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Books about Turquoise

Books about Turquoise

Books About Turquoise

Below are some of the best books available on Turquoise.

All are "must have" books for any collector of Turquoise.

Most of these books about Turquoise can be found on Amazon, ebay or in your local book store.

Turquoise: Jewel of the Southwest by Annie Osburn

Here is the essential Turquoise Picture book! This Turquoise book is 140 pages and features a hard-cover. This limited edition book was published by Nevada Gem and features more than 300 color images of remarkable Turquoise, including the finest high grade, gem grade, rough nugget and fossilized specimens from 48 individual mines in Nevada. Turquoise: Jewel of the Southwest offers the most comprehensive collection of natural Nevada turquoise compiled in one volume, from the classic mines to well-known favorites and seldom seen mines, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry from Native American and contemporary Western designers.

TURQUOISE, The World Story of a Fascinating Gemstone, Joe Dan and Joe P. Lowry

Released Oct. 1st, 2010. Enjoy the rich history, fabulous stories, and vivid photography in this book that is all about the passion of this fantastic gemstone.

Turquoise has been mined on six continents and traded by cultures throughout the world's history, including the European, Chinese, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and Southwest Native American. It has been set in silver and gold jewelry, cut and shaped into fetish animals, and even formed to represent gods in many religions. This gemstone is displayed in museums around the world, representing the arts and traditions of prehistoric, historic, and modern societies. Turquoise focuses on the latest information in science and art from the greatest turquoise collections around the globe.

TURQUOISE The Gem of the Centuries, by Oscar T. Branson.
62 pages, soft-cover, colored illustrated throughout. This work is well illustrated with color photographs of the different variations of turquoise from many of the southwestern mines. Includes a two-page color map of mines and the turquoise from them. This valuable work has never been duplicated and is still today one of the finest books published on turquoise.

THE ALLURE OF TURQUOISE, New Mexico Magazine Publications.
107 pages, soft-cover, illustrated. This is the work every turquoise lover has been waiting to be republished. The 1st edition, now out of print, has reached prices of over $100 per copy. This new second edition has the same great photos plus added articles.

TURQUOISE, by Joseph E. Pogue.
207 pages, hard-cover, illustrated. This work was first published in 1915 in "Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences volume XII Part II". This hardcover is a reprint of that work from 1975 and offers a new introduction by Rex Arrowsmith. A wonderful history on turquoise along with a fine bibliography and information concerning turquoise mines the world.

PORTRAITS & TURQUOISE OF SOUTHWEST INDIANS, Ray Manley, Clare Lee Tanner, Joe Ben Wheat.
96 pages, soft-cover, color illustrated throughout. Beautiful photographs by Naurice Koonce and Alan Manley. Illustrated with wonderful color pictures of the finest museum quality turquoise jewelry. From a beautiful Bisbee necklace on the front cover to a fine Burnham turquoise necklace on the back cover, this book will make you dream of owning one of these fine pieces of rare turquoise jewelry.

96 pages, soft-cover, color illustrated. This work was published in 1975 and contains full-page photos of the finest turquoise and turquoise jewelry. This is truly a turquoise lovers delight. The color photographs are by Jerry Jacka, considered by many to be the finest turquoise photographer and well known for his contributions to Arizona Highways Magazine.

TURQUOISE BLUE BOOK, Arizona Highways.
96 pages, soft-cover, color illustrated throughout. Arizona Highways magazine from 1975 and a "must have" for every turquoise lover. There are really only two things that need be said about this work, number one, that the photographs are by Jerry Jacka and, number two, buy this magazine!

Soft-cover, color illustrated throughout. This book was published in 2002. In the American Southwest as well as around the world, turquoise is a highly prized gemstone with great cultural significance. Author Joe Dan Lowry is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on the subject, and Turquoise Unearthed: An Illustrated Guide is the definitive resource for rock hounds and serious collectors alike. Lowry describes the fascinating history of turquoise mining in the American Southwest and reveals the astonishing variety of colors and forms that make this a gemstone like no other. Among Native American peoples of the Southwest, turquoise is especially prized, with blue stones symbolizing "Father Sky" and greener ones evoking "Mother Earth."

TURQUOISE TREASURES, Spencer Gill and Jerry Jacka
Soft-cover, color illustrated throughout. This book was published in 1975. This book is an exciting treasure house filled with color, beauty and fascination of Turquoise. This is one of the best pictorial books out there. This book has tones of great photos of wonderful piece of Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise. This is yet another treasure trove for the Turquoise collector and has great examples of Turquoise from famous mines in America. You can compare true antique jewelry with the works of the 1970s which was the first major boom in America for Turquoise Jewelry.

There are many more books you may find out there and be interested in. The list above is the list of books that are generally considered to be the "must haves" for any collector.

Learn about the Turquoise mines of the world:

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Utah Turquoise | Mexican Turquoise | Chinese Turquoise | Persian Turquoise | Tibetan Turquoise

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