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Turquoise is one to the first gemstones known to mankind. It was discovered by modern man in Egypt prior to 6,000 B.C. It was immediately believed to be the "Skystone" put on earth from the powers above. It was coveted by very spiritual individuals that used it as a healing stone and soon became believers that this stone would bring them good health, happiness and fortune.

Turquoise adornments and Jewelry have been carbon dated from 5,500 B.C. It has been used and worn by religious and spiritual believers including Kings, Queens & important Pharaoh's of the past - King Tut's Tomb, as well as many others, are encrusted with Turquoise. Throughout the world Turquoise has had a major role in the spiritual culture of many people's for thousands of years. It has been written in historic books and ledgers that Roman Gladiators would not enter the arena without a piece of Turquoise on their person, in fear of bad luck!

Tibetans believe Turquoise is most valuable when given to a loved one or friend by another person. This Turquoise Stone has been given to you with thought and love.
When wearing your Turquoise, know that this is a natural stone that will bring you comfort and help clear your mind to have good thoughts. Wear it, hold it, look at it often, and enjoy its natural beauty! Understand this, when your mind is calm and thinking clearly, you will naturally make good decisions that will lead you in the best direction possible. This piece of Turquoise is meant to give you good thoughts and to be you companion in the best life possible.


John Hartman of Durango Silver Company

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