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Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry

Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry

Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry

Bisbee Turquoise is known to be one of the most beautiful types of Turquoise in the world, it is also one of the rarest types of Turquoise in the world as it has not been mined since 1978, yet the demand for Bisbee is higher than most any Turquoise in the world, by Turquoise collectors. Ultra-Grade Bisbee Turquoise is the highest grade of Bisbee Turquoise, it is extremely hard to find so it makes good sense that it should be set in gold with Diamonds. This presentation is about Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry in Gold with Diamonds created by B. Mead and available from Durango Silver Company. We have many other informational pages on Turquoise Gold Jewelry that can be accessed at the bottom of this page as well.

This Gold Bisbee Turquoise and Diamond Ring is available and is priced in the low 20's. It can be viewed at Bisbee Turquoise Ring with Diamonds, which is its presentation page where you will find additional photos and information.

Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry from Durango Silver Company - exceptional works of Art from the American Southwest, they are unusual Museum quality treasures that will become important heirlooms in the future. Durango Silver Company has and deals in the world's finest natural Turquoise, we totally guarantee what we sell to be 100% authentic.

The Turquoise and Diamond necklace in Gold above and to the left is a beautiful example of Ultra-Grade Bisbee Turquoise in a setting that is fit for a Queen. The fact is, this necklace does have the royalty appearance. It is very special and even more beautiful in person. 

And to the upper right and the large center photo below is another Bisbee Turquoise necklace with Diamonds. Notice the beautiful red spiderweb matrix in the stone, this is very rare and it is also very collectible among experienced collectors. Red matrix in Turquoise is caused from high concentrates of iron in the host rock that the Turquoise grew in. This is a spectacular pendant that has a spring bale which allows you to move it between different necklaces easily. A great piece for the most discriminating collector! You can tell our Bisbee Turquoise necklaces are way different from your usual Turquoise necklace.

To the above left is a beautiful Translucent Bisbee Turquoise gemstone in a gold ring with Diamonds that is breath taking. Featuring a top gem grade natural Bisbee Turquoise cabochon, this ladies 18k gold dinner ring was made in a modern fashion jewelry style. This RARE natural American Turquoise cabochon is surrounded by 60 points of VS grade, E-F color white diamonds.

Above and to the right is another elongated oval Turquoise and diamond ring in gold. This is another good example of high-grade Bisbee Blue Turquoise set with quality Diamonds in a fantastic modern setting that will fit in any lifestyle.

This amazing Round Bisbee Turquoise and Gold Ring with Diamonds features the best, most desirable natural American Turquoise, Ultra-Grade Red Web Bisbee Turquoise! This outstanding Ring also features 52 Diamonds with a total weight of 86 points. All of these wonderful, natural gemstones are set in a marvelous handmade 18k yellow gold ring setting. It is certain when you wear one of our Gold and Diamond Turquoise Rings everyone who sees it will fall in love!

Above and to the right is an awesome ring! This High Grade Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ladies Ring has a modern look, yet has an old Victorian era look. The beautiful diamonds encircle the insanely beautiful natural Bisbee Turquoise cabochon and then continue down the prongs on the 18k gold ring band. You will love the hand crafted ring shank as it is very unusual and ads a Victorian look to the ring.

Quality Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry

Quality Turquoise and Diamonds in Gold Jewelry from the American Southwest are surprisingly difficult to find. Durango Silver Company has been making Gold and Turquoise necklaces for over forty years, they have a very large high grade Turquoise collection and they make some of the finest quality Gold and Turquoise necklaces coming out of the American Southwest today.

Above and to the left is a high fashion Turquoise and Diamond Ring in 18k yellow gold, an 8 carat cabochon of ultra high grade natural spider web Bisbee Turquoise, and 28 white Diamonds with a total weight of 56 points. This is a ladies ring and a spectacular high class Gold Ring from the American Southwest.

Above and to the right is a spectacular one-of-kind Turquoise and Diamond Ring! You may have seen a lot of Turquoise, you may have even seen a few top gem grade American Turquoise stones, but there is a great chance you have never seen a piece of natural American Turquoise as high grade as the natural, red spider webbed, Bisbee Turquoise cabochon in this stunning ladies yellow gold ring. This amazing Ultra-Grade Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ring not only features the best, most desirable natural American Turquoise, it also features 41 Diamonds with a total weight of 86 points. All of these wonderful, natural gemstones are set in a handmade 18k yellow gold ring. This Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ring has an old Victorian era look.

Above and to the left is a beautiful handcrafted Bisbee Turquoise necklace in 18ky gold accented with 15 Diamonds in a Victorian style design. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of Art from the American Southwest and you will not find another. The Bisbee Turquoise stone is most unusual as it has areas with rich blood red spiderweb matrix and also has the smoky matrix that Bisbee Turquoise is so famous for - a spectacular gemstone.

Above and to the right is another marvelous Bisbee Turquoise necklace, it is handmade in 18ky gold and accented with 17 white diamonds. This is natural smoky Bisbee Turquoise which is very desirable by Turquoise collectors and it is very beautiful as you can see in this photo. The gold work is lovely and this is a one-of-a-kind piece of Jewelry Art from the American Southwest.

The photo above and to the left is of a very special Bisbee Turquoise 18ky Gold Pendant that is attractively accented by Diamonds. This beautiful Pendant is is a one-of-a-kind, handmade and a wonderful piece of Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest.

Above and to the right is another outstanding Bisbee Turquoise Pendant in Gold with Diamonds that features a larger Bisbee Turquoise gemstone that is truly spectacular! This unique one-of-a-kind Gold Pendant also features Diamonds and was handmade in 18ky Gold.

Turquoise Jewelry is so in vogue these days and for good reason! Did you know that Turquoise was one of the first gemstones found by man? It's true, The Egyptians found Turquoise over 7,000 years ago on the Sinai Peninsula. Early Egyptians believed it was the skystone sent from the great ones above. Kings, Pharaoh's and spiritual leaders from that time and to date, around the world, all believe that Turquoise is a gemstone that possesses spiritual and metaphysical powers.

The same was true in North America when early Native discovered Turquoise in the Southwest regions of what is now the United States. The Natives believed Turquoise was a spiritual stone that came form the great ones above. It was used as early as 300 BC as a ceremonial stone and so it was used to embellish individuals. When Natives discovered Bisbee Turquoise in Arizona, they believed this was the most sacred stone. Bisbee Turquoise has since been very important and sacred to the American Indians of the Southwest. It was never overly abundant, in fact, most of what was had by the Natives came from early minors from the Bisbee Copper Mine - the Turquoise came out of the mine in their lunch boxes.

Today, Bisbee Turquoise is known and respected as one of the finest Turquoise types that has ever come out of the ground, worldwide. Ultra-grade Bisbee Turquoise is so beautiful there is nothing to compare with it in the world, however, it is so uncommon that very few people ever have the opportunity to see it in person. Those who have the privilege of owning a piece of ultra-grade Bisbee should count themselves blessed as it is the most important Turquoise on Earth - spiritually, metaphysically and for its beauty.

All of the Turquoise Jewelry in Gold with Diamonds above have high grade Bisbee Turquoise, believe us, it is rare and there will be very little or no more Bisbee Turquoise coming from the mine in the future. This is fantastic Jewelry and it is all one-of-a-kind - Spectacular pieces of Art from the American Southwest!

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