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Southwestern Silver Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has just added additional information in our Silver Jewelry presentation page. If you have not visited this page yet, check it out at the link above. We just added educational Silver Jewelry information on Southwestern Silver Jewelry including information on Silver Rings, Silver Pendants, Silver Necklaces, Silver Bracelets and other types of [...]

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Kodiak Bear Claw Necklace Video

Hey, check out this video Dillon and Nattarika helped me make on an unbelievable Kodiak Bear Claw Necklace that I made. This necklace was made with rare old Stormy Mountain Turquoise that Estell and I mined with Cutler Edgar in the late 60's.I mined the Turquoise, cut the stones and made this very special one-of-a-kind [...]

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Authentic Morenci Turquoise Ring

We have just put a fabulous Morenci Turquoise and Silver Ring up for sale on the Durango Silver Website. The Morenci Gemstone has been in the collection of John and Estell Hartman for over thirty years and is of very high investment quality. The ring was made by, master craftsman, John Hartman of Durango Silver [...]

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Great day at Durango Silver Company

I had a great day today as I broke into some old Royston Turquoise rough material and sawed up a bunch of wonderful rock.Deep greens running throught sky blue - awesome!I will be cutting it into cabs then putting into Jewelry

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Silver Jewelry

                          Durango Silver Company is creating an ongoing study on Silver Jewelry and Southwestern Sterling Silver Jewelry and we would like to invite you to view our presentation.The presentation will include information about Silver, Sterling Silver, Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver Rings, Silver [...]

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Durango Silver Newsletter

Our Newsletter and Giveaway program -Silver Company, Durango and the four corners region. We have a monthly drawing for our newsletter members where we giveaway at least Durango Silver Jewelry to at least three people. If you are not a member of our Newsletter group - Sign up Now!This past Friday we sent out [...]

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Investing in Silver

This is great, I just got another email from Nellie Blake! Congradulations Nellie! She has made over $2500.00 with a small investment in Silver in less then 4 months.If you have invested in Silver in the past year, we would love to hear your story. Our Newsletter must have hit a sweet spot with our [...]

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Sugilite Earrings

Here is a great pair of unusual Sterling Silver Earrings withvery large Sugilite gemstones. This pair of Sugilite Earrings were made by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. They were set with fancy bezel work and are a great shape with the large area of the Earring on top, it looks great and attractive to [...]

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Jewelry Give Away

Jewelry Give Away- Durango Silver Company has a monthly Jewelry giveaway to the members of our Newsletter. Once a month we randomly choose up to six individuals to receive a free piece of Silver Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry or American Indian Jewelry from our company. Our Jewelry giveaway program a great way to introduce Turquoise Jewelry [...]

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American Turquoise Jewelry

American Turquoise Jewelry has had a historic past in the American West. The Anazazi Indians Turquoise in about 200 B.C. which is when it all began. By the turn of the millenium Turquoise Jewelry had begun in the New world by the Native American Indians of the Southwest.We have written an educational presentation on [...]

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