1870s Serpentine Fetish Pipe

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Woodland Indian Woodland Indian Serpentine Fetish Pipe

Here is a really unique and beautiful antique ceremonial pipe. This Woodland Indian 1870’s Serpentine Fetish Pipe is in wonderful shape. The pipe features a beautiful hand carved seen of two bears fighting over some food. This pip came from the collection of the revered author Mark Brown. Mark Brown was a renown historian and wrote the books “Flight of the Nez Peirce” , “Plains Men of Yellowstone” , “Frontier Years” and “Before Barbed Wire” amongst other well-known historical books. Add this great piece to your Native American art collection today.

Antique 1870’s Serpentine Fetish Pipe

The pipe measures : 8 1/4 inches long X 3 1/2 inches wide.