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Womens Turquoise Bracelet

Product Code: DSBr00240
Stone Type: Manassa Turquoise
Womens Turquoise Bracelet
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  • 6.25 Inch
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  • Womens Turquoise Bracelet

    This beautiful Womens Turquoise Bracelet was made in an old Southwestern style of heavy stamp-work and repose. It was made by John Hartman who has been a master Silversmith for several decades from Durango, Colorado USA. This is an exceptional Womens Turquoise Bracelet as it has a 15ct Spiderwebbed Manassa Turquoise gemstone that is truly remarkable. It is Turquoise blue in color with brown to gold webbing coming from one end of the stone and ending up in a pool of mossy green in another corner - it is a spectacular Manassa Turquoise Gemstone. This is a Womens Turquoise Bracelet as it will fit a medium sized womens wrist and it was made to be a Womens Turquoise Bracelet.

    Hand stamped Womens Turquoise Bracelet

    This Womens Turquoise Bracelet was made from heavy weight Sterling Silver and was deeply hand stamped with Southwestern designs. It also has three reposed diamond designs on each side of the Bracelet that give it a 3-D appearance. It is a fairly wide Womens Turquoise Bracelet and is well rounded, smooth and very comfortable to wear. It will fit an average medium sized womens wrist nicely and is certain to be an eye catcher when worn. Silver and Turquoise Jewelry handmade by John Hartman is high quality Turquoise Jewelry proudly handmade in Southwestern USA.

    Sterling Silver Womens Turquoise Bracelet

    This Sterling Silver Womens Turquoise Bracelet was proudly made in the USA by master Silversmith, John Hartman. It is quickly becoming a rarity now to find authentic handmade Silver Jewelry made in the USA as Silver costs have gone through the roof. Most Navajo's cannot afford to buy Silver any longer due to the cost of the precious metal. Many contemporary Silver Artisans have slowed way down in producing Silver Jewelry due to the recession and cheap, thin junk Jewelry with imitation stones is what is being imported from overseas countries. This Womens Turquoise Bracelet is a fine piece of quality Silver Jewelry that has true value today and is a great Silver Jewelry investment for the future.

    This exciting Womens Turquoise Bracelet is a beautiful piece of Southwestern Silver Jewelry that is timeless!

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 5 inches, plus an opening of 1 1/4 inches. The stone measures 3/4 inch long x 3/4 inch wide. The bracelet weighs 56 grams. The shank is 3/4 inch wide.