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Ribbon Turquoise Ring

Ribbon Turquoise Ring

Learn About Styles of Ribbon Turquoise Rings
From Durango Silver Company

Here at Durango Silver Company we like to make all types of jewelry with all types of gemstones. Turquoise is obviously our favorite considering it has always been one of our most beloved stones and we have mined it, owned Turquoise Mines, and we cut Turquoise cabochons for a living. From our experience mining, we really have grown to love all types of Turquoise, green, blue, brown, white, etc. We feel that "Ribbon or Boulder" Turquoise is one of the neatest cuts of Turquoise as you can see the way the Turquoise natural forms in the host rock. Gold and Sterling Silver jewelry made from this beautiful cut of Turquoise is one of our specialties here at Durango Silver Company.

Here is a fine example of a handmade Sterling Silver and Ribbon Turquoise Ring

Ribbon Turquoise Rings are a specialty at Durango Silver Company! We produce many types of Turquoise Rings from simple to high Fashion Turquoise Rings in silver and gold. We make simply designed Silver Rings to elaborate Ribbon Turquoise Rings with intricate silver work and inlay Turquoise. All of our Rings as well as our Turquoise Jewelry is made with substantial weight Steling Silver and exceptional authentic Turquoise Gemstones.

First and foremost, Durango Silver Company produces high quality Ribbon Turquoise Rings as well as all of the other Turquoise Jewelry. Our Ribbon Turquoise Rings are unique to our company as they are all one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and only sold by us. If you are interested in high quality American made Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry, you have come to the right place. We can help you find the gold or silver ring of your dreams, that has been handmade in America. Our selection of silver rings is very diverse. We study silver jewelry, Turquoise and gemstones to help in educating our customers. Keep reading for more information or Ribbon Turquoise Rings.


Below are examples of our Ribbon Turquoise Rings with descriptions showing you the deference between them.

Here are Several Examples of Rings with Boulder Turquoise from Durango Silver Company

Here is a nice example of natural Bisbee Ribbon Turquoise in a Sterling Silver Ring by Dillon Hartman Pictured here is a Navajo native American handmade Bisbee Ribbon Turquoise and Sterling Silver ring

Above are two Ribbon Turquoise Rings with natural Bisbee Turquoise from Arizana, USA.

Above to the left is a really unusual Ribbon Turquoise Ring by Dillon Hartman. This beautiful handmade Sterling Silver ring features a natural American Tuquoise cabochon from the Bisbee Turquoise mine. As you can see the Turquoise is the most desireable color of natural Bisbee Turquoise. The matrix or host rock is the famous reddish brown or "Chocolate" brown that made the Bisbee Turquoise mine famous and makes its stones distinguishable from Turquoise mined elsewhere. This piece features a fance rock art shank.

To the right is a rectangular Sterling Silver ring with a wonderful example of natural Bisbee Turquoise from Arizona, USA. This is a really good example of ribbon Turquoise as you can see the Turquoise runs through the stone like a ribbon.

Handmade Cable Style Ribbon Turquoise and Sterling Silver ring with Green Royston Ribbon Turquoise from Tonopah, Nevada USA Artisan handmade Sterling Silver and Green Ribbon Turquoise cocktail ring by John Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA

Above are two wonderful examples of a one-of-a-kind Ribbon Turquoise Ring made by the Hartman family in Durango, Colorado USA. Both of these rings feature old style silver work and rare deep green Turquoise from the Royston Turquoise mine. Each Ribbon Turquoise Ring by John Hartmn features a large oval cabochon of natural Ribbon Turquoise from the Royston Turquoise mine. Both of these stones features the more rare deep green Turquoise. You can see how the matrix color can vary. Both of these rings are made in a classic silver jewelry fashion.

Pictured here is a beautiful Art Deco Style handmade long Sterling Silver Ring with Royston Turquoise Pictured here is a beautiful Art Deco Style handmade Pilot Mountain Ribbon Turquoise Ring

Above are two handmade Sterling Silver rings with Pilot Mountain Ribbon Turquoise cabochons. Both of these rings feature classic Southwestern Jewelry designs. The Ribbon Turquoise Ring on the left features a AAA grade Ribbon Turquoise cabochon from the Pilot MountainTurquoise mine. The ring on the right features a rectangular cabochon of A grade Ribbon Turquoise from the Pilot Mountain mine in Nevada, USA.

