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Stanley Manygoats

Stanley Manygoats

Stanley Manygoats

Stanley Manygoats is an accomplished Navajo Jeweler from New Mexico. His work is exceptional and his specialty is lapidary and inlay jewelry work. Stanley learned his trade from his brothers, (Benson, Curtis and James Manygoats), and the famed Ray Tracey. He actually worked with and for Ray Tracey for fourteen years, Ray is one of the most respected Native American Artisans of the American Southwest. Stanley enjoys inlaying Turquoise as well as many other colorful gemstones into Silver and Gold Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and other, he is a master at color combinations.

Native American Jewelry Stanley Manygoats

Native American Jewelry by Stanley Manygoats

Native American Jewelry by Stanley Manygoats is a good choice as his work is exceptional and built to last!

Above are two unique multi colored gemstone inlaid rings in Silver created by Stanley Manygoats. As you can see, his work is fantastic and he is a terrific, his color combinations are great and executed extremely well. The Inlaid Ring Band on the left has a modern artistic design and is inlaid with Gaspeite, Sugilite and Black Onyx, it is contemporary in design and a great ring one can wear on and everyday basis.

Above and to the right is a luscious and colorful wide inlaid Silver Band inlaid with Gaspeite, orange Spiny Oyster Shell, Lapis, Spiderweb Turquoise, Fire Opal, Sugilite and Coral. This stylish silver band ring is wide at the top and graduates down to a narrow width on the bottom of the band. Where the gemstones are inlaid the ring is slightly raised to give it some added dimension and character. This is a very nice ring that is a treat to wear.

Above and to the left is a Navajo Ring Band inlaid with Lapis, created by Stanley Manygoats. This is a very well constructed Sterling Silver Lapis Ring Band, the band was made in Silver with channels that Stanley hand cut over 14 individual Lapis gemstones to fit into the channel and separated them with fine Silver bars made from Silver sheet.

Above and to the right is another Silver Inlaid Ring Band handmade by Stanley. This band has beautiful Silver overlay work with unique cutaways the Turquoise is inlaid into. The is much harder to inlay but produces an awesome design, Stanley often does very unusual stonework and this is a good example.

Above and to the left is a beautiful Sterling Silver gemstone inlaid cuff bracelet, a bright and cheerful color combination. Gorgeous natural "Ox Blood" red Italian Coral, Lapis Lazuli and Tibetan Spiderweb Turquoise are inlaid into this beautiful Women's Bracelet by Stanley Manygoats. The gemstones are accented by thin Sterling Silver inlays. This Inlay Bracelet features 25 hand cut and inlaid gemstones. Native American handmade in the USA, this stackable silver cuff bracelet features the Navajo Jewelry artisan hallmark "S. Manygoats" and is stamped Sterling. We invite you to view additional photos of this Navajo Inlaid Bracelet by Stanley Manygoats.

Above and to the right is a sleek and classy Navajo handmade Turquoise Inlaid Bracelet created by Stanley Manygoats. This Silver and Cloud Mountain Turquoise Inlay Bracelet is a one of a kind and a very nice Native American inlaid bracelet. Each Turquoise gemstone in the inlay pattern was hand cut and inlaid into this silver cuff bracelet. This Cloud Mountain Turquoise Inlay Bracelet is top quality and would make a great addition or start to any Silver Jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry collection. Navajo Jewelry artisan handmade in America, this Spiderweb Turquoise Inlay Bracelet features the Native American artist hallmark "S. Manygoats" and is stamped Sterling.

Above and to the left is a pair of Opal and Spiny Inlay Earrings by Native American artist Stanley Manygoats. These Fire Opal and Spiny Inlay Earrings are very light weight and easy to wear. The colors inlaid into these wonderful drop earrings compliment each other perfect. This type of beautiful pairing of colored gemstones come naturally to Stanley, he continuously comes up with wonderful arrays of color in all of his Jewelry. We try to always have a good supply of Stanley Manygoats Jewelry. Read more about this pair of Inlaid Earrings by Stanley Manygoats on their presentation page.

Above and to the right is a lovely pair of Turquoise inlay dangle earrings by Navajo Jewelry artist Stanley Manygoats. These handmade inlay Turquoise earrings feature top grade natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Globe, Arizona USA. The inlay pattern in these inlaid Drop Earrings is made up of "Robin's Egg" blue Turquoise stones from the famed Sleeping Beauty mine. The four hand cut Turquoise gemstones are separated with fine inlays of Sterling Silver. Read more about this pair of inlaid Turquoise Earrings made by Stanley!

Above and to the left is a Navaho Inlaid Lapis, Spiny and Opal Pendant by Stanley Manygoats. This beautiful Native American Handmade Pendant is classy and typically a standard for Stanley, it is colorful with a great choice of complimentary gemstones nicely inlaid. This is a pendant that you can wear on an everyday basis if you wish as it will go great with almost anything you wear. A beautiful piece of Jewelry from the American Southwest by Stanley Manygoats.

Above and to the right is a classic Navajo style Turquoise Necklace handmade by Stanley Manygoats. This is actually a beautiful take from an old Navajo design, Stanley created a beautiful oval design and then divided the Turquoise into several stones separating them by Silver sheet - this is beautiful pendant with unique design that is timeless.

Turquoise Inlaid Jewelry by Stanley Manygoats

Stanley is a family man with a wife and 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy, he enjoys fishing, sports and above all he loves making his beautiful Jewelry. Stanley is a perfectionist and we appreciate Stanley as a person and for his marvelous Navajo handmade Jewelry.

Stanley kicken back after spending days making these bracelets for Durango Silver Co.

Stanley sanding/finishing the inlaid stones in the bracelets

Another photo of Stanley holding our bracelets in his work shop.

We hope you have enjoyed this presentation on Stanley Manygoats, we are proud to have Stanley as our friend and are honored to be able to offer his Navajo Jewelry to you, we hope you also see the beauty in his Jewelry. You may also want to look at th page "Inlay Jewelry Care". In addition, we invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members only and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our member base to give away free Turquoise Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends by signing in below. We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Stanley Manygoats and have gained some useful knowledge from it.

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