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Bead Earrings

Bead Earrings

Learn About Bead Earrings

For a long time Bead Jewelry has been an extremely popular form of adornment, in fact, the first jewelry ever made was bead jewelry. Here at Durango Silver Company we specialize in gemstone beaded jewelryBead Earrings have been in style for hundreds of years around the world, however, jewelry styles have changed dramatically over the years. Durango Silver Company has collected many different types of gemstone beads for over 40 years and have been using them to make bead earrings for decades. As we are from the Southwest, we specialize in Turquoise Beads and we make a lot of Turquoise Bead Earrings.

We have created this informational page on Bead Earrings to give you an idea of the type of Bead Earrings that we produce with descriptions of each beaded earring so you have an understanding how and why our Gemstone Beaded Earrings are different from others. We use natural, authentic gemstones in our Bead Earrings and we use Sterling Silver for our findings to make our earrings. Durango Silver Bead Earrings are Quality Bead Earrings!

Bead Earrings - Examples

Gemstone Bead Earrings by Nattarika Beaded Earrings

Above and to the left is a pair of Amethyst Bead Earrings and Pendant Set. These modern Fashion bead earrings and pendant feature beautifully cut deep purple Amethyst briolette style beads. These beautiful Amethyst Beads are set with handcrafted Sterling Silver findings. The Amethyst bead earrings are hung from Sterling Silver French wires.

To the right is a pair of Gemstone Dangle Bead Earrings handmade with Turquoise, Coral, Lapis, Sugilite and lime Turquoise Beads. This colorful Southwestern styled bead earrings were made by Nattarika in a treasure design, she calls these Treasure Bead Earrings because they have a treasure of different gemstones used in this one pair of bead earrings.

Carnelian, Turquoise and Silver Earrings Amber Beads with Lapis

In the photo above on the left hand side is a pair of Carnelian, Blue Gem Turquoise and Silver Bead Earrings made by Dillon and Nattarika Hartman. These attractive dangle Turquoise earrings feature a Sterling Silver and Blue Gem Turquoise medallion, which is hung from Sterling Silver, Carnelian, and Blue Gem Turquoise beads. These Carnelian, American Turquoise beads and silver (.925) beads are set on Sterling Silver wire, which is hung on a Sterling Silver French wire. The Blue Gem Turquoise roundel beads were cut from American Turquoise mined in Nevada, USA. The medallions were made by Dillon Hartman from Sterling Silver and inlaid with natural Blue Gem Turquoise.

To the right is a pair of Antique Copal Amber Tibetan Prayer Bead and Lapis Sterling Silver Dangle Bead Earrings by John Hartman. Awesome rare Copal Amber Tibetan Prayer bead halves dangle from top grade Natural Lapis Lazuli cabochons in artisan hand crafted Sterling Silver.

More Bead Earrings

Blue Turquoise Nugget Bead Earrings Turquoise and Onyx Bead Earrings by Nattarika

Above and to the left is a pair of blue spiderweb Tibetan Turquoise Bead Earrings by Nattarika Hartman. These great fashion Turquoise Bead Earrings focus on two natural blue spiderweb, nugget, Tibetan Turquoise Beads. These beads are set on Sterling Silver and feature daisy pattern Sterling Silver Beads underneath each nugget. These nuggets hang from round Black Onyx beads. This is all hung from a handmade Sterling Silver, Victorian pattern French wire. These blue fashion Turquoise bead earrings were handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA by Nattarika Hartman.

To the right is a pair of Black Onyx and Blue Gem Turquoise Bead Earrings by Nattarika Hartman. These are easy to wear fashion bead earrings that are sure to become a classic in your wardrobe. These blue Turquoise earrings will go with any style. The earrings feature two sections that are linked together with Sterling Silver to give the earrings lots of movement. The bottom section is made up of Black Onyx round beads which have a small Blue Gem Turquoise roundel bead in between them. The top section has two small Black Onyx beads, which have a Large Blue Gem Turquoise roundel bead between them. This is all hung from a Sterling Silver French wire.

Turquoise with Silver Bead Earrings by Nattarika Amazonite Bead Earrings by Nattarika

Above and to the left are two Persian Princess style, chandelier Blue Gem Turquoise bead earrings by Nattarika Hartman. The gorgeous fashion bead earrings feature 42 Authentic Nevada Blue Gem Turquoise roundel beads and one large handmade Sterling Silver filigree style barrel bead. The earrings Turquoise feature a single small Turquoise roundel bead and then the handmade Sterling Silver barrel bead. From this hangs four roundel Turquoise bead and Sterling Silver chains which have great movement and flow. The bottom bead in each dangle is a larger size blue turquoise roundel bead. These blue Turquoise earrings hang from a Sterling Silver ball post. These fashion bead earrings were artisan handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA. 

