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Tortoise Turquoise Video

Tortoise Turquoise Video

Tortoise Turquoise Video

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Tortoise Turquoise Video

This video is on Tortoise Turquoise and mining Tortoise Turquoise at our Turquoise Turquoise Mine in Central Nevada. John, Dillon and Nattarika Hartman have created this Tortoise Turquoise Mining Video for your enjoyment and to give you an idea of what it is like to mine Turquoise. We had a great mining trip when we filmed the footage for this video, as I recall we took out about 300 lbs of good to great Tortoise Turquoise in many different color ranges. We got lime green Turquoise, yellow Tortoise Turquoise, Brown Tortoise Turquoise and a lot of it had black spiderweb matrix.

We are out at the Tortoise Turquoise Mine with a Backhoe, Bull Dozer, an big Air Compressor with a 90lb Jack Hammer and true grit. It is tough and dirty work but when you hit good Turquoise you are in heaven! Yelling, hooting and hollering, we had a ball out there and we are still cutting Tortoise Turquoise from that trip.

The Tortoise Turquoise mine is well known for it's brown Turquoise, mint green Turquoise, yellow Turquoise and white Turquoise.

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Examples of Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry

Tortoise Turquoise Beaded Jewelry - Video Tortoise Turquoise Beaded Treasure Necklace

Above and to the left is a Tortoise Turquoise Necklace from the Turquoise that we mined when we made this Tortoise Turquoise Mining Video. We had the Tortoise Beads cut for us and then we cut the Tortoise Ribbon Turquoise Pendant that hangs from the Turquoise Ribbon Beads. When we mined Tortoise Turquoise on that trip we intentionally took out a lot of Ribbon Turquoise for beads and cabochons as we ran into a lot of great ribbons of Turquoise running through good hard host rock.

To the right is a Turquoise Beaded Treasure Necklace with multiple strands of different Turquoise including natural Tibetan Turquoise, Tortoise Turquoise and Pilot Mountain Turquoise by Nattarika Hartman. This Fashion Turquoise Bead Necklace features mixed color, mix shape, mix mine natural Turquoise beads in three strands. Each strand of mixed Turquoise Beads feature a center pendant bead. The two inner strands feature a nugget center or pendant bead from the Pilot Mountain Turquoise mine in Nevada. The third strand features a black spider web blue Tibetan Turquoise tab bead pendant. To each side of the center beads are Sterling Silver round beads with Silver beads spread randomly throughout the three strands of Turquoise. There are many different shapes of beads in this necklace from roundels, rounds, to heishi and other. Having the Turquoise come from three different mines really gives this necklace a unique diversity in color.

Tortoise White Turquoise Mens Ring Tortoise Turquoise Gold Ring

To the left is a mens White Tortoise Turquoise Ring by John Hartman. This ring features an awesome rectangular ivory white color spider web Tortoise Turquoise cabochon from Nevada. The stone is bezel set and surrounded by a vertically flat cable or rope design. This is set atop a contemporary 1900s style rope chased sterling silver ring shank. This white Turquoise ring for men was artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado and stamped “Durango Silver .925”.

To the right is a Womens Gold and Turquoise Ring by Nattarika Hartman. This women’s Turquoise Ring focuses on a top grade, natural, spider web, brown Tortoise Turquoise cabochon. This RARE Nevada Turquoise cabochon is set in a contemporary 14k gold setting that was made in the lost wax style. Nattarika started with this beautiful Tortoise Turquoise stone from mining trip when we made this video and built the wax Rings by applying layer over layer of molten wax with a Jewelers wax pen. The Ring was then cast in the Lost wax method. This is a colorful Turquoise Ring in Gold.

Tortoise Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant Fossil Tortoise Turquoise Pendant

To the left is a spider web Tortoise Turquoise Pendant by John Hartman. This gorgeous Sterling Silver Pendant focuses on a large, teardrop shaped, cabochon of natural Tortoise Turquoise from Mina, Nevada USA. This gorgeous mint green Turquoise has striking black spider web matrix and fades from a caramel brown color on one side to mint green on the other. This natural, high grade Nevada Turquoise cabochon is bezel set and adorned on the bottom with Silver raindrop designs. This Tortoise Turquoise Pendant would be a wonderful addition or start to any Turquoise jewelry or Silver Jewelry collection.

To the right is a Victorian style Tortoise Turquoise Pendant with a rare stone. As we were mining at the Tortoise Mine we ran into a small pocket of Turquoise Clams, this is a rarity as fossil Turquoise is not found often. Turquoise is a sedimentary mineral and this area was once the ocean, millions of years later the sedimentary mineral filled the clam shell voids in the earth with Turquoise and uniquely this one has spider web matrix. This Turquoise Pendent was handmade by Navajo artist Verde Jake stamped Verde Jake for Durango Silver Company.

Tortoise Turquoise Dinner Ring Tortoise Spiderweb Turquoise Earrings

To the left is a Victorian Four Stone Sugilite, Spiny Oyster, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Tortoise Turquoise Dinner Ring by John Hartman. This cabochon is surrounded by a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise oval, a teardrop Sugilite, and a free form Spiny Oyster Shell cabochon. The Silver design is a unique Victorian style John is known for.

To the right is a pair of elegant and simple, mint green, spider web Tortoise Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Native American artist Sheryl Martinez. These Navajo Indian made Turquoise Dangle Earrings were made in Silver and are petite and light weight. This pair of Turquoise Dangle Earrings are all about the stone and focus on four Teardrop shaped cabochons of natural mint green, black spiderweb Tortoise Turquoise from Nevada, USA. These Silver and Turquoise dangle earrings would be a great addition to any Sterling Silver Jewelry or Turquoise jewelry collection.

Brown Turquoise and Sugilite Earrings Brown Spiderweb Turquoise Turquoise Earrings

To the left is a pair of contemporary Sugilite and Brown Turquoise Earrings by John Hartman and are a nice pair of fashion Sugilite and Turquoise Earrings. The color combination of the spider web brown Tortoise Turquoise with the royal purple Sugilite goes well together. The Earrings feature a round Sugilite cabochon on top and an elongated rectangular Turquoise cabochon on the bottom that are separated by raindrop designs.

To the right is a pair of bezel set Brown Tortoise Turquoise Earrings - This Turquoise was taken out on our mining trip to the Tortoise Mine when we took the footage for this video. Bezel set Earrings are very popular from our company, many women like the natural look of a simple set beautiful gemstone.

Chandelier Tortoise Turquoise Pendant Lime Green Tortoise Turqoise Ring - fossil Turquoise

To the left is a Chandelier Sugilite, Garnet And Tortoise Turquoise Pendant handmade by John Hartman. This Turquoise stone is mint green with black spider web matrix. This is a beautiful Turquoise Pendant that has a lot of movement when worn as it has two separations in the piece which makes it dangle easily.

To the right is a bold lime green Tortoise Turquoise woman’s dinner ring by John Hartman. This ring focuses on a very high-grade lime green Turquoise cabochon from the Tortoise Turquoise mine in Nevada, USA. This stone is surrounded by a Victorian filigree bezel and set atop a heavy cable or rope design three-prong shank. Artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

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