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Turquoise and Gold Rings

Turquoise and Gold Rings

Turquoise Gold Rings

Durango Silver Company has been making Turquoise Gold Rings for nearly forty years. We specialize in high quality natural Turquoise Stones from extinct Turquoise Mines as well as the best Turquoise available from Turquoise Mines that are still in existence. We make a wide variety of Turquoise Gold Ring styles from handcrafted (bench made) to unique lost wax gold rings that are magnificent, all are one of a kind Turquoise Gold Rings that are extremely beautiful. We have a Turquoise Gold Ring for everyone.

We realize Turquoise Gold Rings are not as prevalent as Sterling Silver Turquoise Rings as they are substantially higher in price. Due to the inherent value of a Turquoise Gold Ring, we use exceptional Turquoise and we pay a lot of extra attention to the Turquoise Gold Rings that we make. If you are interested in a Turquoise Ring made in Gold, we invite you to check out our unique pieces.

Turquoise Gold Ring Examples

Turquoise Gold Rings Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ring

Here are two Turquoise Gold Rings from Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA

To the left - A Men's High Grade Orvil Jack and 14k Gold Turquoise Ring by Dillon Hartman. This wonderful handmade Turquoise gold ring is definitely Museum Grade. The Turquoise Gold Ring features 5 carats of top grade Lime Green Natural Orvil Jack Turquoise. Orvil Jack is extremely hard to come by and sells in the rough for $4500.00/lbs! This Turquoise came from an old collection from the 50's and 60's. The Turquoise Gold Ring is constructed of 14k gold. Artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

To the right - Men's 14k Gold and Natural Silverton Colorado Gold Nugget Lost Wax Design Bisbee Turquoise Ring by John Hartman. This super heavy solid 14k gold ring features 15 natural 24k gold nuggets from Silverton, Colorado on each side of the shank and a huge RARE Smokey Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon. The Awesome 20 Ct High grade Smokey Bisbee Turquoise Stone is held in by handmade prongs, in this Turquoise gold ring. This gold men's Turquoise ring is made heavy 14k gold! It weighs about one once with the stone and 24k gold nuggets. This is one unique and super manly Turquoise Gold ring.

Tortoise Turquoise Gold Ring Tortoise Turquoise Gold Ring with Colorado Gold Nuggets

To the left - Is a very nice Lost Wax Turquoise Gold Ring with inlaid Gold Nuggets on the sides of the ring. The stone in the Turquoise Gold Ring is a special Spiderweb lime green Tortoise Turquoise Stone. This spectacular natural Nevada Turquoise cabochon is held into this Turquoise Gold Ring with handmade gold prongs and is accented with natural Colorado Gold Nuggets.

To the right - Is the side view of the Same Tortoise Turquoise Gold Ring. Gold Turquoise Rings of this caliber can also be made by special order.

More Turquoise Gold Ring Examples

Dry Creek Gold Turquoise Ring Gold Turquoise Ring with Silver

Durango Silver Company makes a wide variety of Gold Turquoise Jewelry other than Gold Rings. Visit the Turquoise Gold Jewelry section of this site to see more Gold Jewelry items.

To the left - A 14k Gold and Sterling Silver red web Dry Creek Turquoise Gold Ring by John Hartman. This museum quality Gold Turquoise Ring with Dry Creek Turquoise features an out of this world, red webbed, Natural Dry Creek Turquoise rectangular cabochon. To find this grade of Dry Creek or Sacred Buffalo Turquoise is almost impossible. This top grade Nevada Turquoise is set in a 14k bezel and is surrounded by 14k rope and raindrops. This Turquoise Gold Ring features a sterling silver four prong shank that is accented with 14k gold raindrop designs.

To the right - Is the side view of the Dry Creek Turquoise Gold Ring.

Blue Wind Turquoise Gold Ring Side of Blue Wind Gold Turquoise Ring

To the left - Huge Blue Wind Turquoise Gold and Silver Ring. This Turquoise Gold ring by John Hartman features a heavy silver band with graduated 14k gold raindrops, 14k bezel, and 14k rope design. The ring has a huge Blue Wind natural Turquoise cabochon. The Blue Wind Turquoise Mine was a small mine in Lander County that produced wonderful blue spiderweb with black web that looked just like Lander Blue. It is one of the most valued types of Turquoise in the world. Fetching as much as $150.00 USD per carat wholesale.

To the right - Is a side view of the Blue Wind Gold Turquoise Ring.

Turquoise Gold Rings by Durango Silver Co.

Manassa Colorado Mans Turquoise Gold Ring Villa Grove Turquoise Gold Ring

Here are two good examples of Lost Wax Style Turquoise Gold Rings. The lost wax design of this Turquoise Gold Rings is unique as designs are created by adding layer after layer of molten Jewelers wax to form the flowing patterns. The Lost Wax Turquoise Gold Rings from Durango Silver Co are all individual, one of a kind pieces.

To the left - Is one of our beautiful Turquoise Gold Rings that has a high grade Manassa Turquoise Stone and natural Gold Nuggets. It was handcrafted by John Hartman. This is the highest grade of natural Manassa Turquoise from Manassa, Colorado USA. This is ultra hard to find in Turquoise gold rings. Nice natural gold nuggets from Silverton, Colorado USA adorn the shank of the ring. Absolutely stunning!

To the right - Is one of our handmade Turquoise Gold Rings with natural Villa Grove Turquoise for women. This ring is solid 14K handmade by Nattarika Hartman. It features natural gold nuggets from Silverton, Co. on each side of the ring. This Gold and Turquoise Ring has a very high quality piece of Villa Grove Turquoise, definately a rare find in Turquoise Gold Rings.

Coral and Gold Nugget Ring Coral Gold Ring with Colorado Gold Nuggets

To the left - is one our Turquoise gold rings with a high grade Mediterranean Coral Stone and Gold Nugget Ring in solid 14k gold. This coral is considered "Ox Blood" Red Mediterranean coral, so gemmy it almost looks like glass! This handmade 14k gold ring by John Hartman features natural gold nuggets from Silverton, Colorado. Absolutely stunning and one of our museum quality Turquoise Gold Rings.

To the right - Side view of the Coral Gold Ring.

More Turquoise Gold Rings

Tortoise Turquoise Silver and Gold Ring with Gold Nuggets Tortoise Turquoise Gold Nugget Ring

To the left - is one of our unique handmade Turquoise Gold Rings with Tortoise Turquoise and gold nugget men's ring set in sterling silver. The top of this ring is a mint green Tortoise Turquoise stone with black spiderweb matrix. The stone surrounded with 17 natural gold nuggets from Silverton Co. The shank is silver Inlaid with 5 gold nuggets. A fine example of one of John Hartman's handmade Turquoise Gold Rings.

To the right - is a side view of the Tortoise Turquoise Gold Nugget Ring.

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