Amazonite Bead Earrings - Bright sky blue modern dangle style Amazonite bead earrings. These light and beautiful Amazonite bead earrings will liven up any outfit. The Amazonite beads have a similar color to high grade Larimar. The earrings are modern and can be worn with any style of outfit. These bright blue elongated teardrop beads are hung from Sterling Silver French wires. This pair of Caribbean blue Amazonite bead earrings are a wonderful size and weight.


Ribbon Turquoise and Sugilite Earrings

Tortoise Turquoise Bead Earrings by Nattarika

The upper photo on the left is not a pair of Bead Earrings but shows you another style of Earrings we produce at Durango Silver Company. This is a pair of Two Stone Oval Sugilite and Elongated Trapezoid Royston Boulder Turquoise Earrings by John Hartman. This pair of Boulder Turquoise Earrings are all about the stone and feature two elongated trapezoid Royston Boulder Turquoise stones dangled from two oval purple Sugilite cabochons. These are very pretty, long and elegant earrings. Proudly handmade in the USA and stamped "Durango Silver .925" and "J. Hartman".

To the right is a pair of Victorian style, Chandelier Bead Earrings with Black Onyx and Tortoise Turquoise by Nattarika Hartman. These are unique Earrings and feature genuine lime Tortoise Turquoise Beads from Nevada and round Black Onyx Beads. These Beads are hung from Victorian style filigree Sterling Silver French wires. The center of these fashion chandelier Bead Earrings feature a large lime green round Tortoise Turquoise Bead with filigree Sterling Silver all around. The rest of the chandelier bead earrings are hung from the Sterling Silver piece. Proudly made in the USA by Nattarika Hartman!

Silver Frog Beaded Earrings Silver with Coral Dangle Bead Earrings

Above and to the left is a pair of Beaded Frog Earrings - Fun 3-D Diachronic Glass and Sterling Silver Frog Earrings by Estell Hartman. These 3D frog dangle bead earrings are very cute. Each Silver Dangle Earring features a three dimensional Silver frog which wraps its arms around a blue Diachronic Glass Bead. These Earrings dangle from simple Sterling Silver French wires.

To the right are a pair of double swirl Silver and Italian Coral Bead Earrings by Nattarika Hartman. These pretty Bead Earrings feature handmade Silver swirl designs and two oval or melon shaped red Italian Coral Beads. The red Coral Beads are separated by handmade Sterling Silver Beads and are set on Sterling Silver wire.

Turquoise Dangle Beaded Earrings by Nattarika Turquoise Teardrop Bead Earrings

The last photo above is of two pair of Beaded Earrings made by Nattarika Hartman of Durango Silver Company. The pair on the left are easy to wear Fashion Bead Earrings that are sure to become a classic in your wardrobe. This pair of Earrings will go with any style. These Earrings feature two sections that are linked together with Sterling Silver to give the Earrings lots of movement. Each section is made up of small blue Turquoise Beads, which have a large Blue Gem Turquoise Roundel Bead in between them. This is all hung from a Sterling Silver French wire. This pair of Earrings were proudly handmade in the USA by Nattarika Hartman.

To the right is a pair of Pilot Mountain Turquoise Bead Earrings by Nattarika Hartman. These Turquoise Bead Earrings are unique Dangle Earrings and each Earring features an elongated Pilot Mountain Turquoise Bead that is capped with Silver. The Turquoise is a bright sky blue color with golden matrix. hung from a Sterling Silver French wire. Artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA. You can read more about this pair of Beaded Earrings on their presentation page.

We invite you to also take a look at some of our educational pages of Beaded Jewelry, check out; Bead JewelryBeaded BraceletsTurquoise Bead EarringsTurquoise Bead PendantsTurquoise Beads Video and make certain you check out our Learning Center page for a extensive list of educational pages related to the Silver Jewelry that we proudly produce here in the USA at Durango Silver Company.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Bead Earrings and have gained some useful knowledge from it. We invite you to learn more about Bead Earrings and Turquoise Jewelry by following the links in our Learning Center to other informational pages that we have written on different topics related to Turquoise Jewelry. In addition, we invite you to join our E-Mail Newsletter - about once every other month we send out a Newsletter to inform our members of what's happening with Durango Silver Company, new products, specials for our members only and more. We also have a monthly drawing from our member base to give away free Turquoise Jewelry produced by our company. Please take a moment to become one of our friends by signing in below. We hope you will remember Durango Silver Company when you are looking for Bead Earrings.

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