Pictured here is a beautiful Classic Southwestern Style handmade Deep Bisbee Ribbon Turquoise and Silver Ring Navajo Native American Indian handmade Sterling Silver and Boulder Turquoise Ring with Bisbee Turquoise

Above are two more handmade Sterling Silver and Ribbon Turquoise Rings by The Hartman family. To the left is a Bisbee Ribbon Turquoise ring by Dillon Hartman. This ring features a high dome classic Bisbee Turquoise cabochon. This ring features a classic Southwestern jewelry or Spanish Jewelry design. To the right is a handmade Sterling Silver ring by John Hartman with a unique vivid blue Bisbee Ribbon Turquoise cabcohon.

Natural Hachita Boulder Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company Pictured here is an American handmade Sterling Silver Ring with natural green Royston Boulder Turquoise

Above to the right is a beautiful high end Royston Ribbon Turquoise Ring by John Hartman. This large Sterling Silver cocktail ring features heavy duty silver work and a large oval shaped boulder Turquoise cabochon from the Royston Turquoise mine in Nevada. To the right is steller cabochon of natural green Ribbon Turquoise from the Royston Turquoise mine.

Pictured here is a fancy Lost wax style Boulder Turquoise Ring by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado USA which is of a signature style for the artist.

Above are just a few examples of Ribbon Turquoise Rings that we make at Durango Silver Company. There are certainly many more styles made by Native American Jewelry artisans as well as artisans of other ethnicities. We hope you have enjoyed our brief presentation on Ribbon Turquoise Rings.

What is Ribbon Turquoise or Boulder Turquoise?

What is called "Ribbon Turquoise" or "Boulder Turquoise" is a variation of the gemstone that has been cut into a cabochon with its host rock on each side making a "ribbon" of the gemstone going through the host rock. Turquoise as many other gemstones and precious metals form in veins. The veins of gemstone are usually cut out of the host rock to make solid gemstone cabochons or faceted stones. This is the traditional way of gemstone rough into finished stones ready for use in jewelry. The idea of cutting the gemstone with the host rock is not new to the industry, nor is cutting the host rock with the vein of gemstone running through it into a cab. Here in American we have been cutting Turquoise with its host rock or "matrix" as picture patterns for decades. In America and Japan collectors prefer stones with natural host rock inclusions or matrix in them, especially "spider web" matrix patterns which are considered the rarest, valuable and collectible. It is almost certain that some artistic cutters have accidentally or intentionally cut a stone or two of boulder material and liked the way it looked in the past. However, the nicknames "boulder and ribbon" for these cuts are a new circumstance. This style of cut is also new to mainstream gem cutters and jewelry makers. It seems that the nick name "boulder" for this cut of Turquoise was adopted by the new and popular way to cut Australian Opal called "Boulder Opal" which was introduced in the early 2000's by mine owners who had been saving up "saw rock" and thin veined material for a later date when they ran out of large vein to cut. With many of the mines in Australia being mined out, the owners and lapidaries cutting Australian Opal decided to try something new, cutting the Opal veins in their host rock. This yielded amazing pictures stones and natural opal stones that were much more durable than the old style opal that had to be doublets or triplets backed and topped. These new cuts of Opal were so beautiful that the cut became a new gemstone "Boulder Opal" and the hit of all the gem shows for a while. The Turquoise dealers, cutters and miners saw this new cut and fell in love. Not only were the stones insanely beautiful, but the stones in a way showed the general public how the gemstone formed. Jewelers and retail buyers that previously had no idea how the gemstones formed could now see how the veins formed in the host rock and had a great understanding of how difficult it was to cut a clean stone from a vein of gem material in the host rock. As a jeweler, stone cutter, and miner I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if Turquoise Nugget beads come they way they are finished and we just drill them and string them. I think the laymen is thinking they are tumbled like river rocks or that we get them out of rivers after they have been tumble down the river for thousands to millions of years. Once a customer sees the veins they get the idea it is much more work to polish a stone then just picking it up out of the river. Today, this cut of Turquoise is becoming more and more popular and is used in all types of silver jewelry and bead jewelry.

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There are many different types of Ribbon Turquoise Rings. Hopefully we have been able to provide you some good examples of Ribbon Turquoise Rings. We have many more examples of Ribbon Turquoise Rings located on our website. 

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Ribbon Turquoise Rings and have gained some useful knowledge from it. We invite you to learn more about Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center to other informational pages that we have written on different topics related to Turquoise Jewelry. In addition, we would like to invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our member base to give away free Turquoise Jewelry from our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends by signing in below. Thank you for reading about Ribbon Turquoise Rings, we hope this page will help you to purchase the right Ribbon Tuquoise Ring for you.

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