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Zuni Inlay Turtle's Back Design Turquoise Cuff Links

Product Code: VJ060
Stone Type: Black Onyx
Zuni Inlay Turtle's Back Design Turquoise Cuff Links
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  • Old 1950's Zuni Inlay Turtle's Back Design Turquoise Cuff Links. These old cuff links are a gorgeous deep yet bright blue color. They appear to be created with enamel rather than natural turquoise, something super popular in the 1950's and valued by vintage jewelry collectors and very common for the Zunis in this period of history. This technique did not last long with the Zunis as people frowned on it in the Native American Jewelry business. It is pretty darn historic and makes these a great find for a true collector of early Americana. These really are a rare find as most traders in the 60's took these and melted the enamel out and replaced it with real stone, or simply melted down the jewelry and made new pieces with the silver. Really neat cufflinks and they are in great shape. The diameter of the top of each cuffink is 7/8". Approx. the size of a quarter.
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