turquoise from the Tortoise Turquoise mine in Mineral County, Nevada. To the right is a beautiful example of lime green Turquoise from the famous Orvil Jack Turquoise mine. Both of these stones are rare and hard to come across. Lime green Turquoise is one of the most rare varieties and is also one of the hottest trends in Turquoise Jewelry these days.

Ribbon Cut Hachita Turquoise Cabochon Spiderweb Lime Green Turquoise Cabochon

Above are two more examples of different looks of natural Green Turquoise Cabochons. To the left is a cabochon of rare Hachita Turquoise from New Mexico. This Beautiful green Turquoise gemstone was cut in the ribbon or boulder Turquoise fashion. This means the vein of Turquoise was cut as it set in the host rock rather than cut out of the host rock then cut into a solid green Turquoise cab. To the right is a beautiful natural Tibetan Turquoise cabochon. This piece is a shocking lime green and features black spider web matrix. A very rare stone indeed.

Emerald Valley Green Turquoise Cabochons

Natural Lime Green Turquoise Cabochons from the Emerald Valley mine in Nevada, USA Buy Green Turquoise Cabochons and Jewelry

Jewelry with Green Turquoise Cabochons

Green Turquoise Jewelry has long been favored by many people including Native American Indians. Green Turquoise has an earthy and/or natural earth tone look and Green Turquoise Jewelry generally looks very natural when worn and matches just about any attire that one chooses to wear with it. This color of jewelry is great for men in particular. When you combine the right type of setting with a killer green Turquoise cabochon it is magic for men's Turquoise jewelry.

Men and women both like Green Turquoise Jewelry, however, the working man tends to like Green Turquoise Cabochons in Jewelry as it can be worn without attracting to much attention. A great Jewelry item for a man is a Green Turquoise Belt Buckle. Many men will wear a Buckle every day, a great present for a man!

Green Turquoise Cabochon Bracelet Orvil Jack lime green Turquoise

Above are two very different examples of handmade jewelry with Green Turquoise Cabochons. Above to the left is an outstanding example of the highest grade of natural Royston Turquoise from Tonopah, Nevada. This cab is 100% natural, hard and has a glass like luster. Look how beautiful it is in it's amazing Sterling Silver setting. This would make a show piece in any man's Turquoise Jewelry collection. Above to the right is a top gem grade natural Orvil Jack Turquoise cabochon which has been set into a solid 14k yellow gold ring by Nattarika Hartman. This is a great example of the yellow - lime green Turquoise that made the Orvil Jack mine famous.

Mint Green Turquoise Cabochon Green Royston Turquoise Cabochon Ring

Above to the left is a top grade, natural, spider web, mint green Turquoise cabochon from the Tortoise Turquoise mine in Nevada. This gemstone has been set into a Sterling Silver amulet by Navajo Jewelry artisan Vernon Begay. To the right is a classic men's Sterling Silver ring with a top gem grade cab from the Royston Turquoise mine. This particular cabochon came from the old Bunker Hill mine.

Manassa Green Turquoise Bracelet High Grade Green Turquoise Cabochon

Here are two stellar example of a high end piece of men's Turquoise jewelry. Both of this heavy duty Sterling Silver cuff bracelet feature high grade natural green Turquoise cabochons from famous American Turquoise mines. To the left is an outstanding Sterling Silver cuff bracelet by Native American Jewelry artisan Guy Hoskie. This men's silver cuff features a natural cabochon of green Turquoise from the King's Manassa mine in Colorado. This is the highest grade of natural Manassa Turquoise. To the right is a museum quality heavy weight Sterling Silver cuff bracelet by John Hartman. This piece features a huge natural green Turquoise cabochon from the Royston Turquoise mine.

Here at Durango Silver Company we specialize in Green Turquoise Jewelry and hand cut Green Turquoise cabochons. Keep your eyes peeled, we add new jewelry and gemstones daily. We will maintain a large selection of natural Green Turquoise Jewelry and Green Turquoise Cabochons from ever mine possible.

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