Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise Ring for Men

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High Grade Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise Ring

This heavy gauge Sterling Silver cocktail ring is an heirloom piece of handmade Sterling Silver jewelry that will be one of the standout pieces in your collection. The focal point of this one of a kind Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise Ring for Men by John Hartman is a large natural cabochon of genuine Bisbee Turquoise. This gemstone is a beautiful deep blue with red and orange spider web matrix. The stone features and old school high dome cut which is almost like half of a marble. The matrix is almost perfectly balanced. This high grade natural gemstone is a set into the piece with a heavy handmade stamped and filed bezel. The gem is accented on the outer edge with a beautiful raindrop or ball design. This raindrop design is accented by a corduroy textured stamped edge. The piece features a heavy gauge Sterling Silver ring band which is graduated from wide to narrow behind the knuckle. The ring band features a beautiful stamped sunburst design. Artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA, this Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise Ring for Men features the American Jewelry hallmark “Durango Silver .925 and J. Hartman”.

Men’s Sterling Silver and Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise Ring

The stone measures : 13/16 inch long X 9/16 inch wide. The ring is a size 12.

Stone Type:
Bisbee Turquoise