Vintage Concho Belt

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This Wonderful Vintage Concho Belt is from approximately 1920. I purchased it when I bought the Fort Defiance Trading Post remains from Francis Griswold which was the past owner/Trader of the Post. This belt is exactly the way I got it. It has 5 large Conchos and four butterflies with a wonderful buckle. The old saddle leather belt only measure about 30" which makes sense. They probably made it to fit a younger Navajo lady for ceremonials. If you wish to wear it, you can easily alter it to fit most any size as the Conchos are very large. See the Fort Defiance Story at (

The total length of this belt is 30" the total width is : 3". The buckle measures : 2 3/4" W X 3 1/2" L. Each concho measures : 3" W X 3 1/2" L. Each butterfly is : 1 1/4" W X 2 3/4" L. (This belt is on the original display leather. If you would like to wear it, you may need to change leather to fit you.)