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Vintage Navajo Handcrafted Morenci Nugget Turquoise Bracelet

Product Code: VJ153
Stone Type: Morenci Turquoise
Vintage Navajo Handcrafted Morenci Nugget Turquoise Bracelet
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  • 6.5 Inch
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  • Vintage Navajo Morenci Turquoise Nugget Bracelet

    Vintage Navajo Morenci Turquoise Nugget Bracelet,This Vintage Navajo Nugget Turquoise Bracelet was handmade around 1975 by Navajo Artisan, Ben Touchine. It was handmade in Silver with very nice stamp work and natural Morenci Turquoise Nuggets. The Morenci Turquoise Nuggets are beautiful in this beautiful ladies bracelet. The Navajo Stamp work is classic from the 1960’s -1980’s circa, we purchased this Vintage Navajo Turquoise Nugget Bracelet from the Shonto Trading Post collection, so we feel it is from the 1970’s. In addition, this Turquoise Nugget Bracelet is very unusual as it has a locking bottom piece that closes it to make it a Turquoise Cuff Bracelet or often called a Bangle Bracelet – it is unique and attractive! The way that this vintage Navajo Turquoise nugget bracelet is made you cannot tell where the hook is, so it looks like one solid bangle bracelet. The way that the clasp is made it is 110% secure and easy to put on and take off. This is truely a one-of-a-kind Kingman Turquoise Navajo Turquoise nugget bracelet.

    The inner bracelet size is 6 1/2 inches. 1 1/4 inches at the widest point. The bracelet weighs 76 grams.