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Cerrillos Turquoise

Cerrillos Turquoise

List of the Actual Turquoise Mining Claims in Cerrillos

- Andrews Tunnel
- Armington Shaft
- Armington Tunnel
- Black Hornet Mine (Hornet Mine)
- Blue Bell Mine
- Bonanza No. 1 Mine
- Bonanza No. 3 Mine
- Bottom Dollar Mine
- Cash Entry mine
- Castilian mine - Spanish grant dating to 1763. A copy still available in Santa Fe.
- Cerrillos Hills
- Chaco Canyon Mine
- Chalchihuitl Mine - a stoop collapse in 1680 led to the Pueblo Indian revolt. Killed 20 natives.
- Clowery Mine
- Evelyn mine
- Franklin Mine
- Gallisteo Mine
- Grand Central Mine
- Los Cerrillos Mts.
Tiffany Mines (American Turquoise Company, NJ, purchased from C. J. Storey in 1892, located in 1891. Originally named the Sky Blue, Morning Star and Gem claims)
- Marcial (Marshall) Bonanza mine
- Mary Mine
- Mina del Tiro
- Morgan-Jones Mine
- Nick O'Time Mine
- Pennsylvania Mine (Ruelena Mine)
- Santa Rosa Mine
- Tom Payne Mine
- Trio mine
- Vulture Mine


The Cerrillos Mining District is located outside of Santa Fe, NM on the Turquoise Trail. The Cerrillos Turquoise District is one of the oldest known prehistoric Turquoise mining sites.

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