Natural American Turquoise Cutting

February 24th, 2016

Natural American Turquoise Cutting

Natural #8 Turquoise from Nevada

***Natural #8 Turquoise from Nevada*** 

Durango Silver Company owns one of the world’s largest natural American Turquoise collections, both rough material as well as cabochons. We have been mining, collecting and cutting this beautiful gemstone for 2 generations and over 40 years, actively. We have owned one of the Southwest’s most influential Turquoise Trading Posts and have cut well over a million carats of high quality natural American Turquoise.

We are creating a comprehensive video as well as a informational page on Natural American Turquoise Cutting. We will show you a step by step video of the process it takes to cut beautiful Turquoise Cabochons from a rough piece of Turquoise. We will then lead our viewers to a discriptive page that will outline to process and give you all of the information of what you will need to do this at home. We will show you  the tools and supplies, including Turquoise and where to get them. You will love our presentation on Natural American Turquoise Cutting.

Natural American Turquoise & Natural American Turquoise Cutting

Today, we find a great interest in high quality American Turquoise and with almost all of the American Turquoise Mines closed there is no wonder why. Turquoise has been a part of our American History and it is one of the our national heratages. There has also been a great surge of interest in natural American Turquoise around the world in the last few years as people love it and they can not find it. Turquoise has been mined in Egypt, Persia and other places around the world for thousands of years and for many reasons they are not producing enough to supply the quest for this gemstone. All told, the supply of Turquoise worldwide has become very limited and natural American Turquoise is the highest in demand due to its unique qualities as well as the fact it is the only Turquoise that can be trusted to be natural.

Because we are amoung the leading authorities on Natural American Turquoise, we feel it is our duty to help the American, as well as the global public, aware of the vast information we have to share. We are going to produce videos as well as additional informational page on natural American Turquoise and natural American Turquoise cutting.

Quality Natural American Turquoise Cutting

Quality Natural American Turquoise Cutting begins with quality American Turquoise. We will be creating many pages and videos to help you learn about this subject and how important it is for our American enthusiests to become involved in this industry or hobby. Natural American Turquoise cutting is a great hobby and it can be very lucretive as well.

Before you take off and go wild, we advise you to take the time to learn all you can about American Turquoise and all of the aspects that surround it. We are leaders in this industry and we willing to share a lot of important information with you if you are interested in American Turquoise and natural American Turquoise cutting.



Turquoise Jewelry Information

September 28th, 2015

Turquoise Jewelry Information

Turquoise Jewelry InformationTurquoise is a classic gemstone that will add interest to anyoutfit. With Turquoise, artisans create jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets,and necklaces. Moreover, Turquoise Jewelry is an ideal gift for a manor a woman. When owners take proper care of their Turquoise, they can expectthe gemstone to remain vibrant and attractive for many years and it can becomeheirloom Turquoise Jewelry. Please read through more of the information in

to increase your knowledge of Turquoise Jewelry Information. – See more


Turquoise Jewelry Information from Durango Silver Company

Turquoise Jewelry InformationWhen you follow the links on this website you will learn thebasics of Turquoise Jewelry. This page is intended to teach you just enoughabout Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry Information to be dangerous. Thisknowledge will hopefully keep you from getting tricked into buying fake Turquoisein jewelry, low grade stones sold as high grade. If you would like more detialedinformation we have over 400 informational pages about Turquoise, gemstones

and jewelry on this website which can be found through our Jewelry Learning

Center. You will find a summary of facts and information that will help you

and assist you as a Turquoise Jewelry buyers guide. – See more at:

Turquoise Jewelry Information

There is so much Turquoise Jewelry Information out there, it is nice to have a guide to help you sift through the info.  The Hartman’s from Durango Silver Company are all about helping you learn and grow your Turquoise Jewelry Information base so that you can make educated purchases and feel confident in your collection.

Thank you for following us. We hope you will follow the linksand learn about Turquoise Jewelry Information.

Turquoise Jewelry Information | Durango Silver Company


Turquoise Information

September 17th, 2015

Turquoise Information

turquoise information


Below you find a summary of the facts and Turquoise Information page by Dillon Hartman on . On this information page Dillon has written a quick guide and basic Turquoise Information you need know to buy a wonderful piece of Turquoise Jewelry , Rough Turquoise or collectable Turquoise Cabochon. Having been in the Turquoise Jewelry, Turquoise mining, and gemstone cutting business for most of his life, Dillon has a broad as well as detailed knowledge of this wonderful gemstone. Turquoise is the author’s favorite gemstone and the focus of his jewelry and lapidary arts. The author shares his knowledge of facts, history and Turquoise Information. When you want to learn about Turquoise but are short on time, this great page will be like reading the “Cliff Notes” for that long novel you read in school. Dillon has highlighted all the key or important facts you will need to know to make an intellegent investment or purchase. We hope that this Turquoise Information resource will assist you in your search for that perfect Turquoise collectible, adornment or investment. We feel we have been in all aspects of the gemstone and jewelry business, especially in the Turquoise business, long enough to give you some great advice about buying and investing in Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry. We have summarized different information you will need to know related to Turquoise in order to be an educated buyer. As Turquoise is a very complex stone, with many variables that determine the value and collectability, many more than other gems, you need have a lot of Turquoise Information to make educated purchases.

Basic Turquoise Information

Here is some quick Turquoise Facts. One of the most important pieces of Turquoise Information is that this gem is one of the most popular gemstones in the world market and is considered by most jewelers and gem experts to be in the top ten most popular gems world wide. Turquoise is a gemstone with great diversity as jewelers add it to necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The stone is also a popular material for art pieces, trade, and religion. Another benefit to a Turquoise purchase is that the stone’s color allows jewelers to use a variety of materials for the settings. For instance, the stone pairs well with yellow gold, white gold, and platinum along with stainless steel and silver. Sterling Silver is the most popular medium you will find the “sky stone” set in. Turquoise is the birthstone for December and recommended for a couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. With the gem in high demand, buyers must carefully assess a stone for quality. When shopping for Turquoise, review each stone’s signature color and surrounding matrix if you are looking for a collectible, or you are paying extra for the gem. Standard Turquoise ranges from 2.00 per carat to 15.00 per carat for natural gems that have not been stabilized or color enhanced. Stabilized Turquoise gemstones will sell for 25 cents to 5 dollars per carat depending on color and matrix patterning. Turquoise will vary in color from deep green to light blue while the surrounding hues may feature white or black. There are also rare colors of Turquoise such as lime green Turquoise, yellow, and brown Turquoise. Some gems may not feature varying colors within the stone. There are also many cousins in the phosphate gemstone family such as Variscite, Chalcociderite, and Faustite that are commonly sold as Turquoise and have been for thousands of years. Keep in mind that surrounding color does not cause the value of the gem to decrease. Therefore, individuals should decide whether they like more or less color variation in their Turquoise Jewelry or stones, whether they like “Matrix” or host rock in the gem or not, and if they desire a standard grade of Turquoise, a rare hue, or an ultra rare variety of Turquoise such as Spiderweb Turquoise or Turquoise from a rare local or closed mine. – Learn More at our Turquoise Learning Center Spiderweb Turquoise Information

Turquoise Information Links:

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