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Wide Silver Ring Band

Product Code: DSBand00012
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Wide Silver Ring Band
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  • Wide Sterling Silver Ring Band

    This Wide Silver Ring Band looks bold and stellar on a finger! It is 12.5mm wide which is fairly wide for a Ring Band. The band is still a comfortable Ring to wear as it is not to heavy, but it is not to light either, you will love it!

    Wide Sterling Silver Ring Band

    This is a great example of our unique sterling silver ring band designs. This wide sterling sliver ring band mimics an old drum. The ring is made to be sturdy and heavy duty.

    Wide Silver Ring Band

    This Wide Silver Ring Band really stands out when it is on your finger as the design is bold and very attractive from a distance. This is an overlay Ring Band, meaning it was made like a sandwich, it has an inner band with a hand cut and tooled top layer which is the top layer of the Ring Band. The recesses you see as the dark area are deep which will make this ring take on a beautiful patina as the Ring ages. If you like Wide Ring Bands this is a great Ring for you. We invite you to take a look at our Ring Bands presentation if you are interested in additional Ring Band information.

    This silver ring is available in any size from a size 6 to a size 13. If you wear a ring larger than a size 13 please email us for a price quote and timeframe to have the ring made. If you are ordering any of the standard sizes from size 6 to size 13 please allow 4-6 days for the ring to be made and shipped. PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN ORDERING A WIDE BAND RING YOU WILL WEAR A HALF SIZE OR FULL SIZE LARGER RING THEN WHEN WEARING A STANDARD BAND RING.

    The ring band measures : 1/2 inch wide.