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Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Turquoise Coral Jewelry Information

Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Turquoise Coral Jewelry in the Southwest is a combination of Turquoise and Mediteranian Coral in the same piece of Jewelry. The Navajo and Zuni Native American Indians have been making Turquoise Coral Jewelry for nearly 100 years. They use the combination of Coral and Turquoise in Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklace Sets and Bracelets. Turquoise and Coral go great together in Southwest Sterling Silver Jewelry and Turquoise Coral Jewelry has been very popular since the Native American Indians of the Southwest started using this great combination of stones.

Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Below are some good examples of Turquoise Coral Jewelry, both old and new which were handcrafted by Native American Indians of the Southwest. If you wish to purchase Turquoise Coral Jewelry, try looking through our online store by clicking the buttons to the left or typing Turquoise Coral in the seach box.

Turquoise Coral Ring Turquoise-Coral-Ring Coral and Turquoise Ring

Above are three Turquoise Coral Rings; Turquoise Coral Rings have always been very popular, the above Rings are good examples of the type of Turquoise and Coral Rings that have been made in the past. These are classic examples of Turquoise Coral jewelry. The SnakeRing on the left is a classic Ring that has been made over and over for generations of Zuni Silversmiths. The center Turquoise Coral Ring was Navajo handcrafted with Branch Coral and a Turquoise Stone, this is standard in Navajo Jewelry to use a freeform piece of Coral accompanied by a nice Turquoise stone. The Turquoise and Coral Ring on the right was Zuni Indian handcrafted and is called a "Petit Point Turquoise Coral Ring?" This is a classic Turquoise coral jewelry design that has been repeated for many years as it has been very popular.

Turquoise and Coral Bracelet Inlay Turquoise and Coral Jewelry

Above are two pieces of beautiful Turquoise Coral Jewelry. The Zuni Inlay Bracelet on the left was inlaid with Turquoise, Coral, Lapis and Ivory. The Zuni Inlay Bracelet on the right is beautifully inlaid with Turquoise, Coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl which creates an excitingly colorful piece of Turquoise Coral Jewelry.

Zuni Turquoise Coral Jewelry Turquoise Coral Zuni Jewelry

Here are two Zuni Indian Inlay Turquoise Coral Jewelry pins; The Turquoise, Coral, Jet and Mother of Pearl Pin on the left is called a Rainbow man. The Pin on the right has Turquoise, Coral Jet and Mother of Pearl as well and called a Knife Wing Eagle Dancer. Both Zuni Turquoise Coral Pins were made in the 1950's. These pieces are more great examples of Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Coral Turquoise Jewelry Earrings Antique Turquoise Jewelry

Above are two good examples of Turquoise Coral Jewelry. The Turquoise and Coral Earrings on the left also have a Spiney Oyster cabochon on the top of the earrings that set the Turquoise and Coral off, these were Navajo handcrafted. The Turquoise Coral Bracelet on the right was Navajo handcrafted as well, it is from the 1940 period and many consider this to be Antique Turquoise Jewelry.

Tibetan Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise Coral Jewelry has been made by Tibetans for hundreds of years. Its interesting that before there were communications between the United States and Tibet, both native peoples made Jewelry with the combination of Turquoise and Coral and they both used Mediteranian Coral from Italy.

Turquoise Coral Jewelry

Above is a beautiful Tibetan Turquoise Coral Necklace that was made recently. Turquoise Coral Jewelry is commonly made in Tibet by Native Tibetan Silversmiths. The make some very nice Jewelry and do a great job combining Turquoise, Coral and Silver to make some great colorful Jewelry.

Thank you for reading about Turquoise Coral jewelry. We hope you have learned something that will help you understan Turquoise Coral Jewlery better.

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