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How to cut Turquoise Video

How to cut Turquoise Video

How to cut Turquoise Video

This how to cut Turquoise Video shows you how to cut Turquoise from choosing your rough rock, preparing it to be sliced with a diamond saw, backing your Turquoise slabs, grinding and sanding your Turquoise into cabochons. John then shows you how to finish and polish your Turquoise Cabochons making them ready to set into a piece of Turquoise Jewelry.

This is a two part video and gives you step by step instructions on how to cut Turquoise as well as the tools and equipment needed to do the job. If you are interested in cutting Turquoise into cabochons, this is a great video for you to watch.


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Turquoise Examples

Cutting Turquoise Rough Bisbee Turquoise

Above and to the left is a beautiful Turquoise Nugget from the Tyron Turquoise Mine which was located in New Mexico. This large Turquoise Nugget will be sliced into many Turquoise slabs with a diamond rock saw. Once the slabs are cut they will be backed with a cushion material which makes them very stable. The backed Turquoise slabs are put on dopping sticks and then ground on a lapidary machine to shape. They are then wet sanded and then polished on a lapping wheel with Tin Oxide or Sapphire powder.

To the right are several nice pieces of natural rough Bisbee Turquoise. Bisbee Turquoise has become very scarce and brings high dollar, it is most valuable when it is in a finished state, especially set in Jewelry. Durango Silver Company owns one of the largest Bisbee Turquoise collections in the world and produces Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry with our stone.

Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons Ribbon Turquoise Earrings

To the left is a selection of Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons cut by Dillon and John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. We have been cutting Turquoise into cabochons for nearly forty years and produce multiple types of Turquoise Cabochons for our Jewelry as well as for the market place. We sell authentic quality Turquoise cabochons to Jewelers worldwide.

To the right is a pair of Sterling Silver Earrings made with matching Royston Ribbon Turquoise cabochons cut to match by John Hartman. Ribbon Turquoise is unique as it is cut cross the grain to show how the Turquoise grows in its natural state, in this case in the seams or voids of the host rock. Turquoise is a sedimentary rock, meaning, moisture from the surface of the earth leaches the minerals from the upper soil levels and compiles the mixture into voids in the earth below. Turquoise is made from copper, iron and Aluminum sulfates.

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