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Wide Turquoise Bracelet

Product Code: DSBr00362
Stone Type: Turquoise Mountain Turquoise
Wide Turquoise Bracelet
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  • 6.5 Inch
  • Quantity
  • American Made Wide Turquoise Bracelet

    Heavy duty sterling silver and a large Turquoise Mountain Turquoise cabochon from Kingman, Arizona USA makes this Wide Turquoise Bracelet a real specialty. John Hartman really made this silver cuff bracelet stand out with the exceptional Turquoise cabochon that is it’s crowning jewel. The American Turquoise cabochon is of the highest grade from the Turquoise Mountain mine in Kingman, Arizona USA. We may cut 300 stones or more before finding one of these gorgeous cabochons. The authentic Turquoise cabochon from the Turquoise Mountain mine in Kingman, Arizona USA is shockingly vibrant aqua blue with golden yellow webbed matrix. This fine American Turquoise cabochon is set into the handmade wide Turquoise bracelet with a Sterling Silver bezel and is surrounded by a heavy duty sterling silver bead design. To each side of the real Turquoise cabochon is a beautiful sunburst design. This is all set a top a heavy duty sterling silver cuff bracelet. John made this wide Turquoise bracelet stand out by giving the heavy duty silver cuff bracelet a subtle yet intricate look with two rope or cable designs running down the center. These designs are flush with the rest of the square wires that make up the bracelet. This Turquoise Mountain Turquoise and Silver cuff bracelet would be a great addition or start to any Turquoise Jewelry or Silver Jewelry collection. Featuring the American Jewelry hallmark “Durango Silver .925 and J. Hartman”, this Turquoise cuff bracelet was handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

    Specifications for this Wide Turquoise Bracelet:

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 5 3/8 inches, plus an opening of 7/8 inch. The stone measures : 1 1/4 inch long X 1 inch wide. The bracelet weighs 60 grams. The shank is 1/2 inch wide.