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Turquoise Spiritual Properties

Turquoise Spiritual Properties

Turquoise Spiritual Properties

Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

Crystal Habit that create Turquoise Spiritual Properties

To understand what Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs are you have to know some history. For those who follow the Wicca, New Age or believe in the Spirit World, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Semi-Precious Stones and metals can have powers for Astral Travel, Aura Cleansing, Channeling, Cosmic Awareness, Crystal Healing, ESP, Meditation, Psychic Communication, Psychic Energy and Transcendental Meditation. They also believe a crystal can have crystal magic that gives it the ability to connect to spirits, spirit guides, spiritual energy and help with channeling spirits and increase cosmic awareness.

Modern Turquoise Spiritual Myths

Modern Spiritualists consider Turquoise to have the Turquoise Spiritual Properties to be of spiritual attunement, cleansing, protection and prosperity and a symbol of the Earth and sky, good fortune and success. The Turquoise Spiritual Properties are wonderful and helpful to most people.

Protection-Spiritualists say its change of color from dark to light to its ability to detect poisons, danger, infidelity or sickness. This myth concerning Turquoise Spiritual Properties has survived to modern times. It is an excellent token of protection for physical and astral travel and vision quests, during which it acts as a grounding force, strengthening the user against fear of the unknown by enhancing one’s feelings of trust, kindness, wisdom and understanding. It can ward off strong negativity and protect from the evil eye, reptile bites and diseases of the eye. Further, Shamans extend its protective powers to one’s property.

Superstitions-Some believe you should avoid wearing turquoise that belongs to a deceased person or that it takes on characteristics of the wearer.

Gender of the Stone-Turquoise is androgynous with a good balance of yin and yang.

Attunement-New Age followers believe Turquoise Spiritual beliefs focus on what attunes the physical to the higher realms, balances the mind and soul and connects with all life. Some cultures consider it a bridge between heaven and Earth.

Middle Eastern Spiritual Myths

Turquoise Spiritual Properties

Because, over the millennia of its use, much of the world’s supply of the stone has come from Persia, the number of superstitions surrounding Turquoise that originate from Persia and the surrounding area of the Middle East is great. To begin, Hebrew tradition states that Isaac opened the first mines in Persia.

Good Luck- Having seen the reflection of the new moon in a stone of Turquoise, a person was believed to encounter good luck soon, according to Persian lore. Arabian superstition said it was a lucky stone and that it had good powers of benevolence. They also attributed the accumulation of wealth and prosperity with the stone. They could be seen wearing ribbon Turquoise as well as jewelry turquoise.

Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs Warning- The people of the Afghanistan, Persia, India, and Arabia thought that a Turquoise stone that changed color was an omen of illnesses or death. Muslim beliefs say that a change in Turquoise’s color meant that a woman had been unfaithful. Arab writings from the 12th century warned that a pale stone meant polluted air or a change in the weather.

Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs for Healing- Dipping Turquoise in water gave the water the ability to cure bladder ailments. It could heal the eye simply by looking at it.

Native American Turquoise Spiritual Myths

As another major source of Turquoise for centuries, Pre-Columbian America is also rich in Turquoise legend. There are many Turquoise Spiritual properties that the Native Americans believe in. It is one of the most important holy stones in their belief system for protection of the body and soul. Turquoise Spiritual beliefs concerning Turquoise are deep when it comes to the Native Americans.

Turquoise Spiritual beliefs about Weather-The Navajo culture of New Mexico and Arizona utilized Turquoise in their rain ceremonies, which required the tossing of the stone into a river.

Turquoise Spritual properties about War- Some cultures said it was important in ensuring the fortunes of warriors, hunters, and all tribal members. The Apache felt that Turquoise combined the powers of the sky and the sea to help hunters and warriors aim accurately.

The Heavens- Others believed it hat the ability to connect the Earth and the Sky, symbols of the spirit and the body. The Navajo believe that a piece of Turquoise is actually a piece of the sky that has fallen to Earth. Archaeologists have recovered Turquoise from burial sites in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and other parts of south and central America.

Central America Turquoise Spiritual Properties Beliefs

Turquoise Spiritual Properties of Protection-The superstitions of the Zuni said that Turquoise could protect them from demons. This is the same as the beliefs of the Inca, Aztec and Maya. These Native Americans had many other beliefs about Turquoise Spirtual properties.

European Turquoise Spiritual Myths

Turquoise has only been know as such recently in its long history. The name Turquoise means Turkish stone and comes from European markets in the Middle Ages, who received it from Turkish traders who brought it from Persia. In antiquity, Pliny had named it callais, Greek kalos lithos for "beautiful stone." European superstitions have long associate turquoise with horses. They believed that it could protect horses from danger and illnesses as well as the rider from any fall that might occur while riding. Europeans of the middle ages said that Turquoise would lose its color when the wearer contracted an illness and was a gauge of the general health of a person.
Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

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