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Pawn Indian Jewelry

Pawn Indian Jewelry

Pawn Indian Jewelry

Pawn Indian Jewelry

Pawn Indian Jewelry has been collected by many for years and Old Pawn Turquoise is now considered Vintage Native American Jewelry. Native American Indians wait for the pawn to be released monthly to find inexpensive Turquoise Jewelry for themselves and collectors hunt for Old Pawn Turquoise for their collection as well as to resale. Pawn Indian Jewelry has been a way of life since the 1800’s and the beginning of the Indian Traders and Trading Posts. Today many people collect Vintage Native American Jewelry and hunting Pawn Indian Jewelry at the Indian Trading Posts and Pawn Shops is a great way to find good Antique Indian Jewelry.

Old Pawn Turquoise

Old Pawn Indian Jewelry Bracelet Old Indian Bracelet Pawn

Above are two Antique Navajo Jewelry Bracelets; the bracelet on the left was old pawn Turquoise from about 1930 and the old Navajo Bracelet on the right is old pawn Turquoise from the 1930's as well.

Dead Pawn Indian Jewelry - Old Pawn Turquoise is when the person who pawned their Jewelry or other belonging failed to make an interest payment or pay the item off from the Indian Trader. Usually, the Indian Trader will give the person who pawned the item a grace period, however, once it is pulled for being delinquent the pawn Indian Jewelry becomes available for sale to the public.

Pawn Indian Jewelry is most often sold for much less than new Indian Jewelry as it is considered used. The formula is simple, the cost the Indian Trader paid for the pawn Indian Jewelry, a minimal profit for his investment, plus the amount of the unpaid interest on the item. That’s it! – If you are the person wanting to buy old pawn Turquoise when it is pulled and put out for sale, you can get great bargains and even get a rare piece of Antique Indian Jewelry, "Vintage Native American Jewelry,"for a fraction of its value.

Zuni Pawn Indian Jewelry Navajo Pawn Indian Jewelry

Above are two antique Native American Jewelry Bracelets from the 1920's; the Turquoise Bracelet on the left was Zuni Indian Made and the Antique Turquoise Bracelet on the right was Navajo made.

When the Indian Trader pawns Indian Jewelry, he pays a fraction of its retail value as he is in hopes the person who pawned it will make interest payments and ultimately pay the loan off. This is really what the Indian Trader would prefer, that is a great way to make money for an Indian Trader – The bank loans the Indian Trader money at the going rate then the Indian Trader loans the money to the Indians at a much greater rate which is profitable. If the item that was pawned goes dead (person who pawned it does not pay their bill), the Indian Trader will sell the item for a little more than he paid for it to get his original investment plus interest back out of the item. The Indian Trader puts the old pawn Turquoise out in the display case for sale to the public on certain days of each month and people who hunt for antique Navajo Jewelry as well as other Vintage Native American Jewelry are sure to be there waiting to buy it.

Pawn Indian Jewelry Ring Pawn Indian Jewelry Concho

Above are two Antique Native American Jewelry pieces that were once old pawn Turquoise Jewelry; they are now in antique Indian Jewelry collections. The antique Navajo Ring on the left was made about 1930 and the Navajo Concho Buckle was made about 1930.

Old Pawn Indian Turquoise Jewelry has been a way of life in the Southwest from many years and it will continue for many more to come. Native Americans, as well as other people, will continue to pawn their old Turquoise Jewelry and some of it will become Old Pawn Turquoise Jewelry when they let it go dead. If you are a collector of vintage Native American Jewelry, you could consider hunting for it at the Indian Trading Posts and Pawn Shops in the Southwest.

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