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Victorian Turquoise Pendant

Product Code: DSP00420
Stone Type: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Victorian Turquoise Pendant
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  • Victorian Silver and Turquoise Pendant

    This is a stylish Victorian style Turquoise pendant and an exclusive from Durango Silver Company created by master Silversmith, John Hartman. The S curved Silver designs are repose as was done in the olden days of Silversmithing. This means the design is domed up from the underside which gives the design a 3rd dimension. Durango Silver Company is in the process of developing a whole new style of Jewelry - Victorian Silver and Turquoise Jewelry and this is a classic example of a Victorian Silver and Turquoise Pendant.

    Antique style - Victorian Turquoise Pendant

    Victorian Jewelry began in England in the Victorian era of British history in the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 1837 until her death in 1901. The Victorian Era style of clothing, jewelry and accessories, however, ended in 1912. This is why we consider our Victorian Turquoise Jewelry antique style! You will love this beautiful Turquoise Pendant and you will not see others wearing it!

    The diameter of the stone is 10 mm. The Turquoise pendant weighs 6 grams. The total length of the Silver Amulet is 1 1/4 inches long X 5/8 inch wide. Please keep mind each stone is from the earth and will be slightly different then the stone pictured. We do however make every pair of silver earrings with the highest quality of stone and your Turquoise cabochon will be as good or better quality than the one pictured. Thank you for taking a look at these Arizona Turquoise Pendant.
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