Four Piece Inlay Drop Earrings

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Zuni Four Piece Inlay Drop Earrings

Lightweight yet large in profile, these handmade Zuni Four Piece Inlay Drop Earrings by Zuni Jewelry artisan Diana Othole are absolutely awesome. The dangle earrings are made of four graduated teardrop shapes. The top is a Black Jet stud earring. From this post earring hangs three size graduated, teardrop shaped, inlay dangles. The top teardrop dangle features a black Jet dominated geometric design with a coral and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise triangle design with a Mother of Pearl line inlay underneath. The center teardrop shape is larger and the inlay pattern is dominated by Mother of Pearl and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The bottom piece in these Four Piece Inlay Drop Earrings is heavy in black Jet and features a beautiful rug pattern. Each of the dangles is accented with raindrop designs and they are connected with silver links. The way that the earrings are made they have a lot of movement. American Indian Jewelry Artisan handmade in New Mexico, USA, these Zuni Inlay Drop Earrings feature the Native American Hallmark D.

Four Piece Zuni Inlay Drop Earrings

The earrings ( left and right sides together ) weighs 7.10 grams. Total length is 4 1/4 inches long.