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Antique Navajo Silver Bridle

Product Code: VJ023
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Antique Navajo Silver Bridle
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  • This is truly a great old Navajo Bridle that I purchased from Jim and Carol Porter, past owners of Chilchimbito and Tsegi Trading Posts. I purchased this myself, John Hartman), in 1984 from Jim and Carol when they lived in Bluff, Utah. The Trading Post had been closed for several years when I purchased the balance of the Indian and old west collection from them. I have several other items from them like their antique furniture, Trading Post Rugs with Tsegi on them and more. See the story at http://www.DurangoSilver.com/Tsegi.htm. Brow width 17" from brow to bit measures 15" bit is inlaid with silver.
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